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Posted: Apr 25th 2011 7:48AM godlyhalo said

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My favorite article was EVE Evolved: Does EVE make players better at other MMOs? I often find myself thinking this all the time. People who play EVE are generally smarter than the average person. From my own knowledge of population statistics, the majority of the EVE player base's age is 25+ and has some sort of college degree. That article made some nice points as to why the general population of EVE is smarter than the average WoW player.

One article I would like to see in the future is an explanation of sovereignty mechanics. The majority of people in 0.0 have little understanding of how the system works, myself included. Some information aboutSBU's / Reinforce Timers / Sovereignty upgrades / logistics involved ect. would probably make for a nice article.

Someone I would like to see an interview with would be Darkness or Chibbra. Those two have had a significant impact on various aspects of EVE. Super Capital trades / EVE Files / The Veldnaught and other various cool stuff. It would be nice to hear how they got started and how they have continued their business.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 8:17AM Xilmar said

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First of all, congratz on the 3 years. Hope we'll get to see at least another 3 from now on. Most are great reads and usually it's fun to comment, sometimes there's a good discussion about it. This column is actually the main (not the only one tho) reason i read massively almost every day. Keep it up mate.
---this might get long, tl;dr will be added---

Best article? Thefts are cool to read, interviews are interesting and technical stuff provide a bit of excitement for a tech guy...but the best one imo is "EVE Evolved: Tough lessons in corp management". Hands down best article, because that's what MMOs and EVE is all about. The way people interact with each other, good or bad, is the heart and soul of the game.

It ended up bad, and it sucks. But imo the journey is far more important than the actual outcome. What's important is not the isk the corp made, but the friendships within it, the nights spent laughing on comms and that sort of thing. MMOs are a social medium and without that human interaction, good or bad, you're left with just a bad single player RPG.
IDK if it seemed worth it to Brendan, his people or the readers, but it sounded like a good run to me.

That article was human, it had emotions and opinions, and emphasized why EVE is a harsh place. Not because of the rats or concord, but because of the players and the freedom we have to do good, bad or anything in between. Maybe it's just me, but that one column contained more truth and value than 2 months worth of articles.

The carebear in me just started yelling out "0.0 mining OPS, solo/fleet, maybe with comparison to empire mining". Honestly i doubt it will happen any time soon, so 0.0 stealth warfare would be the logical choice. it's hard enough for a new, small alliance to make it's way in 0.0 and hold sov without a good cap fleet and logistics, so flying bombers and such is a decent (and not nearly as good) alternative...and it's pretty fun too. better than blobbing, i guess

I'd actually love if you could get a Spotlight article with Nathan Richardson drunk. when he doesn't give a rat's ass anymore about corporate management and talks open with the interviewer. But that, again, is very unlikely, so i'll say that interviews with large alliance leaders would be awesome. Regarding mostly the wars that go on, the ideas, goals, ways of getting shtuff done, that sort of thing. Red Alliance might be a good start, coz that red spot in Geminate looks...different

Again, great column, like the vast majority of em, doing a great job and hope to read them in future years aswell.

tl;dr EVE Evolved: Tough lessons in corp management
0.0 mining ops & stealth warfare
CCP Oveur or large alliance leaders

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 8:23AM Amara said

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My favourite article was EVE Evolved: Losing yourself in EVE Online. This is because when I read this article I wasn't playing EVE. I was bored and disenchanted by other MMOs out there but I still wanted a game I could play with others (i.e. an MMO).

I had tried EVE some time before, got bored within a month because I decided to try out Mining (too scared to learn some pew-pew skills) and got incredibly bored because I had no idea what I was doing. So I stopped playing and wondered what the fuss was about.

After reading the "Losing yourself in EVE Online", I got interested in EVE again and thought about all the potential in this game I have heard. So I nabbed a 21 day trial from a friend and have since subbed and aren't looking back.

Sadly my Exploration hopes died after visiting the career agent and hating every moment of it, I did enjoy the idea of flying around killing little red crosses and will probably try out some mining and industry later on.

I wish I could offer suggestions or even what I would like to see, but I am just a newbie who is enjoying slowly learning the game.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 8:38AM (Unverified) said

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My favourite EVE Evolved from this year is definitely "The Great Wormhole Heist", a piece that was written about the villainous deeds of "scott". The article is very evocative, as stories of the EVE universe tend to be. I appreciate guides and informative articles on some occasions, but its really the stories of EVE, things that can happen in no other game, that grab peoples' attention, especially the villainous ones >:) I am always amazed that this kind of emergent gameplay can happen in an online game, and I praise CCP for making this an integral part of the game. In fact, it was an article like this (also published by you) that finally persuaded me to subscribe to EVE. It got me thinking of the kind of awesome opportunities I could be met with if I played the game. I am still playing to this day.

I'd like to see an interview with The Mittani. He is a very influential person in New Eden, even more so now that he is the chairman of the CSM. Sure, he may be a little arrogant (:P), but I believe he has some great insights into the game and he always has a lot of interesting (and evil!) things to talk about. Also, after seeing his presentation at Fanfest '11 I would love to see an interview with CCP t0rfifrans. He shared some amazing things about the future of EVE and got players really excited, it would be great to hear more!

In terms of new articles, I would like to see one based on selling wormholes as a profession. This is what I do in my spare time in EVE, but I see a lot of people trying to get into it that don't really know what wormholes are desired and what effects, planets and statics are preferred.

Thanks :)

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 9:00AM (Unverified) said

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Cool contest, Brendan!

I became intrigued with Eve and subscribed a week ago after reading a few articles on massively, especially the heist stories. Glad I subscribed because I'm having such a good time with Eve.

I'm still learning about the major players of Eve, so I would love to read an article about the "who's who" of the Eve playerbase. Like are their other universities that compete with E-Uni? Any big corps that fight over newbies? Or does power mostly lie with the old guard 6+ year players? I would love to know what entities to keep an eye out for.

Thanks again,


Posted: Apr 25th 2011 9:10AM (Unverified) said

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My favorite article has been "Eve's skill system demystified" - both parts 1 and 2. I've been playing EVE on and off very casually for a couple of years. Really the only reason I get on and play once in a while is because I think the skill system is so unique and well designed, but I've never fully understood all of the mechanics. I especially enjoyed the myth debunking, since those are some of the reasons that I've avoided committing to the game completely.

I would really like to see an article that outlines for new players the typical ways in which one branches out from high-sec mission-running. What are wormholes? What are incursions? How safe is it REALLY out there? What organizations/alliances are actually going to take the time to help me out?

Another topic I'd like to see written about is the economy. Given the current situation in which PLEX are sold for real money, and unauthorized RMTs are taking place on the side, what is the net effect on the game's economy - does it make it inflationary, deflationary, or neither?

As for an interview, I know that his site is way out of date and I'm not even sure if he plays anymore, but I'd love to hear an interview with Entity, the player who is attempting to collect one of every item in the game. His site is here: http://home.wanadoo.nl/ntt/eve/collection/index.html

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 9:17AM Thorium88 said

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I like best both the "tales from" and "guides to" Eve articles. It's a hard choice but I'd probably have to go with Death of an Industrialist, not just because of the dastardly elements, but because this and other stories like it reveal a part of Eve that I and many other players have neither the time nor inclination to engage in. We only ever see echoes of these things, and to see them from the inside is very illuminating (and sometimes tempting).

So in the future, I would love to see more "tales of" -- not just from the 'criminal' side, but what about less dramatic lifestyles... what is it that billionaire industrialists do with their days? What is it like to be JUST a miner in Eve? (That last one is likely too dull to merit an article, but then I wouldn't know :P )
And as for guides, it amazes me but what is constantly needed is some repeated guidance on basic ship fittings. I would think this is something that any thoughtful player would have quickly figured out, but I am continually surprised by 'veterans' posting fits in chat that, while not lol-fits, are either grossly inefficient or fail to capitalize on the strengths of the particular ship. I'm sure you must have covered some of it before, but it's a big enough field to cover a year's worth of articles.

One thing that has raised my curiosity lately is the issue of security and exploit-fighting in MMOs -- interviews with both the defenders and the offenders could be fascinating, And while there are lots of interesting folk at CCP to interview, I'd still love to see a new interview with Chribba -- just who is THAT guy, really?

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 10:28AM SgtBaker1234556 said

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Gratz for three years and thanks for all the good reads.
Your articles are always well researched, thoroughly thought out and written with professional hand - definitely the best author on the site.

I enjoyed the more critical pieces, like the "EVE online that could be" and the piece about power players.

I realize it's not easy to write about, but I'd like to see a bit more about large scale fleer warfare tactics and Fleet Commanding tips/tricks and perhaps interviews.

Keep up the good work!

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 10:40AM shazz said

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All thought I enjoyed many of your columns this year my personal favorite was. EVE Evolved Incursion Guide. I had really wanted to give Incursions a shot but with the losses suffered on the first day I was reluctant to. I took the info from your guide and went and ran several successful Incursion sites.

I would like to see a column on the complete set of Epic Arcs. I would also like to hear your take on if they should add more Arcs or if they should spend their time elsewhere on the game.

I am also close to getting my first Capital Ship so I would like to see a guide on flying them. And hear your thoughts on the whole Capital Ship system.

If you could give us your take on the state of Marauders now that the Noctis fills the skies. Is it even worth it to train for them anymore? Ect...

I would like to see an interview with the Leader of a small Corp. So we can see EVE through the eye's of you average player.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 10:44AM (Unverified) said

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My favorite article was the story detailing the fall of BoB. It actually is what first prompted me to start playing Eve. Which lasted about 14 days. But trying again later finally got me hooked. The fact that with just player interactions could create a story worthy of being a novel was astounding.

My suggestion would be a set of articles focusing on the 4 major factions in Eve. Something describing to new players what they are, what they stand for, and their history. It helps set up the world for newer players and there is so much scattered info out there about them.

For people I think an interview with the developers at CCP that are responsible for the servers and infrastructure would be interesting. They occasionally post dev blogs which are neat. Usually those guy never get the spotlight and with Eve it seems they have much more effect on the game.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 10:45AM adrianjohnmurphy said

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My favorite article was EVE Evolved: The RMT Problem because it is a serious problem in the game. I liked that the article was investigatory, but I wish it would have laid out some of the benefits such as lowering the prices of minerals by bot miners.

One article I would like to see in the future is an explanation of how the future EVE game codenamed Dust 514 will interact with EVE online players and if Dust could go console and whether you will have to pay for a separate account for a Dust 514 character and an EVE Online character.

Someone I would like to see an interview with would be the recently banned leader of RED.Overlord who was banned for RMT.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 1:26PM (Unverified) said

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Congrats! This is one of my favorite things to read on massively. I think my favorite article would have to be the Great Wormhole Heist. I love tales of criminality in EVE and this article actually convinced me to re-sub recently.

I think a future article on the "EVE Metagame", from the eon forums to kugu, Scrapheap and the various blogs. You could even tie that in with someone I'd like to see interviewed like Crazy Kinux or the Mittani.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 2:06PM killroy said

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First of all, keep up the good work. You do a great job and consistently put out original and interesting articles, which I think contribute to bringing new players in from Massively.

If I were to suggest an interview, I would like to hear from Sir Molle. I think the whole CSM/Mittani thing has run its course and we all know all there is to know on that front. Sir Molle lost the war in January, and the supercap remnants of his alliances are now kicking ass with Russians and effectively beating the hell out of the Northern Coalition. It would be great to hear Sir Molle's thoughts on the current happenings.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 2:39PM Amy said

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My favorite article would have to be either the Wormhole Heist, or the prequel article about the revenge that the one guy sought out..it captures the atmosphere of eve perfectly.

Suggestions for future topics - Dreadnaughts, and why are they so downplayed in effectiveness. Everyone seems to think they have no use outside pos bashing, which, I've found to be completely untrue.

Suggestion for an Interview - Kelduum Revaan, the CEO of Eve University, Euni is responsible for a large part of the player retention rates in EVE. I think it would be interesting to pick his/her brain.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 2:46PM baktubak said

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As an Eve player I find that I usually enjoy reading about what's going on in the game more than I enjoy playing them game. I enjoy both, I just enjoy the reading and news more. I often stop at the in-game billboards and read about the latest ISK scam, or a dissolving corporate alliance.

The best article was the one on planetary interaction. An Eve player can easily go through life never experiencing it, so when someone helps to raise awareness that's a good thing. So many things in Eve are hard to break into, such as exploration, wormholes, dedicated trading, etc. It was nice to read an article explaining that planetary interaction need not be one of those things.

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 2:57PM (Unverified) said

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Congratulations on three years of writing for this column!

I'd have to say one of my favorite articles that I've read was probably the column "What NOT to expect from Eve Online". Far too often people new to the Eve universe make some broad and incorrect assumptions about what Eve is or isn't and it was refreshing to read an article where you attempted to explain a few places where Eve deviates from the MMO norm and helped to explain ways that players both new and old could avoid stumbling over these concepts.

As far as future articles, I think that I'd like to see an article written interviewing and detailing the effects of the latest nerf to anomolies within Null Sec space and perhaps examining the larger implications to both large and small alliances within Null Sec - I don't think a proper article like this has been attempted yet, and it would be great to hear from some of both the larger and the smaller powers that be in Null Sec about how they're faring.

As far as for something or someone to write a spotlight column about... I think interviewing the person responsible for starting the "thousand papercut project" on the forums, Akita T, would be a great idea. Now that CCP has made it clear that this project is the basis for an entire team being put together to work on issues within Eve, I think it's only fitting that you spotlight the player responsible for beginning the project in the first place. I think it would be outstanding to get their opinion on how well CCP is doing with correcting some of the things brought about by the forum project, and perhaps if there are areas they think CCP is missing completely.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation for your column, and please keep up the good work. I love Eve, and look forward to each of your columns in the future :)

Posted: Apr 25th 2011 6:48PM Lighthill said

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My favourite article(s) was the one introducing a bunch of EVE tool websites to help survive in and manipulate the Universe. This is what has helped me the most to get more industrious and creative in EVE. Also guides on mining and industry were definetly eye openers and among my favourites.

In future I would like to see more stuff about fittings - although you have covered them in some extent, I'd like to see fittings for different purposes from each race. What would be super awesome, would be some kind of a table of ships categorized in boxes "per their use/role".

For interviews I'd like to see people who didn't like EVE but have been on and off. It would be interesting to see whether these people have same turn offs than the more "loyal" fanbase or will they just go back to WoW.

Posted: Apr 26th 2011 4:20AM Allthegoodnameswastaken said

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My favourite article was "Your vote counts -- EVE's sixth CSM" because though I had noted there was an election and vague tried to read some of the campaigning threads. But being a younger character (

Posted: Apr 26th 2011 4:48PM mostlytrouble said

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My favorite article was the Mining Guide. It gave me the knowledge I needed to hit the belts and crunch some rocks.

An article on the bounty hunting trade would be very interesting. Perhaps in the style of a ride along with a bounty hunter through a week of game play.

I would like to see interviews with the artists who have created the amazing textures for the hardware, planets and the stellar backgrounds in EVE.

Thanks for all the great articles.

Posted: Apr 26th 2011 11:48PM FReebliver said

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My favorite EVE Evolved column would have to be the recent interview of Scott. That story you called The Great Wormhole Heist series was fascinating the way that Scott found a new way to use the mechanics and services in EVE to steal items worth billions of ISK. This really blue my away the way you told about it.

I think that it would be a good idea to write about, the different class ships and fittings for each one in their specific roles such as pve, and pvp in a battleship or frigate.

I think that it would be very interesting to interview anyone of the CSM 6 members, asking about why they ran and what they think they can do to change EVE. Also Chribba seems like a very interesting person to talk to, their experience could come in hand for other players deputes.

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