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Posted: Jan 23rd 2012 6:36AM blackcat7k said

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Hmmm... I said a long time ago that many of these Free to Play titles had Pay to Win stamped all over them.

I would be happy to be finally proven right, but it is not something to be happy about. The Free to Play masked as Play to Win is destroying gaming, not mention the credibility of developers.

There is nothing to be happy about seeing the core values of the values of any game get perverted so far:


That's that thing that makes games appealing. From Football, to the
Olympics, to Pong. That what makes mankind come back again and again to facinating thing called "the game" and to see developers/buinesses destroy it is both short sighted and foolish. Not only for their company, but for their IP, and their continued growth.

Posted: Jan 23rd 2012 10:42AM (Unverified) said

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This is my solution to the ever increasing presence of the Lotro store. Since the fine line of Convenience not Advantage has been crossed so far back it cant be seen I propose putting ALL armor and gear into the store including hard to get raid gear. I know this sounds crazy but hear me out.

With this ability to buy are gear comes some other proposed changes to the game. Most importantly is let the Raid Leaders Beware! Good bye to anonymous. Just because you have to best gear (store bought) doesn't mean you are the best or even a good player, no more hiding behind an anonymous tag, any raid leader, kin leader, fellowship leader can instantly inspect you and see if you are wear Orthanc armor or Store-thanc amour. The way I personally see it is that buying your gear is like steroids, rewards without the effort, and if you are going to use Roids I think everybody has the right to know. Roid users get zits, store bought gear users should have some negative side affects too. I think when you inspect somebody the new window should look just like a character pane, you should be able to mouse over and stat and see how much is bought vs. earned, all store bought gear should have it listed in its tool tip that it is in fact bought not earned, maybe even a date and a TP price for clarity. May not be even far fetched to see ones inventory...after all you can buy food, pots, and other items in the store too.

Since its becoming quite clear that this is the direction the store is headed I think the above ideas should be implemented, I think its important to make it easily distinguishable between bought and earned armor and other gear. For marketing purposes I even have a few names to suggest, of course there is Store-thanc, we can have Storia armor, and even thRift sets. The sky is the limit.

Im dead serious about these ideas. Yes some points are sarcastic or tongue in cheek but I truly believe that there should be an easy way to distinguish between play to win and pay to win.

Is the guy in my fellowship good or just rich? I think we all deserve to know that answer.

Posted: Jan 23rd 2012 3:50PM (Unverified) said

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I've been watching the controversy for the past week, and I think the columnist really nails the issues.

I don't mind Turbine selling armor, even stat armor. That said, I want it to be the same capability as the armor that can be crafted, not ridiculously level overpowered (as the current armor is). Turbine states that they've had lots of complaints about the lack of good low-level armor available in the Auction House. I wonder why ? After all, you really need a pile of materials to craft properly, and the chances of pulling the necessary crit materials has to hover at about 3% (flax fiber anyone).

Coming from DDO, there's a lot Turbine could learn from their sister project. Just a few off the top of my head.

1) Give players the chance to make crit'ed account wide armor. This would make the draw on material and lessen the demand for crit material, thus leaving more for AH usage.

2) Get rid of the ridiculous "bound to toon" restrictions on armor and jewelry. That alone would make a huge difference in the amount of materials available in the AH. If they are concerned about flooding the system, they could easily crank up the damage and include "permanent damage" that once exceeded destroys the item.

3) Simplest of all, increase the crit material drop rate. Or, as I saw someone else suggest, allow automatic crits for tiers two levels lower than your own. I.e. if you've mastered Expert level, you should be able to crit Apprentice level automatically WITHOUT crit material.


Posted: Jan 24th 2012 6:41AM (Unverified) said

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This is just an introduction to the future of the store, look for level 75 scrolls (straight to level 75) among other things. Why cant this armour be available as a SKIRMISH reward? They are making their own invention absolete....

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