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Posted: Jul 6th 2011 8:00PM Xaviez said

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@Rubi: Dunno if you're still reading comments on this article and/or if you've already had this concern adressed and washed away already, but here I go nonetheless;

On your concern about / hate for the onscreen messages saying "New event nearby", ANet initially didn't intend to have those texts pop up but during playtesting on people outside of ANet they found that many players would just walk right past a event going on even if NPCs where screaming for help and there where ingame visual clues to what was going on, simply because we as gamers are so "tainted" by other games to only go about doing whatever our questlog is telling us to do.

In the dev panel I've linked at the end of my post you'll hear them touch upon just this, and I think it was Flannum speaking about an example where a player ran past a farm being attacked by bandits, when they asked her why she didn't stop to help the farmer her reply was "I didn't have a quest to help him". For this simple reason they felt that they need to give players a more visual clue that a event is taking place.

I don't like it any more than you do, but after watching that dev panel I understand why it needs to be there. Maybe they'll throw in a option to turn it off. :)

You can watch the entire 1h 20m panel here;

Posted: Jul 8th 2011 8:34PM FaerliSayne said

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I am very much looking forward to making new friends and acquaintances through the GW2 dynamic event system.

I also anticipate many large guild activities that some people may have overlooked: The event system scales to the number of players actively participating. Can you imagine how epic a standard in game event could scale up to be when you jump into it with 40+ guildmates all coordinating via voice chat or other means?

I also have fond memories of my old WOW guild having dungeon races. Sometimes we would do a randomization to choose the groups, then jump into the dungeon, each racing to the end. After the boss, we'd take screne shots and that would be that. In GW2, I anticipate that the dungeon runs will be different enough that when we jump back into the communal vent channel again, we will share stories of how we handled various random, new, or just dynamic dungeon events. Those differences will make us want to do it again and again till we get to share all the wonderful encounters with our guildmates.

I am not a raider, and I still plan on having lots of fun with my guildmates and all the new friends I will makes in GW2.

Hmmm....maybe one night a week our guild could dedicate itself to the WvWvW PvP. Lol, no matter the lvl of the guildies or alt your playing, that would still be fun for everyone.

Lighten up. I'll admit we can't be sure of exactly how the game will play until we play it. However, with ANet's commitment to building community, I am sure there will be support for guilds to have awesome experiences together. :3 Heck, we haven't even heard what goodies their planning for guilds in GW2 anyway.

PS: If you feel the need to be snarky about my enthusiasm, go play another game. No one is forcing you into GW2.

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