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Posted: Oct 10th 2011 8:56PM NeverDeath said

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Time for the first legitimate comment that's not an ad spam:

When are they going to implement V-sync support so that there isn't tons of screen tearing on high end machines? Hell, mid-low end machines with the power of today's components.

Posted: Oct 10th 2011 11:03PM Slayblaze said

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Always really annoyed me too, and even forcing vsync in the video driver itself doesn't work. Adding support was one of the requests I made way back in the CB and if it's still not added then I doubt it ever will be.

Posted: Oct 11th 2011 12:03AM jeremys said

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@NeverDeath I'm not much of a techy, but I feel like I have a mid- to
upper-powered machine, using Nvidia.

Before the last expansion, I always ran Runes of Magic on 1920x1080
with all graphical settings on high and never had many problems. The
only significant thing, graphically, was something people said was
related to "mip" maps(?). It was what concerned the rendering of the
graphics as you moved(as the distant mountains came into view).

I can still run with all graphics on high, it's just that lag is
what's starting to hurt me. I still don't see any tearing and never

I don't see an overwhelming complaint, in this department, on the
official RoM forum. I'm guessing, like my PC, at least some others
never have a problem with this. Some threads -- even recent ones --
actually still suggest to others to force V-sync on, on their graphics
card -- as if they feel this actually improves something.

I've talked to other Massively writers, and they do feel V-sync is a
fairly significant feature, like you feel.

Will this ever change? I don't know. I suppose that would be entirely
in Runewaker's hands. I do know that they created a proprietary engine
that they used to build RoM. I also know they made at least two
changes to the engine, in the past, that improved overall graphics.

We'll have to wait and see -- and hope -- that they continue to
improve the engine to help insure the game runs well on a wider range
of PCs.

Posted: Oct 10th 2011 11:27PM NeverDeath said

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Yeah. It does nothing on the hardware because the client has no support for it. Even some games that have no Vsync feature built into the menu allow you to force-on via hardware settings and still have a basic SUPPORT for it, but this game has neither. I also doubt it ever will be, but it just pisses me off because it basically keeps my interest in ROM from ever being rekindled.

Posted: Oct 11th 2011 12:38AM HiroProtagonist7 said

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sooo - always looking for new games to try, but I'm really sick of trying to sort through websites for the combat style/control scheme.

Does this have tab targeting or is it aim based? I prefer aim based.

Does anyone have an idea how I can ask or phrase that question regularly without getting mugged?

Jeremy - What are the chances of each game having a little chart on some page that just outlines basic features?
Like this:
Combat Style/ Targeting? -
Housing? -
Open World/ Instancing? -
Guild Support?
In Game Voice?
Item Shop - None/Cosmetic/P2W?

That's not everything, but it's a start.

Posted: Oct 11th 2011 1:03AM jeremys said

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@HiroProtagonist7 There may be some changes in the future that may help toward answering your questions for any and all MMOs. All I can say, for now, is keep an eye out.

As for Runes of Magic:
Combat? It's tab-targeting and plays very similar to World of Warcraft. It's what I call "non-situational combat" You 'coul' sit and just click-fight like in some F2P imports, but there are rules, similar to WoW, that allows for a little more variety at times.

Housing? Yes. Everyone gets a house from level 1. There are different styled and sized houses you can buy from the cash shop. Decorating is done via furniture purchased from NPCs and from the cash shop. Some furniture has XP/TP bonuses, as well as crafting bonuses, attached to them. (Think 'rest' in WoW).

Every guild can also get a castle(that I think is quite large) that is connected to yet more areas of gameplay - the biggest being Guild Wars. Buildings can be built in the courtyard that provide buffs and bonuses for all guild members. Buildings can also be upgraded to different levels to increase bonuses and they provide different advantages during siege wars - as well as just a place for the guild to hang out.

All houses and castles can allow visitors, too.

Openworld/instances? Both. The world is seamless, again like WoW, with instanced dungeons and some other instances areas. Some additional instanced areas include the very popular Guild Wars that attach opposing guilds castles together into the same instance, mini-games and some instances are actually hybrid 'shared' instances.

Guild support? Yes, a lot. Many things for guilds to do.

In-game voice? Yes. Vivox built-in voice chat. Although programs like Vent and Teamspeak still seem to be preferable.

Item shop? Yes. This is a very tricky area to talk about. I've written some articles about it.

This is my general 'What's RoM about?' article: http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/08/15/lost-pages-of-taborea-answering-email/

I've also written other articles about how I feel that RoM's cash-shop works deceptively different that you average cash-shop. It's got some unique aspects to it that I just don't see in the majority of other F2P MMOs. In the end, I think the game can be played free. As for P2W, with the current negative connotation, that is a bad word in my book that I stay away from. :)

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