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Playdom acquires Acclaim Games

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If there was any doubt that the world of Facebook social games and traditional MMOs are becoming further intertwined, this should hopefully silence it. Playdom, well-known as one of the three major powers in Facebook gaming (alongside Zynga and Playfish), has acquired Acclaim Games, owner of several free-to-play MMOs including Chronicles of Spellborn, 9Dragons, and 2Moons. Unfortunately for the business mavens in the audience, the exact details of the acquisition including price were not disclosed.

In terms of management, there's going to be little changing on the ground for Acclaim Games, as previous CEO Howard Marks will continue to run the studio for Playdom. Playdom itself has been purchasing several smaller developers and studios, especially those focusing on Facebook development. No word on whether this will affect management of any of Acclaim's existing games, although it seems unlikely given the circumstances. What is certain is that it's another installment in the distance between social gaming and MMOs being shortened.

[ Thanks to Animagnum for the tip! ]

2Moons worldwide mega update announced

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GameHi, Inc has announced a worldwide update for their free-to-play MMORPG Dekaron, known in North America as 2Moons. The patch, ominously titled "It's a Good Day to Die," looks to add a wealth of content including the DK Square System, the Trans Up Quest, and the Land of the Dead map.

The DK Square System functions as an inter-server PvP match-making system, and also includes a new map and exclusive armors. The Trans Up Quest is available to players at or above level 131, and offers the opportunity to learn new skills as a reward. The Land of the Dead map encourages players to work in teams, and features daily battle events featuring new monsters and new weapons.

"It's a Good Day to Die" also features several commemorative events, including:

  • DK coin event (March 29 - April 29) - Collect DK coins to win double XP for your server when you complete the main Egutt Desert mission. Coins also drop from monster mobs in the Abyss of Crespo.
  • DK class ranking event (March 29 - April 29) - Fight for the chance to be crowned the Greatest Hero at DK Square. First through tenth place winners will be ranked by class and recognized.
  • Support beginner/veteran event (March 29 - April 29) - All newly registered characters will receive a Beginner's Pack in their inventory, while veteran characters will receive a Veteran Dekaron Welcome Pack in their inventory.
  • Cash-back event (March 29 - April 12) - Players will receive bonus cash back from the item shop dependent upon item quantities purchased.

Acclaim finds another way to sell gold

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Acclaim Games, producers of 2Moons, have announced their new partnership with TrialPay, a service that offers people something they really want in exchange for buying a different item. Here's how it works: Companies will make money from TrialPay by offering their customers something for free -- in this case, Acclaim Coins, which can be used to purchase items in-game. If the customers purchase goods or services from TrialPay's advertisers -- for instance, a delivery of FTD flowers, or a Blockbuster membership -- the advertiser then pays the full value of what the original company is offering its customers.

It seems a little convoluted, and somewhat sketchy -- wouldn't it just be easier to stick with the pay-for-money option, which is already in place? Either way, money is leaving the hands of the consumer, so it isn't clear what benefit is obtained. If you must buy something, go straight to the source, we always say!

2Moons players to see Bad Moons Rising

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2Moons, the action MMO from Acclaim Games, has released their newest game update, called Bad Moons Rising, which features new content spread out across all activities and objects. These include new dungeons, quests, and 2 new maps, Space of Pilgrimage and Aquirai Ruins. A new pet system has been incorporated, allowing players the choice between 3 new pets, with more to come in future updates.

Additionally, new players will find more engaging early-level content, while there are also all-new skills, weapons, and armor sets to utilize in the pursuit of combat excellence. David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment, promises new updates every 3 - 4 months, with the next 2 major updates 'already on the way'. Finally, there are a slew of great events centered on the update beginning on the 4th of April and continuing until the 11th. For more details, check out the site. Creedence Clearwater Revival notwithstanding, you will want to come 'round tonight!

Dekaron to enter open beta on April 2nd

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A post at Gametribe's forums informs us that Dekaron is set to commence open beta on the 2nd of April. You may not have heard of Dekaron before, so here's a quick rundown from the official site. It is a free-to-play fantasy MMO set in the Middle Ages, and is already out in the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese markets. Gametribe is doing an English localization of the game for Europe, and Acclaim is doing the same for North America, changing the name of their version to 2Moons.

While 2Moons is kind of a dumb name (though it does land the title at the top of many game lists, probably not by accident), it's certainly not unheard of for a game to be named differently in a separate region. It's more than just the name that is different in this case though, with Acclaim's adaptation of the Korean MMO having entered open beta in July last year. With David Perry at the helm of the North American version, we're interested to see what else will set it apart from Gametribe's offering.

David Perry talks free MMOs in Gama interview

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Over the holidays the indomitable Gamasutra caught up with David Perry, the man behind such great games as Earthworm Jim and such utter flops as Enter the Matrix, to talk with him about his current projects, of which he has nearly too many to list. The ones that were of interest to us were his work in bringing over such... unorthodox titles as Dance! Online based on the game's popularity in Korea. He also hinted that he was working with Acclaim on some new free MMOs, one of which was a "music" game and the other a "sports" game, as well as localizing 2moons.

After reading the interview, I'm not sure exactly what wavelength Perry is operating on, because his priorities seem a little out of whack to me. Not only does he express a good deal of confidence that games based on item sales instead of subscription fees are the wave of the future in the U.S., but he also expresses a certain admiration for business models (such as the ones used by EA and in certain Korean studios) that treat developers like expendable wage slaves. Some might wonder whether it's even worth listening to Perry's views except as an homage to his past success. It's a good point, but we're still curious about Acclaim's new-found interest in MMOs, so we'll continue to keep tabs on him.

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