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Posted: Apr 23rd 2011 3:50PM Irem said

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This is an interesting subject because it's one of those things that some players handle well, and some don't. I know someone who decided that roleplaying in MMOs was a lost cause because the overarching story keeps going no matter what you do, but he always played strictly within the character the game set up for him: he was from the place the game said he was, his character proceeded along the narrative the quests set up, and so on. The most successful RPers I've seen (not necessarily the -best- ones, but the ones who have the most fun and do the most actual RPing) seem willing to retcon past backstory stuff if it gets Jossed, or try to come up with a reasonable explanation if they can, and accept the same from other players.

Everybody does "do it," but I've seen some pretty wacky situations where fanon for a particular unexplored or upcoming plot point becomes so ingrained that it derails the plans of huge groups of people. Pre-Wrath of the Lich King, when player Death Knights were announced, the forums for the RP server I was on at the time decided that it would be ridiculous for a DK to just expose what they were and go about their business; they'd probably get run out of town at best, and lynched at worst. Most people were planning out their disguises and making comments like, "Well, you know there are going to be people who just walk around with their minions out and don't even try to hide it" as though that was a terribly Mary Sueish thing to do. Then Wrath came out, and not only did the Knights of the Ebon Blade make absolutely no attempt to hide what they were, but there was no way most of them -could-, and they were canonically accepted by the leaders of both factions as trusted allies.

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