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Posted: Jun 12th 2011 8:41AM ElfLove said

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*dull cheer*

Oh yay...more raid content. *slow clap*

So much for all the dynamic content. Rift should just be a city hub where you start at 50.

Talk bout pandering completely to the top 2%...yea to hell with levelers, crafters, explorers, and questers.

This actually makes AION look interesting again. >_<

Posted: Jun 13th 2011 4:23PM plasticzombie said

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Its funny to see all the WoW fanboys come in here and instantly put down what Rift is trying to do.

It really is quite comical.

Trion is doing a great job of churning out content at a very fast rate, which most people appreciate it.

Too many people compare Rift to WoW which is absolutely asinine.
WoW has been out for 7 years, and Rift for 3 months? No way can you compare the two.

I appreciate the came. I appreciate the developer and what they are trying to do.

If this is not a game for you, thats fine, but why must people need to take shots at it and put it down? Sour grapes I tell you.

Keep up the good work Trion. REAL gamers appreciate what you are doing.

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