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Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:01PM Xilithi said

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I once killed a man.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:13PM Lithuex said

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I was walking through a forest when a young girl asked for my help. She was standing heavily on her left leg when I noticed blood dripping from her mid-section. I rushed over and gave her as much aid as I could but it was too late. While I was cleaning her wounds I picked out an arrow head that I knew instantly was from a centaur arrow. They had gone too far this time. I tracked the centaurs to a field and slaughtered them. The battle was hard, i took a wound which I didn't know if I would recover from. As I limped away from the battlefield I looked behind me and saw 6 other people, killing centaurs standing in a field.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:15PM (Unverified) said

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Most epic MMO stunt? I uninstalled WoW and discovered sunlight.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:31PM edgecrusherO0 said

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Why would anyone want to win that? It's the biggest joke ever. Seriously, the "records" are for the most random, stupid bullshit ever. If I were to ever find myself in possession of one I would use it as kindling for fires, because that's about all it's good for. Guinness lost what little self respect they still had in order to try and remain relevant. It's really sad.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:40PM Space Cobra said

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I agree, but I'd like to see if the someone beat the high score for Pac-Man or some such. It is rather, "glitzy" nowadays and not the same, but it has been a very long time since I've had/read a Guiness Book.

Besides, it is "free". I can either point to it and sigh at how low the book has become or have free firewood. Either way, no expense paid on my part.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:44PM edgecrusherO0 said

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@Space Cobra

I'm all for records like that, I love those. Speed runs, high scores ect. are all great. This book though has silly records. Here's Kotaku pointing out 10 of the more silly ones.



Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:36PM Space Cobra said

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Maybe this doesn't apply and it is more "awe inspiring" than funny, but here goes:

One memorable thing happened to me in Ultima Online, I think during Beta. I was exploring the land and came upon some overgrown ruins in the forest. Of course, it was a bit dangerous, but since this was early UO and the PKing hadn't started in full-bloomed earnest, one was relatively safe.

So, I was walking around and some wildlife appeared. In this case, a Llama had come onto my screen. I was not concerned by it, but suddenly, a man came out of nowhere and slaughtered the creature. He wasn't too armored, but he felled it rather fast. He then babbled something about Llamas being evil creatures. He seemed to have a little campsite within the ruins. He waved me over and I came forth. He then asked if I thought Llamas were evil and foul and I politely nodded and kept him entertained.

He then asked me to take my shoes off. Being a rather observant fellow, even back then, I called up his "paper-doll" and found he was wearing shoes himself, I pointed this out to him by saying, "...But you are wearing shoes."

A second or so goes by and then I noticed the paper-doll (his inventory) became shoeless and he then replied, "No I'm not!" Again, being polite and entertaining this fellow, I complied and removed my own shoes, especially since he did himself. He then did a little dance and a ceremony of sorts over the Llama. Once it was done, he handed me some bandages, that are really standard loot drops of the time. I took them and thanked him for them. He waved and left...or maybe he disappeared.

I kept those bandages for the longest time; actually, I never got rid of them and never used them on myself. I was thinking those bandages were special or marked me for some future event. I say that because of how things were at the time, I believe 100% that that man was played by a Dev, however, I do not know which Dev played him and interacted with me. It could have been Garriott, maybe Long or maybe someone else. I just know it had to be a dev because the Llama sorta appeared out of nowhere as did the man.

It was ultimately a small event, but I wish more such simple events happened like that in more MMOs: "Surprise" things/events that happen and are short but controlled by devs. I really don't care if he gave me a gold rare item or not, just the fact of the interaction was enough and, like I said, I kept those simple, most likely common bandages and never got rid of them. Such a small interaction/event done with a Dev. An event I will remember for the rest of my life.

Just a small bit of interaction, here and there, works wonders. You can't reach every player, but that shouldn't be your goal. It's just doing "random acts of kindness" and making whatever mark you can.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 7:48PM n3verendR said

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Back in Old Norrath... my Avatar was a Dark Elf Shadowknight on a PvP faction server. There were four factions for those that don't know, "Human-kin, Elf-kin, Short People, and Evil guys".

I'm typically a "go for good" kind of guy but my 3rd day playing the game changed my mind. I was playing my Human Warrior at a snails pace trying to learn the game when an Elf, whom I thought was a friend... ganked me. Now looting wasn't an issue back then except my impressionable 14 year old mind fell for the whole, "I'm sorry, I'll carry your items back to you" PM. So I gave him permission to loot my corpse and never saw him for some time. I even lost his name in the "rage" of my own ineptitude.

Fast forward to the release of Kunark which was some time after I rerolled into a Dark Elf Shadowknight. I was Level 50 and adventuring out into the new lands before me. I noticed a group of Elves... one among them struck a nerve. Such a nerve that I recklessly rolled into the throng of 3 elves and their pets without a thought.

I was getting handled... HARD

Magically, something clicked in my head...

There are 3 targets, one is low... very low - but so am I. Another target was at 60% or so when the fight started. So there were 3 targets, 30%, 60%, and my arch-enemy at 100%.

I Harm Touched (Think Lay on Hands, but damage) the 60% for an instant win - chanters are squishy anyways, feared the 100% and Life-Tapped the 30% to raise my own health to about 20%...

How low I got, or why I lived will never be known to me. I was staring at victory through the eyes of a vindictive 15 year old though, and nothing was ever sweeter to me. Back in the day, there were no PvP trinkets... reduced CC duration... or limits to the number of targets you could CC.

So I watched the elf slowly decay in front of me. He was feared, helplessly taking damage from both my pet, and my DOTs.

He got to about 5% health by the time I had finished typing my big boy words. "SUCK A FAT ONE #@%& HEAD"

That's right...

The coolness of killing him, his friends, and making sure my own sword thrust the killing blow after nearly a year of training to become a match for future such opponents - all swept away by my mouth.

Was still epic how I enabled beast-mode on his candy ass.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 11:30PM Deliverator said

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Different tact?
I wrote a G13 LUA script for darkfall that remembered what weapon I had in hand and what state it was in - sheathed or unsheathed. When I hit a hotkey - say mana bolt, it would switch to the appropriate weapon (if needed), unsheath, queue the skill and fire. Since it was based on memory of the last thing it did and not input from the game, it would get out of sync once in a while. I fixed that with a state-reset button I pressed when I manually placed my character with sword, unsheathed.

For the record, I was a mostly PvE player - the only time it had an impact on PvP was when I was defending myself. I still got my butt handed to me, but I lasted longer due to being able to quickly pop a heal.

Posted: Jan 18th 2012 11:42PM Deliverator said

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In most games I just script the emotes :)

Posted: Jan 19th 2012 12:32AM Yukon Sam said

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Why yes, I was at the Siege of Trinsic. Fill up my mug and let me tell you about it.

Duncan's my name. Brother Duncan, if you want to be formal, but I'm not one to stand on formalities. I was with the Golden Knights at the time... still am, though the Knights have long since scattered to the four winds.

It was a fine day when we arrived at Trinsic, and truth be told, we were all feeling more anticipation than dread. There we were, lined up in ranks like toys on parade. It was rather like a festival.

The first attacks didn't much sour our mood either. Skeletons, zombies... child's play. But then.... well, things got a bit more grim. I don't remember much after that -- the fighting was so intense, my mind captured naught but a series of frozen still images. It was hard to control my horse, hard to take in the chaos around me. In short order, I became separated from the main battle, unsure of my surroundings.

That's when I saw her. Malabelle. One of the thralls of Jou'nar, the architect of this bloodbath.

There was nobody in the vicinity but her and me. It crossed my mind that the most prudent course of action was to remove myself from the vicinity as rapidly as I could manage.

But.... I've got to tell you, being a Golden Knight, it does strange things to your sense of self-preservation. I didn't run away. I hoisted my mace. I may have shouted out "for Britannia!" Or maybe it was an incoherent scream of sheer hysteria. And I charged.

Later, as I was sitting in my deathrobe at the resurrection shrine, I wondered why I had done that. It wasn't for the glory -- nobody witnessed the event but Malabelle and myself, and I'm sure I didn't even register in her bloody tally that day. It certainly wasn't for love or money.

I guess it was just because I was a Golden Knight, and crazy quixotic charges were a specialty.

Or maybe I just wanted a tavern tale to share in my old age.

Speaking of which, how about another round?

Posted: Jan 19th 2012 3:44AM Jeremy G said

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I think one of our best pranks/stunts we ever played on someone had to be in Everquest. There was a time in the game when Money had weight, and every character could only carry so much weight before they would be unable to move.

I was good friends with a monk in our guild, and I was the guild leader and raid leader at the time. He was our main puller. So, in order to have a little fun with him, the other officers and I devised a plan for April Fools day one year to mess with him.

We went into the Plane of Tactics that night for a Rallos Zek raid for the guild. We cleared our way up to the area in Rallos Zek's lair where the hallway split into two. At one end was Vallon Zek and the other was Tallon Zek. The main strategy we used was to pull Vallon Zek over to the side with Tallon Zek since they had to be killed in a certain amount of time in order to spawn the event.

So, we were cleared one hallway up to one of the Zek Bros and had our Monk pulling mobs from the other. He had this great idea each time to see how many mobs we could handle. It was a challenge for the guild that we usually met head on to test ourselves. Well, this particular night, we decided to make things a little interesting for him.

The officer team and I all had brought about 1,000,000 Copper Pieces with us to the raid and had buffed up accordingly to be able to carry it in, and we also had a few of our key guild members do the same.

When our Monk friend went out to pull his giant train of mobs to us, we coordinated in a chat channel we had set up to all "/share 0 0 0 1000000" at the exact same time. What this did in EQ was share 1,000,000 copper amongst all of the members of our raid.

While that may not seem like a big deal, Monks actually had a class debuff of sorts that only allowed them to carry up to 35% of their total strength before they were slowed down, the higher the number, the slower they ran until they couldn't move at all.

So, our Monk is mid pull, has somewhere between 15 and 20 mobs running up behind him towards the raid, and we all hit our "/share" at the same time, rendering our good friend completely immobile. With no time to think or even react fast enough to hit his "Feign Death" hotkey, he became Mob Fodder.

There was this complete silence in our Vent server for about 10 seconds afterwards. I then chime in and say "April Fools".

All of a sudden our Monk finally realizes what just happened, cusses us out horrendously for a bit, then starts laughing maniacally. Soon everyone joined in.

That stunt easily goes down in history as one of our guilds favorite moments in Everquest, and those of us that have kept in touch still talk about it to this day, almost 6 years later.

Posted: Jan 19th 2012 8:24AM (Unverified) said

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I think my most memorable stunt was in World of Warcraft on the Sisters of Elune server near the end of Burning Crusade. A mass of people were gathered on Quel'danas, eagerly awaiting the spawning of the new gear vendor. I sat in waiting atop my mighty Elek, and as soon as the vendor spawned I sat on top of him, completely obstructing him from view.

Needless to say, people were cursing and screaming, reporting me, saying how I was going to be banned. After about 45 minutes, a GM finally arrived. Suprisingly enough, he told me that my stunt was quite hilarious, and ported me about 10 feet away. And kept doing so every time I moved back. I finally gave up and went on my way. I wonder how many ignore lists and black lists I ended up on that day.

Posted: Jan 19th 2012 9:18AM Obext said

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So you were that A** hole? J/k, but seriously that would probably piss me off too.

Back in UO i could make out which players were new to the game and I would hang around the Minoc mines. There were a few spots near the mines where you "left protection of town guards" and "protected by town guards". But if you were close enough to that "line" you could call for the guards for help and they would kill whatever was troubling you within means.
So, I made a macro in bold red letters "You are being attacked!" (while at the same time going into combat stance) The noobies would think i was really attacking them and fight back. As soon as they for real attacked me i called the guards and they would kill them. I would then proceed to loot all of there "ingots".

It was alot of fun...sometimes i would give there stuff back.

Posted: Jan 19th 2012 11:25AM Oranda said

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*reads the small print in the FAQ*

"Only entries from EVE Online will be taken seriously"

Posted: Jan 19th 2012 1:39PM Yawinsum said

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My most epic moment would probably have to be when I was fairly new to Ultima Online. I regrettably did not start playing UO til about 4 years after it first came out.

I was still a little new to the game but I had recently discovered the act of looting decayed houses. I instantly fell in love with it so it became my favorite thing to do. As I was shopping around in the city of Luna I figured I would check to see if any houses were IDOC (In danger of collapsing). Lo and behold I found one. This was a huge rarity at the time because Luna properties were a premium and most people didn't just let them decay, they either kept the account active or sold the house. So I marked a runestone for later return.

The day the house was set to collapse I logged in and recalled to the spot. It must have taken a good 5 minutes for the screen to load, so I was a little boggled as to why that happened. When it finally did load I saw literally 30-40 people hanging around the house. That's when I realized that it was going to be a mad house when this house collapsed.

So we all sat around for a few hours waiting for the house to fall. After maybe 3 or 4 hours my screen went black. There were so many people there that my computer couldn't handle it and I lagged out. I waited a few minutes but it never came back so I closed down UO and started it back up as fast as a could. I came back into the game and everything was gone. There was a new plot placed in the old spot already and 1 person was standing on it sorting through their loot.

Naturally I was pretty disappointed. But I figured let me see if anyone missed anything behind walls. I hit shift + tab to display all items on the screen and sure enough there was 1 lonely backpack hidden behind the wall of Luna. I ran to the bag as quickly as I could and grabbed it. I opened it up and saw a tunic, some short pants, a sash and a couple other clothing items. It was a vendors backpack. But there was another backpack inside it. I opened it up and there was a gold check inside. At this point I figured at least I got something.

I moused over the gold check and to my utter shock, it was for over 260 million gold. My jaw hit the floor. Being relatively new to the game still I figured this had to be a bug and I wouldn't be able to cash it at the bank since you can only make checks of 1 million. So I ran to the bank, dropped it in and double clicked it and my bank FILLED with gold. Needless to say I was elated. After leaving the computer and jumping around like an idiot for a minute I wandered back over to the site of the fallen house and there were still a few people milling about. I casually asked if they had gotten anything good. They mentioned a few rare items but it honestly didn't register in my mind what they got because I was still on cloud nine. That's when I told them about my find and I don't think anyone believed it because the only response I got was "wow grats."

That check single handedly funded my UO career for a couple years. I guess it wasn't so much epicness as it was dumb luck but it was pretty epic to me and I will never forget it.

Posted: Jan 20th 2012 11:42AM daicon said

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I think my ballsy-est stunt might have been on WoW.

The night before Tuesday (raids unlock) I posted a thread on the Realm forums that tomorrow night they wouldn't be raiding Sunwell (this was during TBC when the cream-of-the-crop raiding guilds were running it). Elitism was at an all-time high on my server, and since it was a PVP server and we were a PVP guild, I organized an event where we would get as many guildies online as possible and camp the entrence to Sunwell. Any Horde raider (they were the only faction progressed this far) who got close was getting burst down.

Their high-tier gear wasn't much match for our focus fire. Much drama ensued and although it's not as much of a stunt, everyone remembered it and our guild for halting progression for that week.

Posted: Jan 28th 2012 1:07PM Raaqa said

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I grinded for 48 straight hours last year. It was a very strange feeling. I actually couldn't fall asleep afterwards. Like I said, it all felt very bizarre.

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