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Posted: Sep 13th 2011 10:28PM shirtntie said

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You said "I wondered aloud if the importance of guilds is itself a sign of the failure of the basic social model on which MMO's are based."
That's interesting, what do you mean exactly?

Do you mean that developers that focus a lot on their guild system do so because they see that the sense of community has dropped? Like WoW for example.

To me guilds are a great idea no matter if they are solely used for progression(like me), used solely for being social, or both. What I would like to impress on players and developers alike is that guilds are not the key to having a healthy social life in an MMO. And i feel that pushing players to be in guilds may even hurt the sense of community in a game as i see it as dividing players into small groups (high school all over again?).

Many years ago during the second expansion to WoW i made many online friends because i liked doing heroics. I had to go on trade chat and look for people. If someone was a good player and we got along i would invite them the next day, and after a while we became friends. I made most of my online friends during this period. The people in my guild...well i don't even remember their names.
(side note: Also i made more lasting friendships assisting people who asked for help in chat channel while questing than on guild chat)

It is all about making it easy to meet people and play with them.


Posted: Sep 13th 2011 8:56PM Skyydragonn said

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To me Guild should be like a second family. people you trade stories with, joke around with, enjoy the game together. Players that will stop what thier doing to help you out, in turn you do the same for them. A group of people with a universal overall goal but with enough individuality to keep the guild interesting and involving. I spent 5+ yrs in a single guild in WoW simply becuase the people were awesome. As a guild we didn't achive much beyond ranking 50th on the server killboards for awhile during burning crusade. But no matter what we did we did it together and had a blast doing it. Even the drama, oh gods the drama. Even that helped make our guild stronger. Sadly like all good things my time in WoW came to an end meanwhile the guild still goes on.
Server: medivh
Guild : The Tribe (formerly Mixed United Tribe) World First Pug Kill of Ragnaros during vanilla WoW (year 2)

Posted: Oct 2nd 2011 3:20AM Lumin said

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Guilds, guilds..

Very important. Every single game I have quit or left was due to lack of a good guild, or guild drama. When first playing a game I enjoy the game for what it is. But it is ultimately the players who make me want to stay, or drive me away.

I consider myself a hardcore MMO gamer in terms of skill and gameplay capability, but I lack the ruthlessness of actual "hardcores" that enable them to stay on top and to keep their place in an equally hardcore guild.

I'm apparently very likeable to casual players, and am often asked to be officer in casual guilds (ostensibly because of my personality and gameplay knowledge) - but I don't play games just to socialize and I do have ambitions for character progression, and a casual guild is not the right long-term fit for me.

I end up stuck in this bloody nether region where I typically have the skill and dedication to be on par with high end guilds (as shown by evaluation tools such as damage meters) but lack the "other required attributes" to firmly lodge myself in any of those guilds, and I have a bunch of casuals chasing me around.

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