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Posted: Nov 8th 2011 12:55PM Deadalon said

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TBH the thing that pisses me off most is that most MMOs dont allow ppl to try before buy until long after they are out. Thats not acceptable cause there is no refund if the game has technical issues with the pc.

Game that for example was totally unplayable at launch but ppl had no way of testing before buying is AOC. It had huge memory leaks and most pcs with less than 3gb of ram had issues or crashed every 10 mins. Game should be refundable when this is the case. Instead Funcom took all the money after having the public website closed for everyone exept the ppl that had already bought the game. So ppl were unable to find out about the issues on the OFFICAL forums.

Thats an expamle of the worst of the worst. Just horrible and totally unacceptable. Still... Funcom used that money they cheated out of the custimors to fix the crap they released at launch. But most ppl left the game and never came back when treated like they were.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:01PM CheesecakeBandit said

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Pay to win
Forced PvP of any kind
aimed at preteen kids
themepark with nothing new added:
gear grind
lack of customization
walls of text story
Hotkey w/ autoattack
sandbox without story and quests(not counting repeatable random quests like EVE ratting or CoH paper missions)
no combat(life is more fun with explosions!)
arena based MMOs like Global Agenda

So currently I'm looking forward to GW2, SW:ToR, and Tribes Ascend :P

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:06PM pvpirl said

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No PvP
No consequences Death
Overuse of Instances
Asian style graphics and animations
Duel Platform
FTP/Pay to win

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:10PM drunkingamebar said

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Buy 2 Win.
Gender locks.
Low quality animations.
Grind, grind, grind type game play.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:11PM drunkingamebar said

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@drunkingamebar **P2W ^

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:27PM threetailedfox said

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-Subscription+Cash Shop: Not to be confused with freemium. All three of them are working models, but to have to subscribe, and then have a cash shop, just sounds like the developers saying "We really like money".

-"Free to play in one area": I really think this is why Lego Universe is going down. It advertises itself as free to play, but it's really just a trial, and now it's shutting down due to lack of members. Basically, advertising as free to play when your really not. I may play it a little to try, but it's not getting any money.

-Gender-Locked Classes: This is one of my biggest pet-peeves. I'll give it a pass if there's a good focus on the characters pasts and personality; I love Rusty Hearts for example. But in most cases it's totally unnecessary. Race-Locked classes is something I dislike as well, I still don't get why Ether Saga added them after running for years with anyone able to play any class. But that can be somewhat lore-justified. But gender-locking just smacks of laziness, if not stereotyping in some cases. I remember that one LoL style game where, in interviews, they said male players would begin with more melee fighters, and female players more support characters. Yeah. My girlfriend is primarily a melee fighter, and I'm generally an attack or support mage. Fail.

-Total lack of customization: I'm not asking for Aion levels, but some games don't even give you hair color. Generally the more races you have, the less this would bug me, but some games have nothing but humans with little to no options. I think it was Solstice that was really bad with this, like 3 hair colors total. I also don't understand why height sliders are so hard to. Phantasy Star Online was on the dreamcast and it had a great height/weight system. This one can pretty easily be countered with good world design or gameplay, but generally great character customization or an interesting race is what catches my eye. 6 "races" of identical humanoids doesn't count.

-Forced Permadeath: This ones come up a lot. Fortunately I've yet to have it be an issue, but with Wizardry, Salem, and World of Darkness coming, it may become a bigger one soon. The thing is, Wizardry aside, most games with this advertise it as to add more "Story" to the game. The thing is, it doesn't. How many great fantasy epics can you think of that end 2/3 into a massive political saga with "And then he was backstabbed by a n00b shouting profanity. The n00b was banned later that day on an unrelated issue". It just doesn't work.

-Games trying too hard to be gritty: This, like customization, is variable, and what bothers me in one game may not in others. By and large, a lot of people go to one extreme or the other. Either "all the characters and world are cute" or "all the characters and world are realistic and gritty". The issue for me is, that generally I don't fall into others. While I do like cute worlds, Eden Eternal, Maplestory, and Iris being some favorites, generally I prefer cute characters and darker worlds. Pandora Saga does a good job of having both. If you want to be a human or dark elf, you can. If you want to be a huge ogre thing, you can. And if you want to be a cute bunny you can. Requiem does a pretty good job with the Xenoa as well. I want to look adorable while killing incredibly horrific monsters, is that so wrong?

-Lack of WASD controls: Lack of mouse or gamepad controls are frustrating, but I can get by on just WASD. There really isn't any excuse for leaving it out at this point.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:28PM oxlar said

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The terms

"Action MMO"
"world wide PVP or unrestricted PVP"

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:32PM dndhatcher said

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Subscription fee is a Death Sentence. There are too many freemium games I am enjoying to spend money on something without playing it a while first.

Quests without some kind of at least funny storyline are getting really old. I cant get excited about "kill 10 boars because it will make me a happy NPC" quests anymore.

Static gameplay with no dodging/moving during combat is rapidly becoming a serious negative, It doesnt feel good anymore after playing Global Agenda, Hellgate, Rusty Hearts, Fallen Earth, and now DCUO.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:54PM Mystal said

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The biggest thing I look at is whether a developer is talking a lot about the specifics of new game systems or innovations. If you have really cool ideas that you're excited about, and you've developed them to the point of working out some of the kinks, then you should be able to talk about your ideas with a great deal of specificity.

When I see a developer going through bullet points that emphasize large numbers of things instead of getting very specific about the core elements of a game, a red flag goes up.

I don't care if your game has more levels or more skills or "more" of anything really, I care if it's going to bring me an experience that I can't find already.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 1:57PM Mystal said

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One other thing that immediately turns me off is when a developer is talking as much about the ways they're going to monetize their game as they are about the game itself. Give me the big picture: Is it F2P, subscription based, etc, and then talk about the game itself.

Your financial success is YOUR problem, it's not a feature that's going to get me excited about the game. Show me a great game and the rest will take care of itself.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 2:20PM Terical said

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The Recommended requirements can be pushy. Not talking about Minimum System Requirement; although to be fair, players with entry PCs can be punished for something as having less than say a Pentium 4 or the AMD equivalent.

Next for me is no real optional way of leveling and by that I mean an option to play solo or group (people like to mix it up). Rather the game caters to one end of the spectrum and do it on an extreme. Until players let themselves be known they want both options opened to them.

Quests or in most cases, games with the lack of. They do not have to reward experience points (though optional *bats eye*. Does not have to be so that it levels up the player each time the player(s) completes them, just enough to get by the tougher level requirements. The higher they go the reward can be between 10% or 50% from the quest. Fill in some gaps kind of way. Or give a pretty decent gear item until I can afford to buy or make my own.

Crafting, *rolls eyes* being able to only learn one per character or is tied to job specific. Which means if I wanted different crafts to support myself or put to use the items I have collected, I will have to create more the one character and get the crafts to be made. Log out and log back in and remember which character has what craft mastered. Other games players just go back to character select (sure beats logging out and back in again just to select the next character). Then there is mailing the crafted items to my main character.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 2:37PM Yoh said

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Conventional wisdom.
ie, levels, classes, mindless quests, gear driven games. Soooo, 95% of MMO's basically.
I don't like being given the exact same gameplay experience and told it's something different, I'm not blind.

Oh, and as a point of interest for thou's complaining about 'Permadeath', you should try out 'Realm of the Mad God'.

You would be surprised at how fun a game is when it builds around the idea of permadeath.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 3:21PM Jorev said

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Linear theme park design.
Lack of a significant death penalty.
Lack of an in depth crafting system.
A small game world.
General lack of realism such as unlimited carry ability, fast travel for convenience sake, worldwide chat channels in a fantasy setting, etc.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 3:23PM godot9 said

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FFA PvP. If I want to be bullied, I go to school/work and take it there.


Posted: Nov 8th 2011 3:28PM Joburack said

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F2P in general
Dead community in forums
Depressing graphics
Asian MMORPGs in general
Bad website

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 3:29PM (Unverified) said

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Overly difficult professions that require collaboration with twenty different people with other professions is a big turn off...

But the other thing that has turned me off before is the fluidity of character motions. I was incredibly excited about LOTRO... but then I got to play it after buying the original collector's edition... and the characters felt so blocky, I started to feel constricted and claustrophobic.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 3:53PM (Unverified) said

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In order of annoyance:

Free-to-Play business model.
PvP focus.
Lack of challenging gameplay/dumbed down gameplay.

I might forgive the last one, but it's why I left WoW and still look back fondly on FFXI. The first two are total deal-breakers for me. Full stop.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 4:08PM Thurro said

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Lack of interesting races to chose from. I know it shouldn't matter game-play wise, but it matters to me somehow. If all you've got is varying sizes of humans then I'm out before I'm in.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 4:28PM (Unverified) said

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Honestly one of my biggest points are the choices I have for races. Rift for example sucked for me since my choices were human, human, human, elf, slightly different colored version of the first elf, and hobbit dwarf.

Posted: Nov 8th 2011 4:30PM cholo71796 said

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Advertising that provides few/vague actual details about gameplay. "Dynamic," "highly customizable," and "intuitive" are favorite words.

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