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Posted: Apr 13th 2011 6:02PM Zax19 said

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First of all, I’m really glad to see this advanced class, double-sided lightsabre was my weapon if choice in Jedi Academy and I was really bummed when I heard it’s going to be specific for a caster class (consular – possibly only for show, force used for dpsing/healing).

I find it rather demotivating when I see that people are absorbed by the simplistic MMO concept of roles so much that they forgot (or even never encountered) the original idea of multi-classing. I’d like to see a MMO environment similar to custom-balanced Neverwinter Nights (it was very wild at the beginning but the ADnD concept is pretty decent).
A good game should support these strange combinations and that there is nothing wrong with encounter-specific builds. So in certain situation the shadow tank should be a better tank than the trooper and vice versa. It’s true that you can’t be a tank and a dps at the same time but there can easily be an encounter where subpar tank with higher dps will work better. It’s just about using different mechanics as boss regeneration. I’m sick of seeing bosses with billions of HP and healers never running low on mana. A good boss is designed so that if you don’t have enough group dps you will not kill him, not in a million years.
Going back to the encounter-specific ideas, this is a division I wanted to see in RIFT:

Single/AoE/magical tank,
Single melee/single ranged/AoE melee/AoE ranged dps,
Single/AoE/HoT healer,
CC/buffer support,
- Ideally resulting in 3 "top specialists" per calling.

The gist of it is that cleric, warrior and rogue shouldn’t be interchangeable as tanks, but they could work like this:

Single/AoE/magical tank maxed:
90%/100%/80% warrior
100%/80%/90% rogue
90%/90%/90% cleric
80%/90%/100% mage

So what I’d hope to see is tanks working differently and being suitable for different encounters. In one encounter the mage should tank and the cleric heal and vice versa in other encounter few minutes later. But this MUST come from the developer. I looked and the paragon soul in RIFT and it had maybe 6 skills suitable for dual wield tanking. Did it work? Simply put only at content 10 levels below me. So the developer must distribute the skills in a way that it is playable. Otherwise people will skip the skills which don’t stack well and ignore the “weird” combinations. Going more than 32 points into paragon you’re bound to invest into “tanking” skills which didn’t really enable you to tank and didn’t help you while dpsing.

I also agree that healing is a problem as proactive healing is more common and way more easier than reactive healing. And with a tank which goes “zero, zero, zero, BAM, zero, BAM, BAM….” This might get a bit hairy. So you have to tailor some encounter for these builds, give them more “oh sh*t” buttons, or even create a healer build which shines with this tanking style…

To end this comment, I just hope those classes will have their uses. Every advance class should be the best at something. It’s ok to have situations where it doesn’t matter which tank is tanking, but there should be a number of situations when you’d say to yourself “oh, this would be cooler/easier/more fun if we had a shadow tank!”

Posted: Apr 14th 2011 4:28AM (Unverified) said

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Shadow's won't be workable if they favor pure avoidance because RNG will cripple them. Instead, I expect them to avoid taking the full brunt of a blow, which would have the same effect as armor. Put another way, instead of having armor soak some of the damage, a jedi shadow will deflect the blow to avoid taking its full fury.

Posted: Apr 14th 2011 9:14AM Zax19 said

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@(Unverified) This is expectable, but it also is exactly what it shoudn't be. There would be close to zero difference between tanks, which is just dumb :/.

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