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Posted: May 16th 2011 3:31PM (Unverified) said

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If dwarves do end up going in then I guess I will be rolling a new character.

Posted: May 17th 2011 2:25AM NeverDeath said

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I will still not be playing it regardless of what they add, unless it's Vsync support, which every other game in the last decade has had because it is an industry standard for 3D games of all kinds, yet a technology that somehow eluded their inept development team.

Not even being able to force on Vsync or use Rivatuner with D3Doverrider is just absurd, and it's all because the game client simply lacks vsync support. The funny thing about vsync is that it caps your FPS so that it doesn't exceed your monitor's display (or refresh) rate, so that you always have smooth image streaming. When you have no vsync support, even GREAT computers like mine, that could run this game at max settings at least 4 times at once in four separate windowed instances on-screen, will have screen tearing issues simply due to my FPS exceeding the refresh/display limit.

So basically, the game has certain areas and textures where it tears - which for some of us who spent a lot of money on top-notch parts for our gaming machines, is a deal-breaker because it feels like A. a waste of our hardware and B. a huge technological step backward. It's absurd.

Posted: May 17th 2011 5:28AM avidlurker said

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Jeremy, this is a bit of a fallacy:
"If Scouts were really that overpowered, even new players would see it in only a short time of playing."

Out of the box for the first say 30 levels the basic class mechanics actually make the warden and the mage the overpowered classes. The scout actually starts off weaker but really fun (imho).

It's once you get past lvl 55 with some gear and start stacking stats, buffs and the instance bosses become somewhat redesigned that scouts start to leave the rest behind.

Esp. the harder modes of Raksha Temple have been heavily favoring scouts because the bosses and mobs defense values go up steadily and decidedly hampering the damage of all classes but scouts.
That is because scouts damage is heavily influenced by the targets dexterity value. And the dexterity value seems unchanged from RT normal to diamond mode (so that esp the tanks can still even hit them at all).

I think it was you who said that RoM is a game of large unbalanced bonuses in an earlier article. These are essentially what tip the balance on classes that up to the initial level cap of lvl 50 actually worked quite well, though in those days apparently mages were the favorite class. In those days though, other classes could work ok, just people didn't favor them.

One of the reasons those imbalances actually matter in RoM is the imho high RL cash cost of modding gear to be able to do high level instances and the competition for the diamonds that diamond sellers provide.
At the high end RoM is a farm, farm, farm game and groups with only scout dps can farm fastest and most reliably in the current high end instances.
Also highest end scouts seem a royal pain to fight in siege wars. Pretty much highest possible damage achievable coupled with being ranged? A lot if not most players answer that question with "Yes, please"
That said Siege seems the one place where the other classes can be fun to play.

Posted: May 17th 2011 2:15PM Daemodand said

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As I continue to play this title and check it out, I've now picked up a second class of Druid for my Warrior. I wanted to be a Warrior/Knight, but Elves can't be Knights for some arbitrary reason.

The game didn't tell me there is a second starting area to go to when you want to level up your second class. Doing the logical thing, I went back to Elven Island and found there were no quests there. Searching the forums I found there is a different starting area you have to teleport to, but I was stuck on Elven Island with nothing to do due to the hour-long cooldown. Logged out and did some laundry instead.

Right now the second class thing is feeling like more of a hindrance than a benefit. I don't really want to play a caster, but I have to if I want to level up my second class. And like a poster above, the vsynch thing does bother me. Well, I'll continue to give it a chance and we'll see.

Posted: May 17th 2011 5:30PM jeremys said

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@Daemodand Not trying to open old wounds, but the Elven-specific classes were intended to be human counterparts.

The Druid is the Priests counterpart, while the Warden was intended to be the knights counterpart.

I'll have to double-check at what level, but you can out-level the quest-mark above NPC's heads.

I think you're referring to Reifort Camp(besides Elven Isle) that is located in Sacilia Steppes. This is problematic for many as Runes of Magic secretly slips you the teleport to Reifort when you get your second class, but they don't tell you anything about it. Many don't even learn about the zone until they've already used up many quests to out-level the area on both classes.

I'm unsure of what you mean about being forced to be a caster, since you've said you are a Warrior/Knight? Neither of those are casters.

Having dual-classes is a pretty popular attraction of RoM. Having said that, I'm sure it's not for everyone. You can always ask me or anyone in-game if you are taking full advantage of your combination or not.

When you get a secondary class, you can freely switch between them. At any time you choose, one will be your 'primary' class and the other your 'secondary' class. Whichever one is your current primary class, you'll have access to a set of 'general' skills that are taken from your secondary class. I currently play a Priest/Rogue. So whenever I am playing on my Rogue-side(or have Rogue as my primary class), I have access to a hand-full of Priest skills. Namely, I have access to some self-healing spells which is very handy while soloing.

Starting at level 15, you also get 'elite' skills every 5 levels(I.E. 15, 20, 25, 30, etc...). These elite skills are uniquely based off the particular class-combo you chose. For example: When you get both classes to level 15, and you are using Warrior as your primary class, you'll get the elite skill called Rose Vine which is unique to Warrior/Druids. And if you switch to your Druid as the primary(that is: Druid/Warrior), you'll get the unique elite skill called Natural Attack.

This might be oversimplifying everything for you, but feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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