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Posted: Dec 30th 2011 1:34PM blackcat7k said

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As many have stated, there is nothing wrong with the idea of a LFG finder in an MMO. Being a MASSIVELY multiplayer online game you would think there would be such a device in the game to bring people together.

In SWTOR’s case the game will need a tool like this as time goes on and the population becomes top heavy with level 50s (or whatever the level cap will be in a year.)

Players that come to SWTOR after the launch hysteria will be turned off by the lack of people to play with at lower level since the majority are doing high level grouping. A LFG tool could alleviate some of this, but it needs some changes:

1. The LFG tool should allow players to advertise groups for a specific task:

With the way SWTOR’s mission design is players come together at world specific missions and then break apart again to go do their class oriented quests. The players are not necessarily going to want to stick together after they get that specific task completed.

The only glue holding them together is the thought of faster xp, and completion of future tasks. However, people are on different schedules while gaming, and some may just want to do that one SPECIFIC mission. The LFG tool should accommodate that reality.

Players should be able to see in the LFG tool:

[HEROIC 4]: FIRESTAR Mission LF: ANY (DPS,Tank, Heal) - Leader: PlayerX

*Apply for this group?* *Send whisper to leader*

What the group leader sees when someone applies:

PlayerY would like to join group. X Level Sith Juggernaut

*Invite player?* *Send whisper to player?*

This would be vastly better than having general flooded with LF2M this or LFG that. If the players could see who wants to lead a group and APPLY for the group instead of hoping that group leaders see them in the General chat that would help grouping considerably.

The LFG tool that is present does not address this. If I log on and set my LFG comment to LF FIRESTAR, I guarantee I will probably never find a group compared to using general chat to spam my grouping intentions.

However, if I could advertise myself as wanting to lead a FIRESTAR group, and then have that option in the LFG for people to apply to the group, the chances that players will use it will probably go up.

2. Cross server LFG tools are not necessarily bad, but they bring with them the problem of the internet asshat theory. If you have anonymous players grouping together to do something, the chances of people acting like asshats increases considerably because there will be no repercussions for their actions.

Allowing for tracking of players could alleviate this. Allowing the players to review the GROUPING HISTORY of the participants BEFORE they commit to a dungeon would be a step in the right direction.

How many times has this person completed this run? Do they have a history of quitting mid run? There are a lot of metrics that should be taken when someone runs a dungeon through a LFG tool so that players don’t go into these groups blind.

Randomly throwing together individuals to get a task done is a recipe for disaster in any real world scenario. Players should be able to SEE the queue of the players joining for the dungeon that the system has brought together before they commit to anything. They should be able to COMMUNICATE to one another before they commit.

A game that I’ve seen do this is S4 League and to a lesser extent Dynasty Warriors Online. I can see the players before the match, if I recognize people I don’t want to play with I can bow out and re-queue.

Sure I may have to wait again, but waiting for a potentially better group is better than going in a group where know you will have issues with those involved.

These ideas would slow down the speed of the LFG grouping, but the gain of having groups that are more conducive to working together to finish the task would be a positive gain.

Posted: Dec 30th 2011 3:44PM Lestaticon said

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There's a LFG flag in the game, but what I tend to see in most games that just have these types of flags, hardly no one actively uses it. Every time I've opened the /who list to look for other flagged LFG characters, there is ether none or 1 or 2 present in the list of 50 showing.
I think today's MMO gamers are shy, don't like to be bothered with communicating, and prefer staying comfortably invisible unless necessary. That's the way it looks to me anyway.
I think that is what makes the group finding tools (like dungeon finders) so appealing. The silent majority likes the hand holding. I know I do. Additionally, I like how public grouping works in Rift and Warhammer Online.

Posted: Dec 31st 2011 2:57AM MaddZ said

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As others have already stated: LFG tools really have no place in an MMORPG. Part of what drives the popularity of the genre is the close ties we forge with new friends as we crush content together.

LFG tools either need to be done away with, OR just take that last step and give us the option of filling out the rest of the group with NPCs to fill the various rolls.

Posted: Jan 1st 2012 12:25AM (Unverified) said

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no god damn community destroying lfr/lfg tools

these games are built around server community and guilds.

look at the shithole wow has become. the game does everything for you, its almost impossible to fail, and everyone has turned into entitled douches

Posted: Jan 1st 2012 10:23AM (Unverified) said

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Some of the comments on this article are baffling. Dungeon Finders didn't kill server community - you did for not trying. You don't have to use a random dungeon finder and if you cared that much about it you would have continued to seek groups on your server - people still do that and succeed every day.

Posted: Jan 3rd 2012 10:31AM Gasaraki said

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This article is spot on. Yes SWTOR needs a better tool to look for people but NOT the full auto method like WoW. Currently I spend a little time on the fleet looking for people for a group when I want to run a flashpoint. When I do find people and have a group, NOT ONCE have the people been jerks or abandon a group in the middle even when we wipe. We say hello to each other, ask if anyone's done this, ask for tips, and at the end we thank each other for the group and time. This is because everyone has invested time to form/get invited to this group. They want to make it happen before giving up. This is how community forms.
I recently joined a guild because one member from this guild saw that I had 2 people but couldn't find 2 more for this flashpoint. He offered to run us. I thought it was very nice of him and want to join his guild.

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