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Posted: Nov 2nd 2011 6:48PM Coolit said

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I've never played Runescape, is it worth playing? PVP?

Posted: Nov 2nd 2011 11:40PM n3wu53r said

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@Coolit It depends what you want from the game. Here is the best run down I can give.
This is a browser game and has fairly good graphics for a browser game. It is a full fledged MMO.
If you want to play fullscreen, you need to sub.

Business model: It calls it self free to play but there is no Cash shop. Free accounts get around 20% of game content and very rarely receive content updates besides the Usual holiday events. However There is plenty to keep you involved in free to play, you barely notice the limits at levels 50 and below and there is a lot of PVP options. More on that later.
Free to play is supported via ads (its in a browser ads are at the top and don't interrupt your gameplay). Subscribers get the full game and all and a Sub is like $6/month per account. Important to note though that one account in game is one character. They never charge you for content beyond your Sub. There is a program called "members loyalty program" which gives you loyalty points for subbing and more points for buying longer plans to spend on cosmetics (which don't affect economy since they can't be traded).

Content: The actual content in runescape is also different then most games. Instead of patches every few months you get decently sized content updates every week or two. Runescape has had so called "expansions" in the form of new skills (skills in runescape are stats/professions). The last one was in april 2010 and a good chunk fo it was made available to free to play users. Runescape also has no classes. You can do everything if you get the levels in the right skills. You can use every bow, spell and sword in the game if your maxed. But let me be clear, it takes usually over a year to hit the cap. Runescape is not about endgame (although there is plenty). Its all about the journey. There are also no go kill x quests in runescapes. All quests (they have a few hundred I think) are story driven. Some of the toughest ones can take days.

Runescape is also very grindy, but I think thats because people want to hit the cap. its not like that, your not supposed to get high levelled in a month. It supposed to take a while, you supposed to go through story. Even a low levelled player can partake in all the pvp options and still win. You don't need the cap for fun content that people usually think is endgame only.

PVP & Community: Here is what you probably really care about. There are tons and tons of pvp options in runescape here are ones that both free and sub accounts can use:
Duel Arena:
here you can right click on other players and challenge them to duels. 2 kind of duels. Friendly which you just fight for fun and stake which you both stake. In staked duels you each offer up something to stake (generally gold). For example I can challenge my friend to a staked duel and say we both stake 10k gold. The winner keeps his stake and the loser has to give up his to the winner. Both kinds of duels lets the contestants choose rules to agree on such as no food (food is how you heal), no prayer (prayers are like buffing spells), no sheilds (if you agree to this, no 2 handed weapons, don't be fooled!) , no headgear ect. Since these duels are challenges, no way you can be ganked.

Clan wars: Your clan can challenge other clans to battle in clan wars which basically lets you fight on a map of your choice and chosen rules (similar to dual arena). No rewards unless the war is dangerous (meaning if you die all your items can be looted by your killer). No scores recorded for this.
Clan Wars free for all: In the clan wars arena there are too free for all portals. One is free for all safe, were you die and re spawn with all your items and one is free for all dangerous in which your items can be looted by your killer. Free for all arenas are public and "every man for himself".
Rated Clan wars: Your clan challenges other clans to partake in rated clan wars. The map is always the same and these wars are for your clan's rank and kill-death-ratio.

In all forms of clan wars, an opponent of any level can attack you, so a maxed player on the enemy clan (or just any maxed player in free for all), can attack a low level player.

Wilderness: Best PVP in game. In the wilderness when you first cross the wall over you enter "level 1 wilderness". In level 1 you can engage with players 1lvl higher and lower, in level 2, 2 levels higher and lower, you get the idea the farther you go in the higher the level of wild. This lets all people participate no matter your level. After level 20 wild or so teleport spells are disabled. When you die in normal runescape it works like this, if you are not "skulled" your 3 most valuable items (4 if you die with protect item prayer on) are kept on death to your spawn and you leave a grave, which lasts for a certain amount of time unless other players stop to repair it. If you get to your grave in time, you can recollect your items. If you are "skulled" no items are kept (except for one if you enable protect item prayer). If you are killed in the wild, there is no grave, your killer gets all your items you would have not kept. Oh and you get "skulled" when you attack someone in the wild (not in self defence though, only if you initiate combat).

Posted: Nov 3rd 2011 12:38AM ButteryPie said

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@n3wu53r As a former RS player, you summed up the game pretty damn well. Props to that.

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