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Posted: Feb 9th 2011 12:26AM likwidneo said

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There's a reason they call us "Dark Skyes" ... OUR GAL DROPS WILL BLOCK OUT THE SUN! In all seriousness though, for those who've never played PS, there is just no gaming experience out there anywhere like this, period. There aren't words to describe just how unique of an experience it is. The best way I can put it is, generally there's 2 types of military action games out there. Games that simulate a BATTLE experience (typically shooters) and games that simulate a WAR experience (typically RTS's). Planetside not only does both, but everything in between as well, and it does it all at the same time in one shot. You determine your involvement. You just wanna be a grunt and frag stuff? That's fine. There's plenty of meat on this bone for you compared to many other shooters. Now if you crave a richer, deeper, more satisfying tactical experience, nothing comes close.

Some of my favorite experiences:

Fighting off over a dozen raiders at a time and diverting the ENTIRE NC empire over to our tower and away from the main base with just me and one other person.

Gen room holds, especially when i was the cloaker medic who would resuscitate everyone after the enemy thought they beat us and cleared the room.

Hours long (and during the early days of PS, sometimes 2 or 3 days long) bridge fights, definitely hope to see alot more of those in PS Next.

Gunship runs with everyone onboard on teamspeak, coordinating between the tail gunner, sidegunners, and the pilot.

Fielding entire columns of armor WITH support, all from just one outfit.

Teamspeak Coordinated Flail attacks.

The one outfit night where we had almost 4 squads full of reavers all up in the air together.

Posted: Feb 9th 2011 8:02AM Damn Dirty Ape said

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Amen to what everyone else has said. I get goosebumps just thinking of the epic scale of Planetside battles.

Posted: Feb 9th 2011 4:11PM TacosWLove said

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Posted: Feb 9th 2011 9:47PM Kalu said

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best game ever made is being remade!

i cannot wait!

Posted: Feb 10th 2011 10:21PM Valdamar said

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I was in Fight Club on NC-Werner - home of the s**t-hot hot-drop - so of course a lot of my favourite memories involve dropping out of a Galaxy dropship at high altitude, landing on the roof of a hotly-contested base, and either getting immediately mowed down by the roof defenders, or pulling off a stylish capture before most of the enemies in the base realised we were upstairs at the terminal ;)

My best specific memory is a tower defence that went on for about 40minutes - it was on Hossin iirc, one of our home continents, and we had both empires trying to push us NC off the continent and back to Sanc - this tower was the last one left after we lost the base, but the VS and TR zergs spent more time trying to kill each other than they did trying to kill us, so we just held on and on and on - it was an epic last stand - we even had Galaxies from Sanc dropping reinforcements on the roof just to keep propping up the garrison in the tower. We did get wiped in the end, but we bought enough time for our zerg to make some gains on our other home continent so we didn't get pushed all the way back to Sanc, and loads of us stayed up late to make sure we had Hossin back by the next day. Good times.

Then there was the time we pushed the VS all the way back into their Sanctuary (by taking both their home continents) and we spent the whole weekend driving around in their Magriders just to rub it in :) (the reward for pushing an Empire back to their Sanc was being able to draw their Empire-specific equipment from our base consoles for, I think, 2 days).

Alliance nights were fun too - 7 Outfits working together on NC-Werner, each providing at least one platoon of 20-30 people, with each outfit assigned a role (air support, bombers, tanks, hot-drops, or just being grunts on the ground) all coordinated by the outfit leaders on Teamspeak - it looks pretty amazing when an outfit is flying 15 Liberator bombers in formation and just carpet-bombing a base, or you get 3-6 Galaxies flying in line formation and just dropping 1-2 Outfit platoons on the roof of the same base and totally storming it. An organised and disciplined alliance of players could just totally decimate at least 3 times as many disorganised zerging solo players of another factions (unless their Outfits were organising something on the same night then it got nice and messy :D ) - we usually made some amazing gains on Alliance nights.

My outfit also did theme nights once a week where everyone grabbed the same vehicle cert - it was pretty funny to just swamp the enemy in 20-30 Lightning tanks, or take 20-30 Fury quads or 10-15 Enforcer buggies behind a load of enemy tanks and just stick tons of rockets in their rear armour, or just go around 3-manning Thunderer APCs because those gauss cannons were pretty nasty against everything - either way it's pretty humiliating for tanks to get taken down by quads/buggies/APCs ;) But it was just fun to use vehicles that you rarely saw in normal nightly combat and by using them en masse and in an organised way they could be surprisingly effective. We even used the old Sunderer heavy APC one night, though we struggled to make that effective :p Or we'd use a popular vehicle but in an unconventional way, such as everyone one-manning LIberator bombers (i.e. no rear-gunner or bombadier, just a pilot) and use them to just make strafing runs in formation.

BFRs were always a favourite target too, after their introduction - horrid unbalanced things that they were - oh I love mecha, but it wasn't fair that they were 1-2 man vehicles as they needed to have at least 4-5 crewmen to balance them (if the pilot had no access to guns, and each weapon system had a separate gunner, then I'd have been fine with them, but it wasn't fair that single person BFR soloists could just pwn all of the multi-crew vehicles). I have some good memories of getting underneath a BFR as a grunt with another player and just totally pwning it from below with Phoenix rocket-spam - some BFR pilots were just so inept they'd waste time looking around for what was shooting at them, not realising you were under them.

ANT/AMS races were pretty funny too and other stuff we did for the lulz such as dropping a Vanguard tank from a Lodestar transport onto the roof of a base just to surprise the defenders (it would deconstruct in 10secs, iirc, but still funny), or crashing a Galaxy into the roof just to see how many enemies you could get with the explosion.

Then there were those last ditch defences where the base was almost out of power, but by some miracle we managed to get an ANT to the base silo in the courtyard to top up the NTUs. Or all the times I knifed or jackhammered someone in the back of the head, either inside their own base because they weren't aware it had been breached and weren't checking behind them, or all the easy sniper kills because they were too focused on getting kills and not enough on who was behind them.

Or the fun of the MAX rush, 20+ players all in MAX heavy armour, in run-mode, striding across the terrain towards the back door of a contested base that we just couldn't get into by normal means, where a stealth-suited player was waiting to dart in and hit the door entry panel at just the right moment so that our MAX suits could pour into the backdoor and be past/through the defenders inside before they knew what was happening - sure, we could barely turn, and we'd be bouncing off walls and often getting stuck on crates and being shot in the back with a rocket launcher (if any of the defenders had thought to equip one), but usually enough MAXes would survive to get out of run-mode and jog back to catch the backdoor defenders in a crossfire and break the deadlock so our troops outside could storm in and take the whole base. I always kept a MAX cert on my main soldier - I loved a bit of MAX action!

Just tons of memories really - you could pretty much name any vehicle or weapon in Planetside and I'd have a good memory about using it in a funny, devastating or utterly stupid way :) Just the freedom of FPS combat with physics based movement adds so many chances for funny/awesome moments - people getting stuck in trees, landing vehicles on top of other vehicles or on top of other soldiers, getting vehicles stuck on their side, etc.

I have much

Posted: Feb 17th 2011 9:45AM Ciel993 said

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My best memories of PS?

hmm..hard to say, maybe, once when siege, suddenly around 10-20 reavers appered over us and turn the entire enemy base into ash. Then our infantries and tanks rushed into the base?

Anyway, there`s simply too much good old things to write -_-||

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