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Posted: Sep 22nd 2011 2:56AM Bolongo said

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I don't hate RIFT, I just got bored with it.

The thing is that I had burned out on WoW and was looking for something different. RIFT seemed to be that for a while, it had enough new bells and whistles that I put up with the quest grinding, but somehow shortly after I hit 50 a very strong feeling of deja vu came over me. "So now I grind faction and farm dungeons, huh?"

It just wasn't different enough for me, and it doesn't really matter what fancy addons they patch into it now, the core mechanics are what they are and they're not gonna change.

But I can't speak for everyone, obviously a lot of people are satisfied enough with the things RIFT is doing, and I'm happy for them.

Posted: Sep 22nd 2011 1:28PM real65rcncom said

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Bingo. at launch it was one type of game (massive amounts of players doing rifts) and at 50 it was another type of game entirely (massive amounts of players trying to get dungeon parties). this was the letdown because even though the dungeons are good, they just get old and you have no sense of connection to the world of Telara because the 'real action' is taking place in a dungeon with just 5, 9 or 19 other people. That's not massive.

What good is all this space-aged server tech Trion touts when there's nothing in the game that needs it? You can use a gerbil and a hamster to run dungeons because it's so many ppl in it.

this game was supposedly built for massive battles that decide the fate of telara but instead, it's decided by what position of the queue you are in and what job you rolled.

Posted: Sep 22nd 2011 8:54AM MMOaddict said

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I don't think the kill X of this and Y of that is the issue. It's that they tell you to do it AFTER you just ran through 10 of those mobs to get to the npc. Or they tell you to do it more than once in an area you really don't feel like going to. Warhammer was going to solve this but they botched it by making you still have to run back and forth to that npc.

I think SWTOR is handling this type of quest just right. You kill a worm in the woods and boom suddenly you get a notice saying hey, kill 10 more and you get a bonus and dont' worry about turning it in or running back to the same spot and so forth.

Personally I like killing stuff IF the combat is fun and IF I don't have to run back to some static npc half the zone away just to turn it in and have him send me somewhere else. QUEST systems need to be the dynamic content I'm thinking. Wonder if Rift can change that much. Trion is pretty good at doing things that surprise me. Wonder if they can shake up their own quest system.

Posted: Sep 22nd 2011 10:36AM MMOaddict said

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The voice over quests are completely different from the go kill x of y bonus quests you pick up while you are doing the "fed ex" quests as you call them. Being as I haven't experienced it yet, I'm reserving my opinion on the voice over quest lines. So lets not veer the subject off course here. We're talking about the ho hum dreary every day go kill x of y a million times type of quests that permeate EQ2, Rift, Lotro and others these days. It is these types of quests, or at least how they are presented, that is the issue here.

Posted: Sep 22nd 2011 2:25PM winterborn said

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Soo many people seem to think that others do not like Rift becuase they compare it to WoW.
I have never played WoW past lvl 7 on a trial a long time ago. It was just enough to know I could not stand to look at the low quality cartoon graphics.

I do not like Rift for obvious reasons so remember it has nothing to do with WoW.

Oh and SWTOR has the same old quest systems too at least last build it did.

Posted: Sep 26th 2011 8:50AM khaiell said

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Rift has a lot of problems but I like it for its strengths not weaknesses:

1. Rifts, invasions and all the dynamic stuff

It is extremely random on my server, not necessary because of the mechanics itself but because you never know what kind of players will be in the area. There are a lot of collisions with PVP which adds to the fun.

I like this rush and mayhem. For veteran players it is not necessary to protect the land but as every blow you strike gives you more chance for a better loot it is basically a gold rush to mine the invaders.

And you don't have to plan it. You just log in, jump into an open raid group and kill stuff.

2. "Holiday" events

In WoW I hate those quasi-holliday events, humorous only in the Beavis and Butthead kind of way.

But in Rift every two months there is a new major fluff-oriented event and something to do with it.

3. What I don't like in Rift is:

Extremely boring setting/fluff

Basically a bare-bottom princes asks you to kill the big bad dragon guy.

That's why most of the levelling (especially in the 1-40 range) is such a grind.

And that is why I don't like dungeons and raids in Rift. Just another pointless grind with bosses I don't care about.

Still I have a considerable fun logging casually and doing rifts, invasions and holiday stuff.

BTW there are some Easter-Egg quests and achievements like the infamous dancing squirrels. Some may find enjoyable hunting for those.

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