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Posted: Mar 5th 2011 3:00PM Germaximus said

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Great advice.
Still people should know PvP exploits are rampant.

Posted: Mar 5th 2011 3:28PM stealthrider said

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Good tips. Here are a few others

1) Fresh 30? Play Legends.
Defense is useless in PvP. You need Toughness gear to survive in the Arenas and open world. As Legends doesn't rely on gear, you have a better chance of winning there--and thus getting the Influence you need to purchase the Tier 1 PvP gear. Yes, you'll take a serious hit in your Might and Precision stats, but for now it's worth it. Once you get around a half-set of Toughness gear, head into the Arena to help build the rest quicker--and get your first piece of T2!

Eventually, once you have a good amount of high-stat PvE gear and T2 PvP gear, you can cut down on Toughness i nfavor of Might and Precision. Personally, on my Controller, I run with 1176 Toughness, 1083 Might and 173 Precision (though I don't have a Raid weapon yet, more on that later).

2) Fast weapons=good, slow weapons=bad.
The number one factor in a PvP weapon's usability is how quick it can blockbreak. Martial Arts, Dual Wield (possibly a bug) and the Ranged weapons are therefore the kings of PvP right now. Number two factor? How difficult the weapon is to block. Martial Arts has very fast combos, DW as well. Other number two factor? Is the weapon primarily Ranged. DW, Bow and RIfles have a distinct advantage at the moment, mainly because of mobility.

Two Handed deserves special mention, as it is preferred by Tanks for good reason. Tanks are rarely paid attention to, so the slow but hard-hitting 2H combos can land more reliably.

3) Raid Weapon. Get one.
Unfortunately, as it stands now the strongest weaponry in the game (by a whopping 20 DPS!) comes from Raiding. To really compete in PvP, therefore, you need to raid. That 20 DPS makes an enormous difference. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

4) Animation Cancelling is your friend.
No, it's not a glitch. Or an exploit. Power and combo animations are meant to be cancellable, so cancel, cancel, cancel.

Powers cancel into combos, combos into powers. Remember that.

5) Heal Barrels
If you see one, pick it up. The healing ticks these provide are invaluable.

6) Exploits are being fixed.
So don't worry too much about it.

Posted: Mar 5th 2011 3:59PM (Unverified) said

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if you thought that WoW's pvp was inaccessible due to the huge gear gap, then you havent played DCUO. it's about 10-fold worse. on top of the fact that the game is a horrible end-game grinder for tokens and gear (to stay competitive and actually play the game), the power sets are very unbalanced in pvp and there are still rampant exploits. quite a few stats, such as domination, are actually worthless.

as soon as i found out this game was gonna be another grinder, i uninstalled instantly. if it was just about the pvp bugs, i could have waited and lived with that. but the end game is boring as hell because you have to grind so much (worse than WoW) to get gear.

Posted: Mar 5th 2011 4:16PM Averice said

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@Unverified Interesting, it sounded identical to WoW's arena system to me, that's too bad if it's actually even worse by a good margin.

@stealthrider #4 bugs me a little. I don't mind animation canceling anymore because I know how to do it, though it used to frustrate me to no end originally. It was a lot of fun to animation cancel in Aion which is where I finally got the hang of it, previously I'd only tried to do it in Gunz and failed miserably. Still, I'm not sure if animation canceling should be considered a true part of skill in an MMO just because it seems to skirt around the intended game play mechanics. Especially if the devs haven't said one way or the other, have they?

That said, I hate locked animations. I feel that games like WoW do it right when it comes to animations and abilities. As in, animation canceling not mattering because your character was never locked into an animation in the first place. Animation canceling is fun to do, but at the same time feels like cheating to me, which is why I feel it's up to the devs of a game to specifically announce if they are for it or against it, and then balance their game in the direction they've stated.

Posted: Mar 5th 2011 4:53PM stealthrider said

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Yes, gear matters, but as it only takes four wins to get one piece of T1 gear (on average) its not so much of a problem, especially as Legends does not count gear into its equation. So just playing LEgends will get you geared and get you some good experience as well.

The devs have indeed stated that cancelling combos into powers and vice versa is intended. What isnt indended is cancelling offensive powers into each other, and combos int oeach other.

Posted: Mar 6th 2011 12:34PM Quarlo said

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If you're new to DCUO pvp expect to die ALOT! The PVP arenas are full of premades in all purple gear (to your greens and blues) and knowledge of the exploits.

I've been in matches where one side just waits outside your spawn zone to rip you to shreds if you step outside. Some players don't even leave the spawn zone at all during the match, just accepting the loss and their 1 token.

At one token per loss it's going to take you FOREVER to gather enough for decent gear especially with the massive wait times for the matches since the population appears to be dropping off after the free month.

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