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Posted: Mar 3rd 2011 5:30AM (Unverified) said

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LOL. It was the HEAD designer of Rift who said in a chat session on Dec 11th Rift was targetting at having 1500 players on each server at launch.

He answerted that question in a techn Q&A session between Beta testings.

In Feb the COMMUNITY manager, a woman called, Cindy said it was not true ...

She lied already 3 times in that answer by saying it was said by "a" designer, while it was stated as tech fact by the LEAD designer. Secondly she lied that is was a "very old" rumour. Which it was not, it was in the same Beta sessions as the game was still in.

And she said it was merely a 'rumour' while the Q&A were technical FACTS stated by the head designer himself.

So I have a good LOL at this game anyway because already having now MORE than 38 servers on LOW in prime time (EU/US), have fun finding the servers in 3 months time when the usual 70% leave because they don't want to pay the subs.

And yes you are right / I HATE copycats with lying CM's...


Posted: Mar 2nd 2011 7:28AM (Unverified) said

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One more comment about 1/3 of the servers being low on prime time.

A succesful game has a round a 33% retention rate after 3 months.

If applied to Rift it would mean it will loose around ... 60 servers in the next 4 months.

Another idiotis publisher who thinks he's the new WOW by copycat it all.

I hope the next MMO's have less idiots running behind their desks.

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