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Posted: Apr 14th 2011 8:14PM Graill440 said

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Graphics arent bad and the private missions are lag free but three of us in three different areas had alot of rubberbanding in player occupied areas even with no loss and 45 ping times, bad for pvp combat. Also this game is like EVE in the respect that high level players with superior equipment will kill and grief just to do so, no consequence for these actions, and the forums show the split between the people doing this and those that do not, this game is microtransaction and endless trial, lucky for it.

If i want Lord of the flies gameplay EVE is already established and has the frosting of developer corruption to complete the eating experience, i pass on black prophecy.

Posted: Apr 14th 2011 8:46PM Lepton1000 said

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Black Prophecy is such a disappointment. After having slogged through decreasing parts on the tutorial during various beta iterations, I really can't be bothered to play the game.

Solo missions are few and unvaried. Story missions from my experience are even fewer.

Combat is unvaried and uninspiring. Space flight gives absolutely no sense of speed, little feeling of maneuverability.

Ship types at lower levels are non-existent. You'll be flying one ship for what feels like forever and upgrading ship parts gives no real sense of improvement or modification. The same old fusion gun or what have you with different numeric stats or cockpit or wing or engine gives no real sense of progression. It feels like there is nothing to work toward, nothing to do, and no incentive to move forward in the game.

The whole thing just feels wrong. It's kind of soulness space sim.

Nothing I saw in that update makes me want to play it again.

Posted: Apr 14th 2011 9:47PM mysecretid said

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The graphics are pretty spectacular, if you've got a rig which can run them well -- and it is nice to play a modern "space-based flight-sim" again, as we haven't really had that since the original Jumpgate.

But, as has been said, the lag-time in group PvP combat will be a deciding factor. If Black Prophecy can't sort this out sufficiently, it will hurt them.

Another threat may lie in the fact that, once one completes the first ten levels of story-based introduction missions, the game /appears/ to turn over a lot of its gameplay to faction-versus-faction PvP.

And -- love it or hate it -- EVE Online does space PvP better than anyone.

My point is, I hope Black Prophecy remembers to focus on the elements which make it /different/ from EVE, because going toe-to-toe with EVE on its own terms (PvP competition) almost guarantees a loss.

Beyond these two aspects, the game's English-language localization is functional, but less than professional. The dialogue just sounds "wrong" in many places, as if it's been translated from the German original without any sense of how the words actually read or sound in English.

The game's opening voice-over, for example, obviously thinks it's setting the tone and introducing the story -- but the translation is almost unintelligible.

I've heard the monologue something like 3 times now, and I still don't fully understand what it's supposed to be saying.

Whatever. I'm used to German-made SF games having strange, non-idiomatic translation, but it's one more thing which distances the player from the game.

TL;DR Version: I like the game, but it needs more content. If it intends to take a piece of EVE Online's PvP action, it's guaranteeing it will always come up second best. Better to focus on improviing the aspects which make Black Prophecy /unique/.

My opinions, anyway. Take or leave.

Posted: Apr 14th 2011 10:04PM Bramen said

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I like Black Prophecy. It's not a must have or a game changer, but it has its charms. I have played in the American beta now for a few days and I enjoy it.
It is not as large as Eve online. Nor is it as complex. But if you just want a space simulator and mindless shooting it is for you.

Posted: Apr 15th 2011 3:32AM Ghostspeaker said

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I've been playing for a few days now on the NA beta. It's a pretty good game. I actually like the combat a little bit better than EVE's, but it's not nearly as deep or complex in general. At this point it's fun, but not necessarily somewhere I'd like to hang my hat. Definitely something I'll keep an eye on, though.

Posted: Apr 15th 2011 3:36AM Ghostspeaker said

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It's also worth saying, the F2P market really needs more sci-fi games (I'm gonna puke the next time a fantasy F2P is announced, I swear to god) and BP is better than decent, IMO. If you like sci-fi and aren't unreasonably biased against everything F2P, it's definitely worth a look.

Posted: Apr 15th 2011 8:29AM Fabius Bile said

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this game died for me the day they announced F2P

Posted: Apr 15th 2011 10:44AM myr said

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Fun game, gameplay wise. Makes me miss Freespace/2.

Unfortunately there's not a whole lot of depth to it. You can build either a heavy shield-bearing tank of a fighter, or a light, mobile interceptor. Nothing else is really effective.

It's also really easy to screw up your skill spec if you don't know what you're doing at first, with no respec opportunities forcing you to reroll.

If EvE had this kind of gameplay, or BP had EvE's depth, I'd be playing those for life. As it is though there's still not really a spaceflight MMO that really clicks with me.

Posted: Apr 15th 2011 2:38PM demonlife said

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The game is like a very watered-down single player space sim, lacking a ton of the features one finds in Freelancer, the X games or even 10+-year old Freespace. There isn't much to do besides fly around in instanced bubbles of space and shoot generic ships endlessly. Since essentially everything is instanced, there's no sense of a big open universe to explore, which is a major appeal of space sims, IMO.

If the focus was just fast-paced dogfighting in space, the combat lacks the complexity of EVE and the aforementioned single-player space sims. You're stuck with one ship and a handful of weapon and engine upgrades. There's something like 8 character skills and that's pretty much all there is to it. Way too repetitious and grindy. And did I mentioned the insanely long crafting times (25 minutes) during which you can't do anything! Just sit and stare at your screen.

Most troubling of all is the cash shop. Though it's no implemented yet, one has to wonder just how fair the game will be if people can simply spend money to get better ships and faster crafting times. Debuffs from PVP deaths are huge and I have no doubt the cash shop will offer a way to buy off these debuffs.

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