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Posted: Feb 23rd 2012 2:11PM Zyrusticae said

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I'm getting a bit tired of people calling a game "grindy" when what they REALLY mean is that they don't find the core gameplay engaging enough to not feel bored.

It's also kind of important to note that MMOs are supposed to be SOCIAL experiences - the whole reason Korean MMOs are "grindy" is because they're played in closed social settings like LAN cafes where they are frequently grouping with people in the same room. Obviously, that's not the case for western players in general.

Just something to keep in mind.

Posted: Feb 23rd 2012 11:45PM Yarr said

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@Zyrusticae - exactly! I've played Aion from the 1st beta (and still do) and the only real grind in the early days, at least as far as leveling up, was during a few levels in various places lacking enough quests (and not enough XP for quests back then). Crafting and gathering provided a good amount XP to help with most of those spots and was something you needed to be doing anyway. If you enjoy the combat (I do), then killing mobs isn't much of a grind anyway. And that has long since been fixed.

Even just two players will easily progress through the game, while a full or nearly full group will generally have little to no problems. Yes, it was designed for group play, not a surprise considering it is a traditional GROUP MMORPG, designed with groups of players actually working together, like they do in Korea! Gosh, imagine that. Most of the problems with the game have much more to do with the semi-insane randomness of several areas: socketing stones, drop rates, etc. And NCWest's complete lack of knowing how to run the game, balance the servers, or be even the slightest bit honest when dealing with their customers.

The game itself is a good solid game. Very nice graphics. Smooth combat (not too fast/easy like WoW, not to slow/hard either), lots to do and see, great music, and fairly large amount of content with several expansions since release (come on give us 3.0 already, heh). The story is on rails, most areas aren't open/large enough, PvP could be a lot better, and it is very similar between factions; but what there is of it isn't bad.

There are areas that could be improved, certainly, but overall I've been pleased with the game, just not those running it. Going F2P should bring in a lot of people and I think many will enjoy it, even with GW2 coming out sometime this year. Neither will have a subscription so why not play both?

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