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2029 Online

Fight through five new dungeons in 2029 Online

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IGG is pretty excited to show off five new dungeons for 2029 Online, each with its own unique layout, strategies, and (of course) groovy rewards. The company boasts that players will need to utilize a variety of skills, such as decryption and treasure hunting, just to make it out alive.

The following dungeons will challenge a wide range of 2029 Online players:
  • Clone Factory (level 10): An once-per-day instance where monsters spawn in increasingly tougher waves.
  • Virtual Training Center (level 20): A sink-or-swim scenario that will have you facing off against mutants who've infested a special training center for adventurers.
  • Lab (level 35): Head into the Rebel Army laboratory to destroy nefarious experiments.
  • Biochemistry Research Institute (level 35): Take on the Rebel Army once again in the middle of its mountain fortress. This time you'll be facing off against gruesome experiments designed to make the perfect soldier.
  • Fox Ruins (level 55): Take the battle to the Rebel Army by attacking its energy storage facility, guarded by the toughest enemies it can throw at you.
You can get a peek at of some of these instances in the gallery below!

Gallery: 2029 Online

Rise and Shiny recap: 2029 Online

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You can't win them all, as they say. I suppose that has to be true in any field or occupation. I try to find the coolest indie, free-to-play and odd little games to show you guys in this column, but of course I don't always play them ahead of time (I haven't played every single game in existence yet), so I might wind up with a dud occasionally. I try to give them a fair chance, though, and will play them as long as they let me.

Unless, of course, a game fights me almost every step of the way. If there is one person who is understanding and who will give a fair chance to pretty much any game on Earth, I'm the one. I will forgive glitches and mistakes in smaller or lesser-known games because I have to. If I had some of the standards of some of our readers and writers, I would only be talking to you about RIFT and Lord of the Rings Online. There's nothing wrong with that, but I think it's safe to say that even broken games like 2029 Online deserve a chance.

So I gave it one. Heck, I gave it several. Click past the cut and I'll tell you all about it.

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2029 Online dev diary talks battle instance tips

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We haven't checked in with 2029 Online in quite a while, and what better way to take an updated glance at the game than via a new dev diary released by IGG. The free-to-play MMORTS features dozens of distinct instances to challenge players, each designed to provide ample experience and loot rewards in addition to the considerable fun factor.

Join us after the cut for tips and drop information on the Clone Factory, the Lab, Fox Ruins, and the Virtual Training Center.

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2029 Online announces in-game radio station

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Internet radio is far from being a new concept, nor is internet radio specifically for gamers. IGG.com is taking it a step farther, though. 2029 Online, their free-to-play sci-fi MMO will soon feature an in-game radio station.

"The DJs will offer up a diverse selection of music, giving players a unique soundtrack every time they log in. The station will also be used to promote in-game events, broadcast live PvP matches, deliver breaking international news, offer up the juiciest celebrity gossip and provide up-to-the-minute pop culture updates. Players can even participate in a talk back program that gives them a chance to share their thoughts with the entire game world."

The team at 2029 Online will release the radio station soon, along with a new expansion. It will stream live on the server-side, requiring no additional installs by the players. Keep an eye on the official site for more information on the release date!

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