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Posted: Feb 8th 2011 1:31PM kgptzac said

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as someone who played not this game, I hope PS Next will be as good as what is said about this game

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 1:47PM Vindicore said

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Planetside was and is my favorite MMO of all time; no other has put new and old players on the same level field. No other has battles of an equivalent side and actually used the massive nature of the MMO to the fullest.

For me these are my memories:
6 hour Tore defense.
Flight path to victory!
Vanu Round Table raids
Outfit Wars

Vindicators for life.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 1:57PM ed anger said

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SOE better not #%$^ this up, also one of my fave games of all time. nothing else has the full-on battle feeling with hot drops from gals, armor and air support, etc...

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 2:01PM SnarlingWolf said

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A bunch of buddies and I picked up planetside shortly after its release and I will say I enjoyed it a lot, at first.

The problems were major though:

1)The balance wasn't even close, and when they tried to fix it, it became not even close in another direction. In a game that is 100% about combat the balance needs to be perfect.

2) There was no point. People would jump on the more populated side for their timezone. Then their side would take over whole continents. They would log off at the end of their playtime and the next group would log on who would retake those continents for a different faction. Rinse and repeat this each day. There was nothing to be gained by holding something. In fact there was far more to gain by going and capturing areas the enemy wasn't even at while they captured your bases that you abandoned.

Overall the idea was fun and I logged a lot of hours in the first couple months but there quickly became no incentive to log in anymore.

I will be right there reading the reviews of Planetside Next and will likely hop in at release if the reviews aren't horrendous. I just hope they learned from the first one.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 2:17PM (Unverified) said

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I started playing Planetside the summer it was released, and it quickly surpassed EQ as my time-waster of choice....for brief periods of time. I'd get off work, go home, log in, and spend hours online playing gunner, pilot, engineer, or grunt. I then dropped the game for a couple years, and came back about 3 years ago.

By then the first server merges had taken place, and the BFR's had been nerfed. SOE came out with a free trial program, and every newbie out there wanted to get his BFR cert to run around in the giant robots, regardless of how ridiculous they were. On the Terran side, I found an outfit dedicated to caving, and quickly got hooked again.

Everyone makes a big deal about how big the battles were up top, but down below once you learned the caves and caverns an entirely new type of combat opened up. Ziplines and turrets added new dimensions to PS gameplay, and the Sub-Terran Combat Corp was there to spelunk day after day.

We didn't win every fight, but anyone that played PS knows that wasn't the point. Tempers would flare, frustration would rise, sometimes it got personal, but it was Planetside, and no one wanted it any other way.

That being said...there were some moments in PS that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. I remember standing in firing lines in Amerish, getting mowed down by the Magrider's hitbox that had been extended a bit too far. Heated 6 to 8 hour battles over continents, moving from base to base as part of a caravan, rolling my AMS semi-truck to the sound of "Convoy" on the radio.

Alternatively, heading down to the caverns, backpack full of engineering deployables, getting ready to fight off yet another Barney or Smurf push into OUR caves. Fortifying a cave complex in such a manner that it seemed like the cave itself was against you, and having it done in return by NC and VS engineers. Or defending that last AMS against cloakers as they attempted to find it to drive us out of the caverns.

If Planetside Next can do 3/4 of what the original Planetside did, and doesn't fail with its first expansion (how ya doin, Aftershock...Mr. First expansion in MMO history to drive down subscriber numbers...still available on D2D for 19.99), then I'm in.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 2:57PM Gaff said

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Core Combat was the name of the expansion; Aftershock was just what they called the bundle of the original PlanetSide + Core Combat.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 2:26PM pcgneurotic said

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Man, no other game ever, in any genre, has come as close as PS to giving you that feeling of war-time camaraderie. two or three of you huddled around a console, listening to the fight getting closer and closer, waiting for hot death to come tearing into the room and shoot your ass up, hoping you'll be able to hold them off to complete the cap or until reinfs arrive... those were the best of times, period.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 3:00PM Gryphmon said

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I loved Planetside and will be back for the sequel.

Favorite memories:

1st off has to be doing combat drops from dropships. The experience of hurtling downward through the atmosphere in a dropod has no equal. Its kind of a gimmick, because its better to travel in a vehicle, but they are just plain fun to do.

Storming bases with a flotilla of 50+ coordinated air/ground power.

Doing Galaxy drops over bases.

The time I managed to maneuver my Galaxy to just barely avoid an orbital strike while I'd been grounded to pick up personnel.

Sneaking up behind snipers as a cloaker and blowing them them to smithereens with a boomer.

Getting someone to chase you around a corner in a base where you had planted a boomer on the wall ahead of time.

Winning a knife fight cloaker-to-cloaker.

Standing cloaked directly under a BFR (mech) continually hitting it with EM pulse grenades thus disabling it so teamates could finish it off. The list goes on....

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 3:07PM Gaff said

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I've talked both on this site and others about how amazing a game PlanetSide was, how original in its thinking, how light years ahead of its time it truly was.

Unfortunately, it was doomed to failure by Sony's sub-par management and release of a poor expansion (Core Combat) that seemed rushed and uninteresting to many players. In many ways it actually *detracted* from the original game, which is a crime tantamount to high treason for an expansion pack.

Even with its technical issues and game imbalance (hello BFRs) this, for me, is still the greatest game of all time, and certainly the best MMO I have ever played. With literally dozens of vehicles and certifications in gear and equipment available, you could truly mold your character into something unique. And hey, if you didn't like it then unlearn your certs and start fresh.

I remember truly pitched battles, hundreds vs. hundreds vs. hundreds, on Amerish, Searhus and everywhere else, besides.

I was an AMS (Advanced Mobile Station - essentially a mobile respawn point that could cloak) driver predominantly, and was known for having a squad or even a platoon bind to my AMS, thendriving it somewhere out of the way behind the enemy's front lines, and everyone would spawn through it and we'd have a heavily-armed recon squad where they did not expect us to be.

From what John Smedley has been saying it seems that SOE have really started to understand what they did wrong with the first game and will hopefully not make those mistakes in the sequel.

I maintain that PlanetSide was the most fun that you could have with your clothes on.

I used to be WNxGaff on Markov (CR5) for anyone who remembers.

Bring on PlanetSide Next!

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 3:14PM Zeig said

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My favorite memory?
Me and 3 other people in troop transports, dropping troops onto enemy controlled area's from low orbit.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 3:21PM Aleforge said

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PS was a great game, I am hoping SOE does it right and makes this new version as fun as the original.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 4:26PM Shadanwolf said

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As an x DAOC player the above post have me drooling.Is there any shred of the game left that would say it's worth playing until the new game ?

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 4:51PM SKYeXile said

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@ hadanwolf
checkout this thread: http://forums.station.sony.com/ps/posts/list.m?topic_id=88000027122

Weekdays can be dead sometimes with about only 100-200 players online at a time, but apparently that weekend was rather good. FYI: A red alert is +60 enemy players in your bases proximity.

Some of my favourite memories are:
Outfit wars for sure.
holding off a yellow alert @ Caer with 3 people.
Resecuring Irikalla(sp?-interlink on Ish.) twice in a row with 10 people against a red alert.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 5:20PM Insinfinity said

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Great great game. After finding out about Planetside Next I resubbed for the old game and it bought all the memories flooding back.

I read on the PS forums that you don't even need to buy the game any more, you just download station launcher, buy a subscription and download the client. I still had an account and loads of people have returned.

Anyway, the best memories:
- ANT races
- Vehicle events
- Piling most of the online Vanu into Galaxy ships and dropping them onto a base which was being heavily fought over by the NC and TR. Was absolute chaos.
- Every intense battle, where hours of stalemate was broken by tactics and quick thinking.
- Critical ANT and LLU runs
- Magrider tanks (especially in coordinated groups)

I was in a fairly small clan when I last played and I followed them to WoW. This time round I'm gonna find a great armour clan.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 5:42PM Wild Colors said

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Best memory of Planetside was of the very first time I played. I got roped into helping to assault a base, having no idea what was going on.

I got into a vehicle as a gunner, and then the driver took that vehicle into a Galaxy. Soon, we were flying along at max altitude, and I foolishly asked if it wouldn't be dangerous when we landed. The driver replied "Land? Are you crazy?" and then dropped us. I think I screamed the whole way down.

Fabulous game. Looking forward to Next.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 5:54PM Dracones said

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Planetside was a very under rated MMO. I think the subscription fee and the horrible expansions pretty much killed it.

But the gameplay was epic. It was so easy to hop into a pick up group, board a Galaxy and hot drop onto an enemy base with your squad. Sometimes you take the base, other times enough enemies would spawn nearby to kick you out.

And the bridge battles. 100-300 people sitting across a river trying to push each other past the bridge. Shells lobbing across, aircraft strafing overhead, small arms fire streaking through as you vainly tried to push your way past ruined tanks littering the roadway. No other game has come close to touching that experience.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 8:13PM easybakeevan said

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Bridge battles were certainly my favorite part of Planetside. A friend and I still tell the story of pre-nerf biffers. We took one on 1 on 1 in a thundy while weaving under a bridge. It took around 15 minutes and we finally took it down. We got something like 2000 or 3000 exp and we were not new to the game but at the time that was a lot! We were actually lanning at the time and we just jumped for joy like little children. It is just moments like that I can safely say I have never had in all the PC games I have played. They truly made an amazing game. The potential for satisfaction is just so high.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 6:16PM Panicbutton said

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666th Devil Dogs represent!

I loved that game until Core Combat and BFRs trashed it.

So many good memories of hot drops from Galaxies, MAX rushes on base back doors and mass attacks of armour with air support.

I loved the scale and variety of the game, it really was well ahead of it's time. Such a shame Sony made a colossal mess of things.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 6:20PM clik said

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Planetside, UO, and EVE were the only MMOs to ever really capture me and give me a feel of playing in a breathing world. I remember staying up late at night with a couple friends with our stealth suits, back hacking and boomering hallways. Or sometimes when you'd stop and look at the battle from the side lines and see all the chaos and lasers being thrown through the air, it just looked cool.

I can't wait for PSN.

Posted: Feb 8th 2011 10:13PM Budukahn said

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Looking at the years since I stopped playing Planetside and the graveyard of games I've tried but never got into, I think the most important thing about the game was that unlike nearly every thing else, it didn't force you to go through a miserable and boring levelling time sink to get to the good stuff. You were competitive from Battle Rank One and could get straight into the action if you so chose.

It seems nearly every other game insists on making me run a dozen quest grind leveling time sinks before letting me play whatever is special about it. WAR promised great city sieges, but I'd have to get to Rank 40 before I could play. Conan offered keeps on the border lands... once I hit 85. Even the mighty Warcraft demands I level to 85 then grind a set of special armour out so I can be competitive with other players and avoid getting my face stomped into the mud.

Planetside put a rifle into my hands from day one and said "Go have fun". I wish more developers would let us skip to the good part.

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