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Posted: Jul 8th 2011 5:36PM (Unverified) said

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I wouldnt give WoW much either... ya you can toggle walk but thats about it lol. sitting in chairs is still weird sorry! Now everquest 2 or lotro...

Posted: Jul 9th 2011 9:44PM Eliot Lefebvre said

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I've ragged on WoW a lot in the past, for many reasons, but I'm going to give credit where credit is due. Even if it really, really HURTS to give that credit.

Posted: Jul 8th 2011 5:40PM Gaugamela said

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If there's one thing that the Warhammer IP fosters is a strong sense of identification of the players with the race they choose to play.
With Warhammer it is actually fun to adopt the posture and manerisms of some races because they are really fun.

The orcs, dwarfs and Skaven are 3 races with really fun speech patterns that are hilarious if well done.
For the Chaos players shouting for Tzeentch, or doing a macro to yell "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" everytime one engages in battle make the game come more to life.

The thing is: in Warhammer the army/race that you choose actually identify your mindset when playing that game. Much more so than in other games because it has a much larger background.

Pitty that the game is so short on quality features.

Posted: Jul 9th 2011 3:46PM Heraclea said

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One of my battle cries, one that crosses several worlds, is ---

"SKULLS FOR THE BLOOD G...... how does that go again?"

Posted: Jul 8th 2011 8:05PM JuliusSeizure said

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+Eleventy billion.

I haven't roleplayed in ages because I burned out on playing Devil's Advocate in conflicts over the finer points of roleplaying. No one has ever complained about my own roleplay (other than wishes that I was doing it more often) but the arguments I got in just trying to defend others right to make their own fun scarred me. Ever since then, whenever I upset someone on the internet I have to flee because I can't imagine it turning out okay.

It really doesn't help that roleplayers tend to be such drama queens incapable of seeing past their own agenda. I mean, I have my own agenda too, but it's to get people to see past their own agenda and see that other people are real people too.


Posted: Jul 9th 2011 9:45PM Eliot Lefebvre said

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And thus is prompted a future column about not burning out from roleplaying drama. Or at least not burning out so badly that you step away forever.

(Yes, the column will be longer than "don't get involved.")

Posted: Jul 8th 2011 8:44PM (Unverified) said

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I agree in some ways.

Pretty much ALL mmoRPG players ROLEPLAY on some level (except for the level-rushing/gear junky idiots that honestly, should be playing console games, NOT abusing mmos into being their own version of a console game - but thats an entirely different subject. Die Rushers Die! lol)

Using EMOTES at ANY time = RP (simple "bowing/waving" to elaborate "/thank" emotes with full responses)

Moving around camera for different angles and zooming in/out while playing = RP

In combat, when you DO NOT just stand in one spot and press 3 buttons over and over (or jumping off cliffs to attack, walking out from bushes/trees, dodging and jumping during fights, etc)

To me, MOST RP is not considered ROLEPLAYING at all by the players who are performing these actions, nor by the "hardcore" roleplayers.

I believe that RP has been soooo twisted and destroyed by these "hardcore" rpers, that people dont even want be be labeled as RPers because they dont agree with what these others do.

When you stand around in one spot, and SPEW hundreds of lines of dialogue to whomever passes(or just talking to and narrarting yourself "out loud"
When you come up with a backstory to EVERY thing you do in game and let EVERYONE know what that is, rather than just think it and keep it to yourself.

These are the majority of ways HARDCORE roleplayers act. If you dont have a lengthy backstory, or follow the lore to the "t" and so on and so on, they freak out and wont "RP" with you. lol

Most people fall in between the two. Not as simple as an emote or camera change once in a while, but not going to spend DAYS writing a 100 page backstory before they step foot into a game .

The majority of "RPers" I have a term for and its one I absolutely follow through on all the time.

ACTION-RP - you might have heard it before (yup, i created it lol)
Basically, anything you do in a game to make the game seem more "REAL" or look like a movie in ways. There are thousands of things you can do, BUT, anything counts, except for just sitting in one spot and Rping only through dialogue or RPing on chat channels and not with your character.

Soooo many people RP daily and dont even realize it.

The majority of mmo gamers ARE Rpers, they just dont know it. I never considered myself an "Rper" and never was super interested in RPGs . But, whatever mmorpg i played, I just automatically would play that game the way the devs INTENDED IT TO BE PLAYED. I say this because unlike older games where almost EVERYONE played and Rped, there are wayyyy too many people playing mmorpgs and ONLY care about rushing through content to get to max level and feel special. I dont play mmos for a little number next to my name or special gear. I pay to enjoy the amazing adventures one has from level 1 to level (input max level here)

We need to help others RP and take notice of their roleplaying so that mmos will become mmoRPGS again. Not just console games with a lot of players.

I agree with A LOT of what this blogger has said (except for the fact that Warhammer has AMAZING pve and incredible RP value and backround, as well as a /walk command)

Right now most games have either Normal. PVP, rp-pvp or rp-pve labels for their servers.

I believe there should be two more!

1 = Classic ( similar to what EQ has,where games will roll out expansions every 3-6 months(or every year) so players can experience all the different xpacs and patches as if they played when that game first started)

2 - The most important one... I'll call it "PEOPLE WHO SHOULD LEAVE THIS GAME" server. For all the players that DO NOT read quest text, level rush through everything . etc.... These players need to be put with eachother so they dont destroy our games. Noone wants to join a grp where the tank tries to get through a dungeon in 5 minutes and skip all the mobs except for the main bosses(or last boss)

I wish i played mmos years ago when everyone was friendly and played the game to PLAY, not just level.

We need to bring RP back to the forefront of all games - and its not just up to us players. the devs need to wake up and realize their subscriptions could DOUBLE within a month if they just embraced RP.

Anothr thing, is WOW - they need to do away with their RP labels. A server of 20,000 player characters, where only 200 or so actively rp should NOT be called an RP server. Its false advertising and causes new players to quit the game because they dont wanna deal with a server full of ignorant harrassing human trash

Wooop, lil bit o ranting,

Sorry all.

RP IT UP! and help those that want to express themselves in game and you can slowly take back your mmo, RP-Style!

GL! Salute!

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