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Posted: Jan 27th 2012 8:23AM insilentionocti said

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fallwind, look at things from a players perspective. Most of us feel ignored and even hated because bucks seem to be more important than customer loyalty.

Did you know EQ2 still has bugs that have existed since the day of release? And I'm not talking small bugs either. There's a massive memory leak that NEEDS to be fixed and pretty much makes it so your computer needs to be completely rebooted every two hours. Considering that SOE claims they are seeing record profits, why aren't some of those profits going to fix that?

Maybe if players felt a little more listened to, then the devs would get better reactions.

No, I'm not trying to start something, please don't think that. I'd just like you to understand where people are coming from. The only reason you need four levels of approval is because the higher ups are terrified you'll tell us the truth about things even in a small way, and it will make us stop lining their pockets with cash.

Personally, I value truth more than anything else.

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