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Posted: Oct 12th 2011 5:05PM Nef said

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I kinda want to get this for the mount, it would match that spider hat thingy I have.

(As far as the micro-transaction talk goes, this is the new norm for 10's MMOs -- it's just a sign of the times. I only wish more financial documents would be made available from companies that do work both payment options -- sub and micro -- to see if the cash generated from the micro went into projects benefiting sub'd players that didn't purchase the micros. I think a lot of arguments might be defused if information like that was available.)

Posted: Oct 12th 2011 5:39PM ChaosInc said

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@Froth-mouthed Raging Fanboy

In Rift:
1. If you're not using the most powerful cookie cutter spec, you're considered a "noob".
2. Yes, you can change your specs on the fly, but that also cuts into feeling "needed". "Oh, we have a healer already, got a DPS spec? You don't? /kick" Don't tell me it doesn't happen; my Cleric got booted for a Chloro more times than I can count.
3. Multiple server warfronts are a bane. You constantly play with random people who have no accountability for thier actions. At least in a global setting, your terrible reputation and complete failings are known more easily.
4. Asides for artifacts, which produce nothing of real use besides cosmetic pets/items, why would someone go back to a zone they've cleared in Rift?
5. The trinity exists in Rift as well. Anyone who thinks that the "support" class isn't just another DPS/Healer is delusional. Whether backing up the "main", they're still playing a role as healer/tank/dps, thus still part of the "failed" trinity.
6. If they nerf or buff a class in Rift it's usually the one of the most viable combinations for the class. A lot of times they flat destroy a role, at which point people reroll. If you believe Rift doesn't have FOTM classes, you are a fool.
7. Right, cause there were no multiplier bugs in Rift, right? Hrm, I seem to remember people equipping double items in offhands and getting ridiculous damage out of it.
8. Just like Rift, give it time. Contrary to popular belief, the UI doesn't make the game. It's a tool. If the appearance of said tool is enough to make someone quit, then they weren't there for the right reasons in the first place: gameplay. If you want pretty pictures to stare at while playing, hang one above your monitor.
9. Are you seriously trying to bitch about another game's number of raids at release when it's equivelent to your precious Rift? Really? REALLY? I can't stop laughing, seriously!
10. The only game where I've seen day/night mean a like is in Aion where certain quests/objective would spawn at certain times. Man, you're going to hate WoD's MMO when it comes out.
11. You make a big deal out of swimming? I mean seriously, Guild Wars must be a complete failure with no jumping and all. Or FFXI. Can you nitpick a little more?
12. Actually, the art is looking pretty nice. I think you're looking at a WoW screenie.
13. You didn't play Rift during Beta/initial release did you? I think someone is still hurt that they made it so melee can't just jump through casters to insta-pwn.
14. Name me a single MMO that isn't an "get x of y", "gather x of y" and "take x to y" in their quests. Rift is perhaps the worst I've seen in this department. Go to hub, grab quests, go kill/gather/escort/deliver, come back, go to next hub, grab quests, go kill/gather/escort/deliver.... yeah, I think that's REALLY original there. Every quest hub feels like you're doing the same quest for the 245th time, not to mention the age old "those wolves killed my daugher, go kill 10 of them. After that, their leader killed my wife, go collect it's fang! repeated over and over. They just change the mob and names. Welcome to MMOs.
15. Take a walk through Rifts zones once. What do you see 85% of the time? Wide open space and a lot of sky. The only decent zone is Gloamwood where the enviornment feels engaging (minus the copy/paste caves). Every other zone you can stand on the road and see to the borders in every direction.
16. Rift fans have made a cardinal mistake in hyping this game *post launch*. You have convinced people that is not WoW 2.0; Sadly this was true back in beta. Since release, it's been dumbed down to a pathetic level just like post-BC WoW just to try and increase the playerbase.
17. On the flip side, you can't move more than 20 ft in Rift while not aggroing something due to the ridiculous amount of mobs packed in the world. Most of them aren't even interactive; they literally just walk around staring blankly ahead. Hell, rabbits at release didn't even have movement animation; It looked like someone was hopping around a stuffed bunny.
18. Um, last I checked Rift has 11. E-L-E-V-E-N. Last I checked, 11 < 17. I just asked my 4 yr. old which is bigger and he can even answer it. As far as areas you can't travel to, I'm looking at a zone map of Rift and see plenty of gray areas that aren't filled yet. This entire bullet is self-defeated as Rift can't even back it up.
19. Remind me again what customization "companions" have in Rift? Oh wait, there are no companions, just combat/non-combat pets. And even they can't be customized. Another self-defeated point.
20. Some companies charge, some don't. If you honestly believe that Trion doesn't charge out of the "goodness of their hearts", you're sadly mistaken. The only reason they didn't follow the norm is, once again, to get more players and shut the ones up who have been asking for server merges. Rather than drive off more people from their WoW changes, they nuked the charge to show how they're "better". Don't get me wrong, I'm not for the ridiculous prices of account services, but it is still a business after all. BTW, how is the auctioneer doing these days? Still doing okay with people buying cheap stuff off one server, xfering and selling it a high-price server?

To clarify: I'm in support of SWTOR; I haven't played it nor watched any "leaked" vids and such. But I have played Rift and extensively at that, pre and post Beta. Like WoW, it's not the same game anymore and the sad part is that it happened too fast and too soon. The points you are trying to use and reason with are weak at best. One day you should really sit down and PLAY the game instead of blowing through everything to reach 50 faster. You'll be shocked at how much of the game is lather/rinse/repeat with very little actual depth.

Posted: Oct 12th 2011 6:31PM (Unverified) said

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@ChaosInc Only rabid delusional hardcore Rift fanbois would disagree with you.

Posted: Oct 12th 2011 6:40PM Ryukan said

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This is a micro transaction, or at least a new form of quasi-micro transaction that is being marketed as a "new edition" of the game. More than likely a ton of people who buy it will aleady own the game and are just buying it for the goodies, which essentially makes it a $10 micro transaction wearing a disguise. They did put some very alluring goodies in the offer though.

If I played the game still I would probably be dropping the money on this. But I played Rift some in the beta and then played the release for a monty before I was bored with it. I liked the soul system but everything else about it felt stale and repetitive. The content played out very quickly even with all the stuff like quests, invasions, Rifts, treasures and artifacts I hit lvl cap in less than three weeks of non-hardcore play. A lot of the quests were the same ole same ole, combat felt very stiff, the maps and regions felt small, there wasn't much of a point to PvP which was fairly uninspiring and worst of all the Gamebryo engine had a tendency to run like crap. At least that ws my experience with the game, I rode out a three month sub from the headstart but I hardly played after the first month, it just felt boring.

I'm looking forward to SWTOR because it looks like fun to me. The WoW in space remarks have no effect on me because I don't play WoW, I can't stand the look of it enough to ever bother with it. SWTOR may or may not live up my image of it, remains to be seen. But I bet I will get more than one month of enterainment out of it.

Rift will go F2P soon enough just like all the others, if SWTOR doesn't push it over that edge than GW2, TSW and Tera will help it along.

Posted: Oct 13th 2011 10:31AM Lockisezmode said

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@ChaosInc I couldn't agree more.

@Ryukan I completely agree. From a genre stand point either SWTOR will dazzle us or it will go the way of Rift. Rift on the other hand has fallen off and will slowly die. Its all just a matter of time. It has its chance but despite having a solid release and some of the fastest content patches in MMO history the dull world and terrible pvp/pve killed the game.

Posted: Oct 13th 2011 1:43AM avaloner said

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And yet RIFT is still advertising itself in a way no other MMO has except maybe WOW. There still pumping out content, and seeing the new zone due in 1.6, there clearly investing a sizable chunk of money into it. I would think if RIFT was not making a profit as you imply that content delivery and advertising would decline sharply.

After comeing back to the game after a four month break, I was pleasently surprised just how active the servers are and how alive the game feels. I have been involved in the biggist world PVP battles iv ever had in a nonPVP focused game, 50+ people battling it out, and my server is only a medium pop server most of the time.

The way trolls like to make out that RIFT is dead/dieing I was expecting empty zones and cities but on the three servers I'v got characters on this has been far from the case.

Posted: Oct 14th 2011 12:33AM Valkesh said

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Aaaand here comes the testing the waters with thinly veiled microtransactions. Didn't see this shit coming /s

Glad I bailed out and didn't look back as soon as I saw them backing down on the parts of the game that made it interesting and pushing forward on the same raid/gear grind and play it safe formula as WoW. They started off with promise too, but then again, so did WoW...

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