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Posted: Nov 7th 2011 1:27PM ElfLove said

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"Third, people rarely have appreciation for things that are just handed to them. If you work for what you have, you value it more. If you value it, it is that much harder to just walk away. If someone hasn't had to put any time or effort into things, you have basically removed one of the ties that binds her to the world. I know many a Deava who has felt that pang of boredom at points in the game but continued to play through it or came back because she didn't want to abandon her investment. When the bout of boredom or frustration passes, she is excited to play again and have fun. However, if there was no tie to keep her there or pull her back, once she leaves, you will have lost her to other interests. Honestly, catering to the instant gratification crowd never produces positive results."

Interesting...and in real life that is very much true.

However int he context of a subscription video game it can men another thing entirely..... especially in a game like AION.

Giving things away to players breaks the grind, in other words it breaks the addiction hold that the players must spend hours upon hours of work to obtain that piece of gear or that item. Simply giving it to them is reducing the amount of hours spent grinding and amount of money spend on subscriptions.

Also this does make the 'haves' very angry due to the nature of the game. This is a game where you really actually do 'earn' your gear....it's a 2nd job in every sense of the word. I know...I've been there...

Break the binds and you break the need to keep logging in...keep grinding away...I'll get that drop next time...I just know it....I just need more kinah.......

AION was not meant for instant gratification, and catering to that will just be deceptive to the true nature of the game.

Posted: Nov 7th 2011 1:34PM (Unverified) said

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Wondering.... AION has been out for a bit over 2 years, already had multiple content updates, including the 2.0 massive patch and the upcoming 3.0 patch. The game has many many bloggers talking about it, including posts and daily columns on this very site! So what the problem??? I'll tell you...

All of the above and still, STILL, STILL NO REAL TRIAL!!! Its just mind boggling! Its not even that its NCSOFT, because they got their act together and have offered real trials for all games except two! Why o why, will Guild Wars and Aion continue to NOT HAVE REAL TRIALS???

Idk about you all, but 5 HOURS in a game - for me, is...
a)watching the introductions and reading the lore and quest dialogue caefully
b) learning the UI and the movement/combat system
c) doing the first set of quests and exploring the first area
d)talking to some npcs and a few players that I come across

THATS IT! It might be done in one day or in two days, but that in NO WAY lets me know if i should spend $40 for a 2year old game and 15/mo after the fact.

If they had a 7day trial or a 14day trial , like NORMAL MMOs do , then I can pretyy much GUARANTEE they will gain THOUSANDS OF NEW PLAYERS, all waiting for the same thing I am. Also, on top of the no trial - its a huge download!!! 5+ hrs of downloading a game where you will be playing less than the time waited for teh download??? LOL

C'mon NCSOFT! We want to like AION! We want to try it for REAL though! LOL

Any1 else in the same boat?

Posted: Nov 7th 2011 1:53PM Zyrusticae said

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There IS a real trial. 10 days or until you hit level 20, whichever comes first. It hasn't been a 5-hour thing for awhile now. When was the last time you checked?

Posted: Nov 7th 2011 2:07PM Sukiyaki said

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@(Unverified) Uh yeah... someone missed the train lol...Aion has upped its trial system. See above.

It has lately regained and currently is growing a lot of positive feedback and the trial just helps.

Posted: Nov 7th 2011 1:35PM BubleFett said

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I'm totally for these gifts. The more the better.
Too bad I don't have enough space in my warehouse for them.

Posted: Nov 7th 2011 5:49PM mmogaddict said

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Aion is just another example of where MMORPG developers and publishers go wrong.

You only get one shot at majority of your customers, if you blow it because your game either wasn't ready or you didn't listern to the feedback of the testers/community then you are NOT going to recover.

Aion is clearly desperate these days to maintain the subs they have and also get new subs. (I'm talking about in the west).

But no matter how they NOW try to overcompensate for the mess they made in those first few months the damage was done.

The only chance sub games have to recover from bad launches is to go Freeium or F2P.

Of course doing that anytime around SWTOR launch would be like pissing into a bushfire/wildfire.

Posted: Nov 7th 2011 7:25PM Naru now in 3D said

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I'm so glad you mentioned inventory space. It's the huge problem that all those lovely, shiny survey gifts just exacerbated!

Well, despite all these issues, I still really enjoyed the survey gifts. Conundrum'd.

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