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Posted: Feb 8th 2012 11:12AM avidlurker said

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Hi Eliot.

You picking up Ryzom for your column has prompted me to do the same.

I'm thus still also a newbie but can fill in some gaps regarding harvesting and crafting that I've found through research on the web and experienced harvesting myself.

Re: Levels of equipment. You are right that the quality level on the one hand corresponds to your level and what you can do with it.

Case in point: the Icy Touch magic amplifier you get as a quest reward on Silan has very good stats (around 86% boosts on your casting speeds and power levels) however are only q40.
This means they will only boost spells up to level 40. If you try casting a lvl 50 spell with it, you get no benefits and a warning message notifying you of the fact.

Higher level crafting actions (the skill used to craft an item) come with higher counterbalances.

This becomes important once you pick up crafting options, like a HP bonus stanza. For example the first few HP stanzas seem to add costs of +10 for each level. I'm not sure if that progresses linearly or not.
If you now have a lvl 40 crafting action, you get 40 counterbalance points to spend on upgrades, for example you could add in HP bonuses worth 40 or perhaps split it up between a HP and say Sap or Stamina upgrade.

And the various materials... that is still a deep and mysterious sea of possibilities to me. I have found various published recepies using both exclusively harvested materials and those that use animal bits.
Becoming an expert crafter does seem to take a huge amount of real time experience and a huge materials library for experimentation.
Grinding up the levels is the easy bit.

Re: harvesting.
Later on you do interact more with your harvesting nodes.
As you progress, you will want to ensure that you do not blow that spot up to avoid damage to yourself and also to avoid premature source depletion.
So you will end up picking up additional harvesting actions like careplaning to restore node life and repair the explosion risk.
You might also alternate between harmful and gentle extraction methods to optimize yield vs. damaging the node.
You will pay much more attention to the nodes stats displayed and modify your harvesting actions correspondingly.

Now I mentioned stanzas in my comment on crafting.
This in my opinion is the single most important aspect to Ryzom and you really should investigate that.
It becomes vitally important to tailor your actions you use to not only your own abilities but also to solo vs. group use, ratio of healers in the group and perhaps even to what exactly you are hunting or doing.
You are given 10 action bars for a reason =D
Actions and the stanzas they use should also be reevaluated at least every 20 levels it seems, at the newbie level probably even every time you are given a major upgrade.

Sorry for the wall of text, this shaped up to be more like an article than a comment xD

Posted: Feb 8th 2012 3:02PM enamelizer said

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Figured I would give this game a go. I have played it in the past, and might have even subbed for it too, I simply can't remember.

So far I am really enjoying the game. I love skill based games, and that I can do everything in the game with a single character. And I am really doing everything there is for sure. I find myself wandering the starter island and doing whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.

I am not much of a crafter in most games, but this one has really pulled me in. I think there is a lot complexity, but it is all laid out in a very straightforward way to me. I really like the system, all the pieces of it fit together in a logical way to me. And it leaves it wide open for player skill and experience, which is really important.

Gathering... not so much. I find tracking and prospecting to be a chore. Maybe I will get more tools in the future to make it more fun, but for now I find it tedious. It is too bad that I really need this for crafting. What I have found is that I will just randomly throw out a prospect here and there and work it into my wondering instead of grinding it.

Will save my comments on fighting and magic for a later article =)

Posted: Feb 8th 2012 8:11PM (Unverified) said

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Does this game use GameGuard? Or any of those cumbersome 3erd party programs?

If not I think I might check this out as well. ^_^

Posted: Feb 9th 2012 3:04AM acemtp said

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@(Unverified) no it doesn't use GameGuard or any 3rd party programs like that

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