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Posted: Apr 22nd 2011 10:03AM Bramen said

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"So how is the LotRO team going to celebrate the fourth anniversary?" "Bent over our desks"
Interesting party

Posted: Apr 22nd 2011 10:34AM aurickle said

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Something that's been bugging me for a while is that in some ways it seems as if the devs have boxed themselves into a corner. Tradeskills are a great example. We've already gone through Master and are now on Supreme. What's left? How do you keep adding more tiers on top of that without it sounding ridiculous? Leather names are the same way - how many adjectives are left that can sound like they're even better quality than what's already there?

At only 1/3 of the way through the storyline, that represents a major issue.

Even in the most recent interview it sounded like they're starting to run out of idea for new meaningful skills in order to raise the cap to 75. And let's be honest -- for most of us our hot bars are already pretty darned full by 65. At current rate of progression, the final Mordor expansion should put everyone up to about level 125 or even 150. Again, if they continue with the same approach that they've followed thus far, our hot bars will be a hot mess and skill rotations will be a nightmare.

Another game might take the approach of adding new races and content, letting players start over and progress through all new content. That just doesn't work for LotRO, though. Nobody would be even remotely satisfied with having followed the Fellowship through Moria to Isengard and then being told, "OK, time to retire. But you can start over in Rohan and your new characters can go the rest of the way."

So I'm really curious as to what their plan is to get around these issues. It just doesn't seem like they've given themselves any openings, which may have something to do with why expansions and meaningful content updates have become fewer and farther between.

Posted: Apr 22nd 2011 11:42AM Rayko said

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LotRO is the best option these days for role-players. An immersive story and mature player base easily make this " Take your time and enjoy the journey" mmoRPG the best.

Posted: Apr 22nd 2011 10:51AM MrsAngelD said

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While I agree that LOTRO is a great game in it's own right. Some of
the recent grind which has found it's way into this little corner of
the MMO market as of late really leaves a bad taste in my and many
other LOTRO lovers mouths. We love our game and are fiercely loyal to
it. But we don't want to be fed grind which is what seems to have
happened with both the updated 2 endgame and the anniversary events.

I really truly hope that turbine is listening to it's player-base so
that we can continue to grow and have a great game all the way to

Posted: Apr 23rd 2011 7:55AM Wayshuba said

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Wow, just wow. As a veteran player for three of those four years this article misses in quite a few places.

Midle-Earth is beautiful yes - and it is probably what attracts many players to begin with. But the design decisions of this year, and the last four months in particular, Turbine has been really shooting themselves in the foot badly.

Before Update 2 they admit that no one wants to grind the same instances over and over and over again. Good news for players reading that - they finally realize that repeative long grinds suck and are going to fix it. Then update 2 releases and how did they fix it -BY MAKING IT TEN TIMES THE GRIND OF ALL PREVIOUS ONES!!!!

Then, to add insult to injury, they have the Grindavesary which has lite up their boards with a serious number of player complaints.

The game was great once, yes. But their current overzealousness at driving players to the store has gone beyond normal and moved into completely obnoxious.

It would be nice to see more balanced articles that look at both positive and negative aspects of current MMOs.

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