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Posted: Apr 5th 2011 6:21PM Darkmoone said

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Don't get giddy yet, while WoW has transformed MMO's to a cartoon Facebook it will take a lot more than social tools to get entire guilds to move over. You'll need competitive end game content and good PvP.

Regarding Devs talking to the gamers, let's have a longer memory shall we? Mark Jacobs talked to gamers during the production of Warhammer numerous times, that didn't really help him or his game. While Devs may acknowledge they read your ideas it doesn't really mean they will implement them. I've had plenty of my ideas and critiques deleted or moved on the SW forums for no reason. The mods seem to be more in Troll patrol more than anything.

Posted: Apr 5th 2011 8:44PM (Unverified) said

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That last banner image is ridiculously corny. :P

And I'll stay skeptic on the social aspects until there's more to work with. I suppose an upside to this much communication with the player base is that they'll have that much more experience in that regard. Hey, it counts.

Posted: Apr 5th 2011 9:05PM Matix said

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Q: "Despite my concerns and despite my sometimes ignorant statements, let me say this: BioWare, keep doing what you're doing. I cannot wait to see what comes from you next. Until then, may the Force be with you all."

I too will chime in... albeit a warning, to Bioware: "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed."

Ultimately, players have a way of disappointing other other players as well as game devs expectations. I'm on the forums frequently as everyone is euphoric for the game, me included (!!!!!). However, there's some 15 different mutually-exclusive visions for SWTOR being touted by players for a game not out of BETA yet.

"You must choose!" You're just not going to please them all, Bioware.

Furthermore, be prepared: players may not share your idea of fun. Blizzard is still having this headache as it spends most of it's efforts and end-game content desperately trying to get everyone into raiding. It's been over half a decade and the WOW devs (who've repeatedly said they were inspired by cooperative table-top roleplaying of yesteryear) STILL haven't figured out why fans of a RTS (Real time strategy--READ: lots and lots of killing other player's armies) like Warcraft would rather fight a PVP war than do quests and be chat buddies.

You aren't afraid Bioware? "You will be. You WILL be."

I'm sure whatever you cook up will be embraced by some hardcore folks. Most will want some improvement in their game mechanic or pastime of choice. All will expect changes. Don't SONY people and tell lies about us and what we want. If the numbers show 80% like racing each other in speeders and repeatedly request in-game pod-racing, well, you may want to add it. But if you do, expect the RAIDers/Flashpointers to throw a fit as their guilds fall apart people people want to do something, ANYTHING, but raid.

"Always in motion is the future."

While I maintain OPTIONS = GOOD, people may decide to take the option not to be sociable. You devs(and players) need to be prepared for the unforseen. Don't be surprised, for example, if people try to resist the facebook-ification of the game. While games like WOW have RealID and the armory, many players still aren't happy with these big brother, TMI type options and may not use them. While I see repeated articles on Massively, the SWTOR forums, and other sites about "the community" with nerdtastic glee, I get REALLY creeped out over the smothering commitment to online strangers whop I may want to play with, but not form a psuedo-family with.

"Commence Primary Ignition!"

If I could say only one thing to you folks at Bioware, it's this: pay attention to what's going on in your game.

Small, LOUD groups on the forums will try to tell you one thing while hundreds of thousands of people actually freaking playing your game will show you what they want to do with their time. Forums, polls, etc. are all important and I'm glad y'all seem interested in them, but ALWAYS verify within the game itself

Posted: Apr 6th 2011 7:29AM (Unverified) said

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Social aspects can also alienate a large potential player base depending on how things are handled.
Many would like to play a good game with constant development, dynamic events, and a persistant feel, which leaves them with the MMO market over stand alone products. They may not, however, need some surrogate life or pretend social dynamic.

More than anything Bioware should concentrate on making a good game, and something true to their vision. If it works, people will come, and if they want, they can experience it together.

I think we have all seen what happens when developers listen too much to portions of their fanbase or cater to heavily to a supposed vocal majority. Here's hoping Bioware is better than that on all counts, and I for one am eager to experience their final product.

Posted: Apr 6th 2011 3:08PM Space Cobra said

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I could just comment on the comments! :P

But I will limit myself:


I am probably slightly off-target with your points, but in one paragraph you state OPTIONS=GOOD and in the preceding paragraph, you say many players have different versions of SWToR and Bioware should only choose one because it can't please all the people.

IMO, there is not one choice; one could incorporate several things into their "MMO soup". It is more like, Bioware should have a roadmap/plan and should stick mainly with it, but can go off the beaten path and provide roadhouses and public restrooms on the way. I think we all know that you cannot please everybody all the time, but you try to in an MMO. Variety or 2-3 systems could be great if done well.

@Larry Everett

Just to point out the last sentence, DCUO is still doing healthy business on the PS3 side of things, compared to the PC side. (I can check both my subs during prime time to confirm this, plus I am a Mod over at DCUOSource.com and see the comments/posts from that end, too. PS3 is still severely lacking such social tools for that version, but people on the PS3 have different expectations. Granted, both formats are still a "work in progress" in that regard.

And yes, great point about how the social aspects of Free Realms will translate over on the PS3, especially with such tools. It would probably have to be a bit closer to @Home on PSN; that is, more mic-chat and less clickety-click of keyboard typing.

Posted: Apr 6th 2011 4:13PM Matix said

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@Space Cobra

You are right in that one of my mantras here and on the swtor forums is OPTIONS = GOOD. And in terms of gameplay choices I am all about options.

However. and in respect to not being able to please everyone, I meant in that there are inevitably going to be things people want that others don't want and that you have to make a choice.

Some things you can have choices on: Raids or PVP or epic solo questing? I think you and I can agree that optimally Bioware should, if it can, give options for all three.

Other things don't offer choices. Permadeath, for example, that a vocal super-minority was hoping for, was official brushed aside a month or so ago in a Q&A. Permadeath doesn't offer much choice because either you don't do it or you do and your character is pretty darn dead. In that scenario all you can do is make the greatest amount of players happy based on play styles, not how loud they are on the forums.

Hope that helps.

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