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Posted: Aug 19th 2011 11:59AM real65rcncom said

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I game a lot but I hate min/maxing. It' boring and usually I don't care about an extra 6.5% of DPS or whatever.

I have better things to do in between the time I'm offline and actually gaming and crunching numbers isn't a part of that.

Even playing DCUO there are some 78ish points you can get for your toon if you do:

All the flying
All the PvP
All the exploration

I have about 52 points but still have all the gear from the raids so that's enough for me.

Posted: Aug 19th 2011 12:17PM Ardra Diva said

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Only when I encounter some boss that I can't beat with simple button-mashing. That's when the game actually becomes a challenge.

Like in Lotro when you have 3k hit points and your opponent has 10k. You better know how to use every little ounce of skill and the right sequence of attacks and whatever foods, buffs, traps, any little edge you can gain...

Only when I hit something hard to beat do I really concentrate and try to "optimize" everything about my character and everything I'm doing.

Posted: Aug 19th 2011 1:34PM Zyrusticae said

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I PvP alot, so obviously I do a LOT of optimizing.

Do I like it? HELL NAW. It's something I put up with so I can crush the competition mercilessly.

In all honesty, I'm not even sure that I should be playing MMOs. I greatly prefer competitive PvP games that don't have ridiculous stat factors that reduce the impact of skill on the competition. Obviously, there are very few MMOs (or maybe none, seeing as how Guild Wars is not really an MMO) that actually do it right. So instead I get to put up with BS like RNG and no-lifers spending thousands of hours getting the most ridiculously overpowered gear beating me in a contest that is more about who can invest more of their life energy into a video game than anything remotely related to player skill.

Okay, granted, coming up with strong builds is good strategy and takes some good old know-how, but it really does ruin the execution part of the game - when the matches are decided *before* they even begin, that's FAR less interesting than any game that gives people an even playing field. It's not a good trade-off.

So, no, I don't really like optimizing. It's more like I put up with it because it's a necessity. That's all there is to it.

Posted: Aug 19th 2011 3:26PM pixledriven said

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For some reason you guys treat "optimizing" like some kind of bad word.

At some level, putting on armor with +defense stats when you're a tank is optimizing.

For all the hipsters who think they're special cause they "break the mold," the opposite of optimizing would be putting on all gear with +magic damage, when you only deal physical damage.

Optimizing your build sometimes is fun, sometimes it's tedious, it really depends on the game you're playing. However, you can pull 2 very positive results from it.
1) If you're an average/medium/mediocre player, for whatever reason, having an optimized build will increase your performance and allow you to do content you couldn't do with a poor build.
2) If you're a high-end player, your build is what gives you "the big numbers," and some staggering performance when playing through content like raids; or if you PvP some truly awesome killing sprees become possible.

At the end of the day, though. These are GAMES. We play them to have FUN. So, y'know, do what you want. =)

Posted: Aug 19th 2011 4:57PM Irem said

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I do and I don't. I like having the option, so that it always feels like I'm improving my character. I don't like feeling forced to do it. Trying to educate myself on stats and character gearing in WoW was a headache, for example. I can't count the number of times a guide would list a best-in-slot item with -maybe- one or two alternatives, with a comment along the lines of "You shouldn't be using anything else." I'd try to learn -why- certain items were good, only to find out that they were popular due to extensive math that came out to a counterintuitive conclusion; it felt like I was constantly reading this:

"I don't understand why I shouldn't drink water if I'm thirsty. Isn't water, you know, kind of essential to life?"

"lolno. If you've been drinking water, I dunno what to say, there's probably no help for you."

"It depends on the rest of your gear setup as to whether or not water is worth it. Plug it into the spreadsheet and find out."

"Drinking water in 2011? I seriously hope you guys don't do this."

So on and so forth. The problem with it was that squeezing out a little bit of extra DPS could make enough of a difference that min-maxing was pretty much unavoidable if I wanted to be involved in endgame, rather than just being there to provide additional depth for people who want it.

Posted: Aug 19th 2011 5:15PM Djinn said

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I'm probably in the middle. I enjoy assigning earnable stats, equipping, and costuming where available. But I won't grind for the best stuff and take long breaks between upgrading my characters - I'm not constantly optimizing.

Posted: Aug 19th 2011 6:00PM Ryukan said

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I like to optimize my character(s) as best I can without getting burnt out or going crazy from micro managing every stat and number.

Posted: Aug 24th 2011 11:15PM Lumin said

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Yes, yes I do.

I care about my character being efficient and not having points stacked in the wrong stat, for example. Things that separate a player knowledgeable in their class from someone who isn't. I pay attention to things like what enchantment I should apply to my weapon, what spec to play, what gems to socket, etc.

Keyword: What.

On the other hand, I don't care about squeezing out the final 1% to have the most ideal setup EVER, or what not. If the difference between a +14 and +15 weapon is 4 extra points of damage, but the success rate of refining a weapon from 14 to 15 is incredibly low or costly (etc).. then to hell with that. If I have a working character that is optimized on the basis of the character's abilities, then such minute differences aren't worth the trouble and (unenjoyable) time spent trying to obtain it.

I'm not a perfectionist, or completist. At least not in this area.

I strive for perfection in the -way- I play my class, and I'm a firm believer that unless the game is ridiculously broken or gear-based, you can have slightly inferior gear and still defeat/out-DPS another character if you play your character better than they do. (DPS rotation, environmental awareness, "skill.")

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