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Posted: Feb 6th 2011 4:23PM N620AA said

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@cowboyhugbees In that sense, this game delivers.

There are a lot of disgruntled folks on both sides of the debate. I almost passed on this game altogether from all the bad publicity it got. But after having decided to try it, I can definitely tell you that it's not nearly as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. It's just... not WoW or any of its clones. In a sense, it's a step forward. In some ways, a step back.

The big problems in the game, the way I see it, are:

1. It lacks a lot of the "hand-holding" people are used to when they start in other MMO's. While this is generally excusable in a WoW clone because of familiarity, going from an MMO like WoW to FFXIV is kind of like trying to drive manual for the first time. SE is aware of this, and new player tutorials are at the top of their to-do list for fixing.

2. The interface is clunky. This game relies on menus to get around. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, you are used to having to deal with menus, so this is not a big deal. Otherwise, it takes a few days of messing around to learn your way around the interface, and there are things that are flat-out poor (friend/clan member lists are hidden behind menus that require 3-4 clicks, and there are no online/offline notifications). Once again, one of the items on the upcoming changes is the improvement of the game's social interface.

3. NPC's are there, but it's almost always better to buy from players. People who come from other MMO's are used to crafting and player-made items being optional and easily ignored. In this game, the majority of the gear comes from crafting. NPC's are intentionally gimped so that you'll find their prices/clunkiness intolerable and will resort to players instead. This is not optimal design, but it works.

4. The combat system needs work. Targeting, especially, feels extremely clunky. Some abilities seem to rely more on RNG than stat contribution, or so it's thought. Relatively little is known about how the combat mechanics work, partly because people who'd theorycraft it out probably know that the system is in for an overhaul. SE has this in their list of things getting fixed in upcoming patches.

It's an extremely flawed game right now. It's most certainly not for everyone, and players used to the culture of entitlement that MMO's like WoW have bred will find that getting far in this game actually requires tons of consistency and not just small bursts of work over a long period of time. That's just the game's philosophy. There seems to be a very concerted effort on SE's part to fix this thing, though, so it's not as hopeless as a lot of posters would paint it.

If the concept of a drastically different MMO does not upset you (or if you're like me, and you were are looking for something different), this game is certainly worth trying. Even if you end up not liking it, it'll definitely keep you busy a month, which justifies the price of the box.

Posted: Feb 6th 2011 8:37PM Locus said

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Targeting really does need to be fixed. I see absolutely no reason why casting Siphon MP should allow myself as a valid target or why Blizzard can target my enemies; followed by a string of "YOU CAN'T DO THAT" messages. It's stupid and much more counterintuitive than repair bills, especially if I'm trying to maintain a subtarget to stick initiation buffs on.

FF11 had none of this nonsense because we had lovely and tags and somewhat intelligent target lock rules. The biggest problem with combat in my opinion is the pacing - there's little room for actual strategy when the time between pulling aggro and death is approximately 2 seconds on soft targets and there's little incentive to do anything except spam cure/sacrifice as a mage (although it is extremely boring so I like to pretend that debuffs make a difference).

In comparision, FF11 has the following things to do as a backline:
Garuda blinkspam
Spot healing (as opposed to Curaga spam)
Refresh rotations
Barspells (Ahahaha, but whatever)
Status curing (FF14 has them but that's another can of worms)
Magic Bursting
Timed Stun/Flash (and Chainspell Stun)
Debuffs like Gravity/Bind actually making a difference since not everything has a ranged attack and Slow is actually vital to survival.
Falling asleep after pressing your ballad macro
Giving the THF something to SATA onto.

Trying to be reactive in FF14 doesn't make sense because half the debuffs you get can't be cured (no Erase or Haste for Slow) or aren't worth the time curing (Because you can just spam AoE cures or the fact that Blindna only becomes available a long time after accuracy has ceased to be an issue since all your melees are using Feint.

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