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Posted: Jun 22nd 2011 1:41AM donweel said

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gt7300: Insufficient graphics card detected, Good bye Eve stick a fork in me we are done. Bye see you again some day.

Posted: Jul 15th 2011 10:29PM MassiveMMOGamer said

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With so many Veteran players leaving the game, and new player retention at an all time low.... How will the game stay afloat?

Granted, the game has been doing the death rattle for some time. And F2P is always a last resort. But does anyone in their right mind see players logging in to EVE for 30 minute sessions once a week?

F2P games do well on quick cash grab mechanics.

You log in, buy some crap, play till it runs out, and then log off till next week.

How does this work in EVE?

EVE is all about the hardcore player who has multiple accounts, phD accounting and spreadsheet experience, hours upon hours of gametime, daily.

Who in their right mind is gonna play EVE in a casual F2P environment?

Or are we to believe Monocle sales are gonna save the universe?

Is crack selling for half price in Iceland?

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