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Cabal Online

CABAL Online patches Rising Force

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CABAL Online patches Rising Force
There's a new sheriff of Patch Town, and its name is Rising Force. CABAL Online recently added a massive update to the game that includes a new PvP setting, a challenging dungeon, and a skill overhaul.

Rising Force introduced a 1v1 ranked PvP system that works cross-servers. If this is your kind of bag, you can choose either a standard or ladder battle. The latter is available only at specific times according to the game's schedule.

CABAL Online's latest patch opened the doors to the Tower of the Undead B3F, a time-attack dungeon that can swallow up parties of seven players and spit them out broken and defeated (or rich and triumphant). Rising Force also contains new gear, a spiffy hoverbike, and over a hundred additional achievements.

CABAL Online celebrates sixth anniversary with events, prizes

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CABAL Online - motor scooter hover bike thing
CABAL Online is six years old this week, and Games Masters is putting on a few celebratory events to, er... celebrate. What sorts of events? Let's see. There's monster hunting, gathering, and various lotteries that can lead to prizes both in and out of the game.

Razer gaming headsets, artwork, in-game Drei Frame armor, and several other virtual armor and weapon pieces are up for grabs. The devs are also adding new high-end outfits, content, and items. Don't worry if you're a low-level player, though; Games Masters is adding goodies for you too. Full details are available on the game's official boards.

Cabal's Third Awakening patch hits Monday, brings new battle mode

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Cabal Online - dude with a bear lion thing
Game-Masters is readying a new update for its free-to-play actioner known as Cabal Online. Mark Monday, May 7th on your calendar because The Third Awakening patch is bringing quite a few changes to Cabal's European client.

Among the tweaks are a new battle mode, new achievement and appearance-changing systems, and powerful new jewelry and gear. There's also a dungeon called Hazardous Valley. We're betting that you'll want some friends to tackle it if the name is anything to go by, and we're also quite sure that the rewards will be worth your time. More details are available at Cabal's official website.

[Source: Game-Masters.com press release]

Cabal readies Episode VI: Legacy of Darkness expansion

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Summer's heating up for denizens of Nevareth (that's the world of Cabal Online, if you're scoring at home), and the free-to-play MMO's Legacy of Darkness expansion looks to add a fair bit of the content to the game very shortly.

The Episode VI update "throws a series of challenging encounters at players of all levels including outdoor bosses, a dungeon point system, a revamped upgrading system, and a brand new time-based instance [called] Maquinas Outpost," according to a new press release.

The new dungeon boasts some slick rewards too, not the least of which is the drool-inducing Drei Frame armor set. Episode VI: Legacy of Darkness also boasts its share of smaller gameplay tweaks, chief among them improved drop rates, new customization items, new pets, and increased success rates on rune crafting. While we can't give you a definitive release date as of yet, we can tell you to head to the official Cabal website for further details.

Massively's Easter event roundup

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Our ears invariably perk up when it comes to seasonal MMO events, and with a long Easter weekend in full swing, we figured it'd be a swell idea to collate the various holiday-related goings-on in our favorite virtual worlds.

While many of you are no doubt gorging on chocolate-covered bunnies and/or hanging out with your families, just as many are taking advantage of the weekend festivities in your favorite MMOs. Whether it's anniversary celebrations in Lord of the Rings Online or Easter-themed shindigs in Vindictus and RuneScape, there's something for everyone. Hop past the cut for more details.

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CABAL readies Episode V expansion

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CABAL Online is gearing up for its latest expansion, and the meaty Episode V: Mercenaries looks to add quite a bit of content to the free-to-play action MMORPG. Chief among the additions are a mailing system, a complete revamp of the dungeon and loot drop systems, and the titular NPC mercs.

The new mercenary system gives players the ability to summon an NPC ally inside of the game's dungeons, while simultaneously providing new objectives thanks to a variety of different mercs available to find and recruit. Six different NPCs will be available initially, with new and stronger flavors set for future release.

Episode V is also bringing dual pet functionality to CABAL, as well as a variety of features centered around the game's dungeons. Players may now pause dungeon encounters, talk to competing groups via a dungeon chat channel, and keep track of entry requirements on the new dungeon interface. The expansion is slated for December, and we'll keep you posted as a firm release date becomes available. In the meantime, check out the gallery of new screenshots below.

One Shots: Bust a move

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With players now able to reach level 180 (!!) in CABAL Online due to the release of its latest expansion, old players have returned, and some new players are looking into the game as well. After all, it's not every day you get to step into hell in an MMO. On the way there, however, you'll cover some interesting ground, like the desert we see in today's screenshot courtesy of Andrei U., who has been checking the game out. He writes in: "In the middle of a fresh dance routine, my CABAL Online wizard shows off his new threads. I haven't been playing CABAL for very long, but it seems like the more I play it, the more I enjoy it. I find that a bit strange because it's the exact opposite for most free-to-play MMORPGs."

Do you have screenshots of your favorite game that you haven't sent in to us yet? If so, why are you holding back? You should gather those up and send them to us here at oneshots@massively.com. Be sure to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We can always use more screenshots to show off!

New CABAL Online expansion throws players into hell

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Only the bravest or most foolhardy (or both!) would voluntarily step through a portal into hell, but ESTSoft is betting that many high-level players will do just that when Episode IV: Porta Inferno releases for CABAL Online. The latest expansion to the game will offer players a wide assortment of treats, from an increased level cap (up to 180), a revamped item upgrade system, new skills, and hellishly cool maps to explore.

Porta Inferno
is scheduled for release later this month, but if curiosity is pawing at the back of your neck, then hit the jump to see the exciting, blood-splattered trailer. Put on your flame-proof undies, it's about to get hot... very hot.

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One Shots: Gulp!

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It's not every day here at Massively when we get screenshots from GMs in MMOs, but it does happen once in a great while. Normally we see them doing odd things that others can't do, such as in this crazy shot from [GM]Caesar from CABAL Online, who seems to have caught someone in a heated situation recently. [GM]Caesar describes the scene for us:

"On exploring Illusion Castle -- the newest dungeon in the free-to-play MMO, CABAL Online -- an unsuspecting player got more than he bargained for: Drosnin, the fire breathing dragon!" The player looks to be decently kitted out, so we wonder -- did he make it? Or did Drosnan wind up with a toasty snack in a brightlycolored peel-and-eat wrapper?

We love to see screenshots from everyone in the MMO community -- GMs and CMs, this means you too! Feel free to send in screenshots of your favorite games to us here at oneshots@massively.com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post it out here for everyone to check out and give you the credit. (Or not, if you'd prefer.)

CABAL Online's secrets are out

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CABAL Online is one of those free-to-play titles that's like a shy whale, swimming under the surface of our attention while growing bigger every day. And before you know it, Pinocchio and Jonah are in deep, deep trouble.

Tortured metaphors aside, it's good to hear that CABAL continues to expand. Games-Masters.com just released a massive update for the game entitled "Secrets of Radiant Hall." The centerpiece of the update is the titular Radiant Hall, a new 7-man, level 130+ raid to uncover the secrets and best the challenges of the Phantasmal clan. Their secret? Fanta! (OK, not really -- but we hear there's a dragon involved.)

The update brings a host of new and improved features to CABAL as well, including a daily quest system, new character customization options, a better UI, a party search system and the Catacomb Frost solo dungeon. Catacomb Frost is interesting in that level 110+ players have a scant 25 minutes to save a girl; fortunately, there are three difficulty levels depending on how daring you feel that day.

You can check out the full update over at CABAL Online's site.

ESTsoft to publish CABAL Online in the West

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Fans of Cabal Online rejoice! ESTsoft's free-to-play fantasy MMORPG is alive and well in the Western market, and will not be put out to pasture as we initially reported. ESTsoft, the game's original developer, will be taking over for OGPlanet as the North American publisher, and is currently hard at work on the logistics involved in the transfer.

A brief statement is available on their web site, and you can also follow their progress on the Cabal Online Facebook fan page as well as the ESTsoft Twitter feed. No official details have surfaced regarding the preservation of existing accounts and character assets, but we'll keep you informed as we learn more. For now, all current users should activate the sub-passwords on their accounts, as those passwords will be used to verify your ID in the coming service transition.

Cabal Online is shutting down in the West

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OGPlanet, publisher for the free-to-play MMORPG Cabal Online, announced last week that the title will be closing down effective March 31, 2010. Cabal, developed by ESTsoft and originally released in Korea back in 2005, was localized and released for the North American market in early 2008, and featured combat-heavy gameplay and a dark storyline set in the world of Nevareth.

OGPlanet offered up a somber press release on the game's web site. "We truly felt that a game like Cabal Online would offer something different and unique for our loyal OGPlanet members, and in many ways, we believe it has. While we had hoped to continue operating the game as part of our services, the game's developers, EST Soft, has unfortunately decided not to extend our contract for Cabal Online," the release states.

OGPlanet goes on to say that item shop transactions were suspended on March 19, and that they "are doing everything we can to compensate our loyal customers."

[Edit: There is an update to this story

CABAL Online reloads for a new update

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Free-to-play MMO CABAL Online has recently played host to a new update entitled "CABAL Reloaded." The new update has aimed to correct a few areas of gameplay as well as offering players some brand new content to play through.

As a few other games have recently done, CABAL has looked at their earlier gameplay and made a few changes to the early content. In Reloaded, the developers have added three new dungeons targeted at those between levels 35 and 70, giving lower level players more options of game play. New quests have been added to the game as well, but those quests are more targeted towards endgame players, rather than midgame.

Other additions, such as skill books and a change to the party interface, adds more to the playability of the game than it changes how the game plays. For the full story on what's been added and changed, check out the full patch notes available on the North American forums.

CABAL Online's Soul and Siena expansion comes to US shores

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Last week we picked up the story that CABAL Online was getting a brand new expansion -- Soul and Siena! However, we learned that the expansion was coming to the European version of the game first, not both the US and EU versions.

Well, OGPlanet has been quick to update, and now the US version will also be graced with Soul and Siena. The game has been updated as of today, and players will be able to access all of the new goodies.

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CABAL Online releases their third chapter tomorrow

Fantasy, Cabal Online, Expansions, Free-to-Play

European CABAL Online fans will be happy to hear that their second major update of the year, Soul & Siena, will go live tomorrow. This is only three months after the previous expansion, which introduced us to new hunting grounds, a title system and many new items. This newest expansion will continue the trend of new content by adding a new raiding dungeon, high level armors and a unique bonus skill system.

In addition, CABAL is implementing a new security feature for players' accounts with the sub-password system. This allows players to create an additional four-digit code to protect their equipped items, storage and even their character. Sounds like something a few other major MMOs should take a look at.

Remember, this expansion is 100% free, as is the game itself, so all EU players can head on over to their site and download the client starting tomorrow!

[Edit: We're informed by OGplanet that the US version will be coming soon as well, so stay tuned for more news on that.]

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