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Posted: Jul 5th 2011 6:33AM PacketBurner said

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"The mana nerf I was in favor of is one of these issues that I think can bring back more fun by allowing for variety. Many players disliked it, so Runewaker took it out" - Kinda says it all.

Hard games deter customers, look at this F2P / cashshop madness and it soon lends itself to things such as "Elite Gear" for a $80 (monocle included) which is surely how it will end up.

I've never played ROM but i get the impression its a bit like the single player RPG market such as DaO (yes single player game) with my blood mage able to wipe the floor with anything even melee people whilst my team went and made camp...likewise the DLC i bought for Down of War Retribution was the best in the game by far. "God mode" seems here to stay.

I wonder how newer MMO's such as swotor and GW2 will handle this issue as it looks like the AI in story mode will equally be "dumbed" down to make this easier.

Posted: Jul 5th 2011 9:34PM (Unverified) said

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I've been leveling a toon on RoM since chp4 launched and I have to say I've got mixed feeling as to whether or not it's worth leveling past 40 given the high prices it takes to play competitively (and what it means to play competitively in RoM). I really don't like the idea that anyone can cash shop their way into god mode, and more than that I don't understand why anyone would want to support such a laggy and buggy game in doing so (I've been poking around the forums and it seems as if bug fixes and optimization are very low on the games priority list compared to adding more questing, of which there is plenty).

It has a kind of charm that's keeping me grinding, but the constant crashes and overall "tarnished" feel to the game makes me put it behind other f2p games.

Posted: Jul 6th 2011 10:40AM avidlurker said

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The push to god-mode in RoM is here to stay.

The reason for it being a combination of the players attitude and the particular cash shop RoM has.

I have 2 main points of contention here:

1) the cash shop items are pretty expensive, they are just about bearable using all sales opportunities.

The result of this is that most players will want to be able to buy cash shop items from other players that can afford them. To do so they feel they need to raise gold faster than the competition. Crawling a dungeon for sell-able drops for 3h when you can just burn through it in 30min becomes non-acceptable to them.

This means also that if you want to play with top-notch guilds, the same gear level is expected from you. This drives a spiral of gearing (that Runewaker/Frogster ofc will be happy with/have designed for).

2)The cash shop items cost the same no matter what level you are and want to play at.
Purified Fusion stones, Refining Stones and Advanced Bind Lifters being the most important ones, cost the same, no matter if you want to lift a HoS-item for a guild mate or a current end game one.
This depreciates normal running of level appropriate content even more than it does the end game content.

Who wants to crawl a lvl 55 dungeon for 3h when the drops aren't really even worth refining and clean statting? Consider the cost of doing so compared to just selling those items to an end gamer, then buying second hand gear ready made with stats 3 or 4 dungeons higher than what would be appropriate for you, and just god-moding your current dungeons for the quests and be done with it, or god-moding them possibly for ancient mementos, if it offers them.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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