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Posted: Aug 1st 2011 2:47PM (Unverified) said

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There is no endgame, raids have one boss, and there only a whoopin four or five of them. PVP is forced (it is, the game is a PVP game) the game is structured around it. Aion is a learning experience, it always had potential, but could never deliver due to it's structure limits.

Posted: Aug 1st 2011 3:11PM IncognitoHat said

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Players rush to the end game in most MMOs because it's a kind of game they want to play.

Most people don't want to stop and smell the roses, mainly because the roses smell of lackluster story-telling, mind-numbing tasks, and daily quests. It always confused me to as to why people want to 'take their time', because that content simply isn't fun to me. It's repetitive. It's boring. Kill ten Asian squirrels.

Mind you, end game in these kinds of games also tend to be a grind, but it's a grind where the bosses have multiple mechanics, you're sieging fortresses, and you fight things the size of sky-scrapers.

Posted: Aug 1st 2011 3:41PM NeverDeath said

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I tend to agree. I feel that if an MMO could bring the feeling of importance and scale to a PvP-based MMO, it could succeed well in overshadowing what you describe accurately as mostly grindy crap-content which seems to exist merely for the sake of a developer claiming that they have content.

I don't really see the point in including something that isn't fun, so I guess I wouldn't make a good MMO developer even with what development experience I have had, because it seems like they get so hung up on trying to meet a certain quantifiable number that they can tout to the media to feed the hype train (which always ends up derailed before the tracks reach their end, you notice?), that they forget about the quality.

It's perfectly possible to make an early and mid-game that are engaging, it's just that they really want to create this scope of "You're a peasant right now, you have to fight for breadcrumbs and kill bandit gnomes for about 50 levels before you can fight dragons", you know, to create a sense of "progression". I say, let people start out fighting giants and hydras and so on, and then drop dragons on them, and then titans, and whatever else the game's lore has in store for them, but if they'd stop wasting people's time with uninteresting and mundane shit like we all EXPECT by now, maybe they'd - oh, I don't know - EXCEED our expectations!

Posted: Aug 1st 2011 8:33PM Graill440 said

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Nice article. Aion will never be "Are we there yet". A great world, great visuals, awesome character creation and skins for toons, clothing and weps, the big grabbers for this title and one reason i tried it for a long while. that and i did like more than a few of the musical scores.

A metagame component (more on this later), the grind, the lack of flying in a flying game (note, before some fixes) the fail crafting made to extend subscription time, that and rare if ever drop crafting items, and a savage, badly made luck mechanic, that has even brought some Massively editors to their knees if i read their pieces correctly, poorly thought out, this cost Aion tens of thousands of subs by itself.

PvP, poorly though out rifting, a poorly thought out and extremely small "main area, the abyss. Everyone knows the rules in the abyss, no one complains because, well they know. The caveat is the rifting, that also cost Aion tens of thousands of folks. The Metagame which reaches into real life and affected folks gaming time was another killer, something devs were told about enamsse before it released in the west but again they failed to listen, this also cost them.

It is no exaggeration that a few bad intentioned folks because of poorly thought out game mechanics cost the game countless subs. Since then the population has remained stable though only 4 servers now exist, mine was among the casualties of poor developer planning and not heeding the subscriber wishes.

Aion is past its prime and on life support here in the states, though it may be doing well in asia i do not track it over there.

I tried the solo instances and while interesting at first they never changed, one run and done basically, grinding to get "the prize", i assume the low drop rate for the gold weps were to entice folks to grind it out a number of times, thankfully i nabbed both in three runs, even then i was pulling my left eyball out of its socket and pushing it back in.......purely for entertainment purposes mind you.

A major drawback was the dredges, always a sticking point with me, i had suggested to a few guildies what would make fort taking and dredge assaults better, all agreed, i sent a suggestion in, those devs with wisdom in Aion came back with a "post it on the boards", lol, ya right, like i will give them something for free, they passed on my offer. (Grin)

Before quitting my gift to the Yustiel server i was on before the merges was taking out a mean spirited player that was causing constant grief and had cost Aion several hundred subs by themselves, this by direct word of mouth from several. This person proclaimed themselves untouchable because they were playing within the games guidelines, i proved them very wrong.

Metagame, like in EVE is a nasty real life way to get things done in which game mechanics cannot stop you, in this case i helped the players that were sticking around, after several meetings i quit my guild and began my project.

This person was bad, plain an simple, a 15 year old or so (maybe older) from the pic they posted on the forums in that seemingly innocent thread (laugh). The old saying that there is nothing more cruel than the mind of a child is very true. Skipping past alot of work and details(those will never be disclosed), after 3 months the perp was no more, they lost over half a million abyss points, their toon, and their account, mine was banned for several months but is still there, no rank, no armor, no points but not gone.

Getting thanked by quite a few folks was more than the justification i needed, that and reading the drama on the Aion forums, the obvious lack of support for the griefing individual i got rid of was great. To this day no has replaced the infamy or just plain cruelty of that person and a friend of mine quotes that Vaz is pretty stable after the merges though few if any new folks filter in. Subsequent patches have also addressed things the devs should have heeded from the outset.

In the case of the journey verse the destination my end result was well worth it for the overall good. As for the "are we there yet", well thats irrelevant to me now. (smile)

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