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Posted: Dec 5th 2011 2:38PM Emanmodnar said

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Up until recently, Mabinogi was my core game. I've been hit with the "Unable to login" bug on all 7 of my characters and haven't been able to log in since the Romeo and Juliet storyline was added to the game. I can run around on my pets but playing as a pet is even less accessible than being a new player with a level 1 character since pets can only go into the original base dungeons of the game, and their skills are very limited.

Despite this, I still recommend the game to anyone who is looking for a game with extensive clothing and armor options for fashion or sandbox games. Due to the fact that the game has NO level cap, the quest don't do the standard MMO approach to helping you get to level cap, they are more there to either help you learn about skills and locations or gain new skills (such as transformations from the story quests or teach you how to play with them like the alchemy quests). Skills are learned by using them instead of buying them as you level or automatically boosted, helping players really design a character they want and like to play instead of being forced into a cookie cutter with limited customization of classes.

I have, however, been playing the game since Open Beta. I've been watching the game evolve, the dramas of the hacks and the duplications, the constant battle against the gold sellers (They actually used to be a lot worse than they are now), Players using exploits, broken graphics (the Giant glitches are the best), terrible time wasting events with worse rewards, broken monster servers, item losses due to crashes, mass bannings for obscure reasons, unexplainable downtimes, all the sociological politics that evolve from hardcore guilds and the rise and fall of hundreds of casual guilds. But I keep going back.

I also fundamentally realized the game, advertised as a "Fantasy Life" since its so sandboxy and open, has MASSIVE potential to run your own ideas within the system. A lot of players have figured out how to use items to create their own games, made rules and tournaments and events all based around their own interests independently from what the company runs. Last year (2010) I ran the Tarlach Fair events and gathered up the most popular player created event ideas and ran them in one big weekend party. Popular events done by the players run along the lines of PVP tournaments and Music contests, but then we had crazy events that sparked creativity like a clue based treasure hunt all around the game world run by a team of quiz-masters or another team of players came up with an obstacle race made of explosive ice mines and wooden walls.

Too bad customer service is TERRIBLE. I've been basically locked out of my account for months, I'm only getting robo messages in response regarding my account problems. I'm not banned, its just broken. This is THE most in-depth and functional "Sandbox" MMO I have currently played and I haven't found any other MMO that has such an OPEN way to build your characters skill set and decide your battle tactics.

I'll be playing Fallen Earth until its fixed. I've run a guild on Tarlach for almost 4 years and I'm not happy about being forced away from it and an awesome server community.

Go Tarlach!

-- Spooklee

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