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Posted: Apr 27th 2011 11:13AM ScottishViking said

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Hi Brendan.

I have to say, my favorite post this year was "EVE Evolved: Tough lessons in corp management". It was my favorite for three reasons.

The first was that I appreciated your honesty in admitting lapse in judgment. This is hard to do, especially given that you hoped to continue the corporation in some form (albeit split up into different sections). As far as PR goes, that's a tough call, but I think it was the right thing to do. Not every leader values transparency in their style of command, but given that you had advertised this corp on the Massively site, and were trying to introduce people to the game, I feel this was an important move.

The second reason is that I was actually in Massively Mob, and I was one of those who voiced some discontent about how things were going. When I saw this "mea culpa" post, it was very clear that you were listening to the complaints. Admittedly, it was too late for myself and others who left the corp, but I nonetheless felt there was a learning opportunity here. I'm not a corp leader myself (besidse an NPC alt holding corp), but I think I learned a lot about "the ropes" in running a 200+ person group.

Finally, I thought it took a lot of courage to admit the role your depression played in this. I know that this kind of admission is hard to do in journalism (which Massively still is, despite being a "blog"), but I nonetheless feel it is valuable. Many gamers, myself included, suffer silently from any number of mental afflictions. EVE is a game that caters to obsessive-types, and even a short departure from the game can mean falling behind or incurring the ire of your corp-mates. I think it's important to take a breather once and a while, and remind everyone that it's just a game, and that RL is always more important.

Thanks for the contest, by the way. Always great to see what people love about the game and about your contributions to it!

Posted: Apr 29th 2011 3:37AM KayVonTrarx said

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Thanks for these articles. I've only recently found your blog but it's very well written and has allowed me to read some less verbose facts and more intriguing opinions than in the forums.

My favourite article would have to be "EVE Evolved: What not to expect from EVE Online". I honestly have had trouble getting my real-life friends to see what was so interesting about this game even though some of them do play video games and rpg's specifically. The points you've brought up regarding the sandbox philosophy and illogical but unfettered progression has helped me greatly in attempting to bring across what I love about EVE.

Other rpgs, I'd be done in a month tops and forget about them. With Eve's never-ending quest for space success/dominance/conquest, I am never satisfied and always dreaming of the future that CCP forces you to think about but takes a while to produce.

I'd like to see a few topics covered in future editions. One is a possible guide to contracts, corporate shares and isk thievery in general. I shy away from the administrative/business aspect of EVE and stick to my mining or PVEing as the two basics of my EVE career. I've heard horror stories about the scams people try to pull off and while I won't let them stop me from playing (Eve's freedom means players are free and that's what I love), I was wondering if you have any particular facts, wisdom or opinions on commercial skulduggery.

Another is a list for what new players (and old carebears like me) should try quickly and (relatively) painlessly to rejuvenate our EVE experience. People just keep screaming PVP but there must be more than that out there in all areas of space. A list of all the potential fun things people in EVE do would be interesting and useful I feel.

I'd like to see someone from CCP Asia talk about Dust 514 and how it has been so far. News on that front has been scarce and I feel that with Incarna on it's way, we have some impetus for news. Ever since it's been announced, I've been eagerly awaiting it as I feel that FPS games which make you feel like your actions matter in the bigger universe are incredible in immersion. Dust 514 being an MMO simply solidifies it's candidacy for my favourite shooter.

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