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Posted: Nov 17th 2011 6:40AM PacketBurner said

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[PAUL] I may or may not pass out depending on Bryan’s answer to this.

[BRYAN] Not at launch. We're looking at ways to incorporate PVE post launch and withing the framwork of the MWO concept.

*Paul passes out*

Bummer was looking forward to this! guess it can keep the secret world happy in my mental bin of "almost" MMO's

On a serious note this is not off my list, although considering getting the latest battle mech game i can find (couldn't justify a sub to Perpetuum for some reason)

Maybe its just me but this would be good on a tablet (20 minute battles and so forth) but without some kind of PVe i'm suprised, hell even more so with just "meta" stats and a slight buff to the other team.

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