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Posted: Jun 10th 2011 8:03AM Mikkhail said

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"When 1.3 lands, Hammerknell won't be open for business, but players will be able to start working on gaining access. This will happen through the game's next world event"

^^^ so, there will be an event to open the Raid? does anyone know what the event is? Or, is that part of the surprise?

I was not subbed during River of Souls; so I don't have any reference point for how Trion handles this sort of thing ... Like, does it open for the first faction to stack a 1,000,000 twinkies, or?

Posted: Jun 10th 2011 11:43AM Nucleon said

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I love many things about Rift. The class system is the best since FFXI. The artifacts and puzzles are awesome. Rifts and invasions are fun, but lacking that little bit of punch since they don't have any consequences.

The reason I stopped playing was that the combat, even at 50, was just too simple. Period. For my cleric melee and range DPS roles, I was able to create a 1 button macro to do the optimal DPS rotation.

Rift tank: Keep precept up and spam even justice until all but one mob is left and switch even justice for strike of judgement. Utility: 1 minute cooldown spell interrupt, 0 oh shit buttons.

WoW Warrior Tank: Charge + rend + thunderclap + gather mobs until my frontal cone + shockwave + shield slam + tab target to next mob + revenge + cycle through mobs with revenge/shield slam/thunderclap using cleave and hs as a rage dump when applicable. Monitoring threat on all with Omen to determine who will break free and try to revenge/shield slam it. Utility: pummel/concussion blow, reflect spells with spell reflect. Oh shit abilities like shield wall, shield block, last stand.

I mean I know we rag on WoW as being too simple, but seriously just looking at the combat system alone WoW beats the pants off of Rift. I challenge someone to make 1 button tank macro for WoW warrior tanking. Good luck.

Posted: Jun 10th 2011 4:24PM Tassels said

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@Nucleon WoW has the /castsequence command, which allows you to chain multiple abilities to the same button even if there's no cooldown on it. This allows you to make macros that are even more "dumbing-down" than Rift's macros.

I'm having a very good time playing my Stormcaller, and I am only able to have one two spell macro (I macro'd together lightning strike and cloud burst, though people use different macros). My rotation is very complicated and fun. When I'm playing Archon, however, I can macro my main DPS rotation onto a single button, but I also need to refresh all my buffs every 4 minutes (at least) and make sure the target is continuously debuffed. On my chloromancer I can macro a few of my spells together to make a pretty sweet single target DPS and tank healing macro, but I still need to throw single target and group heals and pay attention to debuffs.

In WoW on my mage I'd spam fireball, while making sure Scorch and Living Bomb was up, and Fire Blast-ing in multiple mob situations for Impact. As Arcane I'd spam Arcane Blast and use Arcane Missiles when it procs. As frost you just spam Frostbolt pretty much. And those are all my choices as a mage. As a druid healer I just keep Lifebloom on the tank, use Wild Growth when it's up, pop off a healing touch every so often, and rejuv the hell out of people. Druid Ranged DPS is just spamming two different abilities depending on what eclipse you're in. Feral DPS is actually complicated though... But most WoW specs can also be reduced to one button if you macro them. And most aren't complicated to begin with.

Rift's Expert 5-man content is more "complex" than WoW's Heroic 5-mans. It also has more difficult raids (probably as hard or harder than Heroic mode raids in WoW) with more stuff going on in any fight. Not to mention Rift actually has Raid and 5-man "expert" rifts which WoW has no equivalent of.

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