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Posted: Nov 8th 2011 4:51PM (Unverified) said

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Asian design.


1. Laughably oversized weapons being wielded by 8 year old girls.

2. Male characters being indistinguishable from female characters in every way except breasts.

3. Typically being able to play as a small 2 foot tall human like creature with the ears of some sort of small furry animal.

4. Playing as some sort of biologically engineered 12 foot tall muscle bound freak with a very clearly samurai looking face. (Ironically "usually" wielding the only normal sized weapon in the game.) I have to assume this is to try and compensate for genetic inadequacies.

5. All female characters seemingly require having bunny or cat ears. (And sometimes tails.) Which I believe is somehow a sign of fertility/beauty in Asian countries. Likely due to the long term effects of nuclear radiation on the brain.

6. Has kung-fu, god-like, jumping/water gliding/wall running/Gravity and laws of physics defying acrobatic feats that would shatter space and time if they were ever performed kind of stuff.

The sad thing is I could go on for another 4-5 points at least on this.

Oh and Pay to win business models, that too.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 4:59PM Sean D said

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How companies market their games can turn me off faster than anything else. I don't like being lied to and if a company advertises that their game is "truly dynamic" when I know it's not, I'll turn away and never look back.

The world is full of exclamation points. Just tell me what your game is, what it does, what you've done to try and improve the genre, and I'll be good. In short, inform me and let me make up my own mind. Don't try and manipulate my decision-making processes.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 5:32PM (Unverified) said

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Anything with LucasArts on it.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 9:23PM TheClaw said

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Copying EverQuest's game mechanics even though its more than 12 years now since it launched is what turned me off SW:TOR before I even tried it..

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 9:36PM Yazel said

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When the game info talks about how many classes they have and the number is greater than zero.

Also when every promo video I've seen focuses on the combat and nothing else.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 9:47PM nathanb said

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Posted: Nov 9th 2011 1:17AM Lumin said

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F2P and/or game-breaking cash shop items
Genre (not a fan of futuristic space games or modern-day urban crime shooters)

Also any game where griefers/geared players can utterly destroy your enjoyment of the game. Unbalanced/gear-based PvP.

Posted: Nov 9th 2011 7:40AM spamero said

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A company behind it... Funcom - no thx, cryptic - no thx

Posted: Nov 9th 2011 10:46AM wahahabuh said

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Bald marines with big guns
Bald marines
Soldiers in general
Games for Windows Live
Art Style
Crappy VA

Posted: Nov 9th 2011 1:30PM Germaximus said

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Combat. A story can be kickass and the graphics can be beautiful but if the actual combat is boring i dont wanna play it.

Posted: Nov 9th 2011 4:17PM mxt4347564czjv00q9w9qb1tppfr46hb said

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cash shop
non-fantasy setting
forced pvp
customers reaching max level in under a month after launch
more pvp content than pve content
absurdly large weapons
style before function in armor appearance
solo play being the fastest way to advance
everyone is a special snowflake, so no-one is a special snowflake
any attempt to merge FPS combat with MMO gameplay

Posted: Nov 9th 2011 4:50PM illza said

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I based my top three on all the mmo's I've tried over the years and what made me stop playing (some of them before launch).

1. Animation Quality - The first thing I always notice is how my character moves. The run animation in particular. If they can't even get that right, I have very little hope for the gaming. Watching a character mime a run animation while sliding on the ground is simply unacceptable anymore.

2. Effort curve - The second thing that causes me to quit is finding out that the amount of effort increase per level is not linear but exponential. When it took me about as long to get from 18 to 20 as it did from 1 to 18 in Aion, I was done. Do I want every level to only take an hour, hell no. They can all take 8 for all I care. Just don't get me to level 15 in 2 hours, then take 4 hours to get to 16, 6 hours to 17, and 8 hours to 18. That's just painful. (*The numbers are likely inaccurate but accurately portray the feeling I got from the game).

3. Lack of single-player focus. Too many MMO's just decide they need quests for the sake of having quests, but nothing ever flows together. I can get a much more satisfying playing experience out of 10 hours of Uncharted 3 than I can from 110 hours to get to level cap. It's seems asinine to have all those levels and all that content to blow through if you don't give it a reason for being there. Artificially high level caps with filler content to occupy the 1% of your brain you're using to level isn't really acceptable anymore.

Posted: Nov 9th 2011 10:28PM Vazzaroth said

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The biggest thing (This is usually asian imported F2P's) is a super generic website and that godaweful Time New Roman-like font that some games use. If you can't even use a custom font, what hope does your game's polish level have?

Free for all, free loot PvP is another huge hurdle for me to jump, although I have a bit with EVE. Then again, every rage-quit>uninstall>Unsub episode I've had there was directly due to that system... (It's happened Thrice)

Gender locking classes and making your classes not proper classes but "Characters" is another huge pet peeve. I don't want to play Mallory the Hunter, of Lockshire... I want to play MY hunter, built from scratch.

To be more jaded, anything that just looks like "Hit button, do damage + an effect" combat tends to put me off these days a la WoW/Rift/SWTOR.

Posted: Nov 10th 2011 3:22PM cored said

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F2P, or any microtransactions
Lack of world PvP

Posted: Nov 10th 2011 9:18PM Yukon Sam said

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-Lack of crafting or oversimplified crafting

-Mandatory grouping

-Mandatory PvP

-No endgame except raiding and PvP

-Best rewards reserved for raiders and PvPers. "Different" is fine; "better" is not.

Posted: Nov 13th 2011 1:10AM corpusc said

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Posted: Nov 15th 2011 5:32AM irontroll said

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easy for me : BAD UI

Being unable to customize the UI or the keybindings is an instant no-no to me. Even though i dominantly play games with the keyboard, I still use the mouse placed to the left side of the keyboard. And if I cannot customize the keyboard, it instantly sucks.

Posted: Nov 15th 2011 5:12PM conalllanson said

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1.) The same old boring formula for characters:
Ranged Type
Tank Type
Healer Type
Stealth Type
DC Universe, like so many other games is a major let down because its just WOW for superheroes. Its impossible to have a truly well rounded character.

2.) Grinding forever with no pay off. If someone completes a quest, dungeon, kills the boss, over a hundred times they should get the big reward. I don't know what the percentage chance is for some of the drops from some bosses, but I have killed some over 300 times and never got it.


4.) Forcing you to play with other people, not everyone wants to play with a group of other people.

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