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Posted: Feb 22nd 2011 10:31PM Valdamar said

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I've had a lot of fun testing Rift, so Trion got my pre-order for the digital collector's edition halfway through open beta. The honeymoon may only last 3-6 months, but I'm determined to enjoy myself during that time (at least until SWTOR/GW2 :p ).

Rift has some innovative elements, but they're presented amid a lot of familiar elements so that anyone who has played EQ/EQ2/WoW/LotrO/WAR etc will be eased in to the experience. There are lots of things to do, see and discover (the game is an explorer's paradise).

As much as I enjoy the game, the main reason I felt like giving Trion some of my hard-earned cash is because they deserve it - Trion are bucking the horrid trend of the post-WoW years - Trion are not going to rush to release with a feature-incomplete, content-light, embarassment of a launch that is still rough around the edges and will leave subscribers feeling ripped off while the devs scramble to try and save a product that should have stayed in beta another 12 months - Trion has not hacked together an MMO in a couple of years on the cheap in a bid to rip lifetime subscription money out of you (*cough*Cryptic*cough*) - and you won't get reviewers saying Rift has "potential", that horrid phrase they always use when what they really want to say is that the game is atrocious and was launched far too early, completely squandering any good ideas the Devs had.

Rift delivers. Rift works.

Rift is not revolutionary, but it is evolutionary and I'm happy to settle for that because what Trion has built is a game that ran far better in beta than most of the MMO launches of the past 5 years are running NOW. I'll say it again - Rift works - those two words might not mean much to you, but after all the broken Dev promises of the last 5 years it's so refreshing and pleasing to have an MMO that does exactly what it says on the tin. I think I can finally accept the slower evolution of the MMO genre, because most of the MMOs that have tried to be revolutionary over the past 5 years have been so focused on it that they forgot they needed to be good games as well, and the MMOs that didn't were so busy trying to be WoW that they forgot to add evolutionary features at all.

So I really hope that Rift does well, just so that it can act as both a reset and a wake up call for the MMO industry - build a product that works on launch day, that feels feature-complete, that is polished like WoW was but brings a lot of new elements to the table, and (hopefully) the people will flock to it. Because for some reason the lesson wasn't properly learnt 6 years ago when WoW was teaching it, which is astonishing when you consider how many MMOs have tried to clone WoW since then and have completely failed to clone its polish.

Rift is a filling gateaux of an MMO like your pa used to tuck into the first half of the last decade, but with all the inconveniences and the frustrations sliced away, and some lovely dynamic events and other innovative features slathered on top like a tasty frosting. If you gulp it all down then sure, it's not going to last, but it should at least satiate you, unlike the snacks you've picked at for the past 5 years.

Now I'm off to have my cake and eat it too - so don't expect to see me commenting much on Massively for the next few months - I'm sure the relief at that is palpable :p

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