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Posted: Mar 8th 2012 8:46PM DevilSei said

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Heck, best way to be a great guild mate (or MMO gamer in general) is just to remember:
"It's only a game, but those names you see are real people."

When you lose that roll, when someone bugs you in game, when you're getting frustrated by a hard event. You gotta step back and remember that there's always a retry, a next roll, or the ignore button if that person doesn't get the hint.

And a personal one of mine, be laid back and have fun with it all. If that event is getting hard, crack a joke about taking a splinter to the knee. If you lose a roll tell the other congrats, then maybe say you couldn't use it anyways because it didn't drop in your size.

... Can't really think of a joke for the ignoring person one though... hmm...

Posted: Mar 9th 2012 7:49AM Graill440 said

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I laugh at the constant use of Leader as if its badge of honor in a game. The only badge a guildmaster has are the ones they direct folks to grind over and over by rote action to get gear. Scheduling? That make a guildmaster a guildleader? Dont think so. Showing folks where to find strats or employ the latest macros to make an easy game even more laughably easy, nope again kids.

Scheduling doesnt work out? So what. Drama? Kick the person. Theft? KIck the offender. Easy stuff. And always use voice to get the points across to those anon people you call "internet friends". It is the weakminded guildmaster that is wishy washy that fails to run a fun and efficient guild. it also of note not to sweat anything in a game, it isnt ever worth the trouble.

We had an "adult" tell us they had over 1200 (roughly) friends they could count on in WOW, we just laughed at them, they couldnt figure it out either. After we mercilessly ribbed them they told us they new a true leader, two even!, not like us......in their guild that could take what they learned in the game and do our jobs and not be baddies.......i have never laughed so hard in my life.

Posted: Mar 9th 2012 9:06AM Dril said

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You seem like the type of person who never has, never should and, hopefully, never will be in any position of leadership in anything.

Which is good, because I can just laugh at your comment and cackle at your hapless idiocy.

Posted: Mar 9th 2012 11:43AM FrostPaw said

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I'm always honest....although i try and be polite about it. There was a guildy who logs in and begs for help to do everything, he logged in one day last week and begged again and people were discussing it in officer chat.

So I just said to him in guild, when he asks for help all the time, it makes it harder for me to know when he really does need help, and that i was willing to help him but i was also busy doing my own thing. So he should consider people have to stop what they are doing every time he calls for help.

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