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Posted: Sep 1st 2011 2:07AM Amusednow said

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I should have stopped reading after you said you were only online 12 years ago as I have files and media older than that. I still have games older than that as a matter of fact that if i really wanted to could load up inside a dos emulator to play. No connection for sometime I could still access my data/programs etc not oh crap no network now wtf do I do?

See the problem with the "cloud" is its just a repackaging of everything old to take personal responsibility and control away from you. Why the hell would you put your files/data in the hands of someone else? Think wikileaks was bad now just imagine some person/group hits some major cloud service providers and mirrors all that data. There goes your projects, personal information business data etc..
Chromebooks really? want to talk abject failure for a thin client/terminal? same price as a standard low/mid range laptop for a cloud based OS and programs yeah brilliant. Sure might be ok if you just type up docs but seriously been done before.
OnLive? yeah because lag from poor latency is what every gamer enjoys.

You pay X amount for bandwidth? so what why should you pay to access your own files that you should manage yourself? Just pay for more, yeah because bandwidth is finite resource as long as you drink the koolaid that it costs so much and is finite.

Physical media has its place. go hit a steam directory up, wipe it then get back to me after you reinstall everything again over 100g's.

And the fallacy that programs will go down in price due to digital distribution is another of the bs talking points that'll never happen. Lets see a Rage steam preorder costs me 59.99 and the time to preload it, or I could wait until release day pay around the same and have a disc to reinstall from as needed. HMMMMMM wait I thought digital distro was supposed to be cheaper?
Trained sheep to pay more for less keep it up AOL netgeneration.

Posted: Sep 5th 2011 11:31AM GW2waiting said

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Amen brother!

Posted: Sep 1st 2011 7:19AM Bhima said

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I'd agree with you that we are heading towards a sort of Chromebook/OnLive way of computing but this really won't be mainstream for at least 10 to 20 years simply because the ISPs in the US are already beginning to hinder that transition. In an age where people in other first world countries are getting 24+mbps downloads for roughly $20 a month, we barely get 6mbps for $40 a month... the same price I used to pay for cable internet over 10 years ago that was actually faster than 6mbps today!

Sorry to go on about this but, the cloud computer idea is great for Word and Xcel junkies but for the rest of us, we are being dragged down by the AT&Ts and Comcasts of the world.

PS: Look into Asus or Clevo for your next laptop, you'll at least get a bit more gaming juice for your dollar.

Posted: Sep 1st 2011 8:20AM EyezRed said

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ASUS J73JW Is an incredibly strong gaming laptop. It should last you a couple years at least im thinking. Ill be getting one soon as an Upgrade from my current 15.6" laptop. I want it mostly for Elder Scrolls V, and Firefall, Ect.

Posted: Sep 1st 2011 12:08PM Space Cobra said

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I realize I like the old ways. At best, I want a physical back-up, even if I have online storage or what-not. At worse, just give me the disks.

I still miss the days when they mailed Beta disks; it's been so long I've looked forward to going to my mailbox in anticipation. All I get is junk mail and bills.

Really, Hokie pointed out a link and I think it will still hold true for quite awhile. People want some "value" for their money. If it's cheaper via digital, I am sure they will use it. But you got to remember, Music CDs were supposed to go down in price as time went on, but they only had one dip, and went back up. What I am seeing now are company's that apply roughly the same pricing, whether it is physical or digital. Basically, they want to pocket the extra money. At least, a hunk of round plastic and a box (and hopefully some other goodies) tricks the brain into thinking its a better deal.

All I have to add is this: Vinyl Records are making a come back. When CDs were introduced, lots of technophiles and audio folks complained of the sound. They were even pricier than Vinyl at launch. Now we have come back a bit and people are digging the old sound.

And heck, I still prefer old Laser Disks over DvDs because of the beautiful analog signal; something gets lost as you digitize some movies and I can tell (and I know, I hear some of you rolling your eyes at that, but it's true!). Actually, I got a friend with a brand new LCD TV and old movies on DVD are too clear; too much like video-quality. The film quality is gone. (I am a video junkie, too).

Posted: Sep 1st 2011 1:55PM StClair said

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I'm very much of two minds on this. On the one hand, I love the convenience of Steam, and I have all of my music on my home computer on one giant playlist (and many smaller ones). I enjoy being able to simply send friends YouTube links for a song or video rather than uploading the file itself.

On the other hand... I download favorite YouTube videos to my HD, for easy/immediate access. I haven't discarded the CDs I ripped all of that music from and have no intent of doing so any time soon; for one thing, I can't take my (desktop) computer with me and don't have an iPod (yet), so CDs are still my portable music. And speaking as a collector as well as a gamer, I treasure my bookshelf full of classic game boxes and strat guides.

Physical artifacts have a value (if only sentimental) besides that of any data on the included media. And there's something to be said for backups. Most of the time I'll go for the most convenient option (which, as noted above, sometimes includes making local copies of things out there "in the cloud") and migrate formats as necessary, but I'm not about to toss the originals I've accumulated, with their pretty box or CD/DVD case art and sometimes an actual manual.

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