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Posted: Jan 26th 2011 2:35PM Katsiya Vell said

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The largest number of knocks, huh? Either we'll be talking about Tankers next, or an AT that has taken the most number of "nerfs" in its life.

Or we could end up talking about Kheldians, given how often I hear people knocking them around. You certainly didn't make this easy for us now did you? ;p

That said, while I haven't commented on all of your articles here on CoH, I have read them all since they first started coming up. Its always interesting to read your opinions and take on things. Just as it is in the game with play styles, no one opinion is inherently bad or wrong, but it can be harsh to do.

Do keep it up, and hopefully you'll get to have a lot more wonderful opportunities to participate in such events like the Apex with the development team. Stuff like that is what makes Paragon Studios one of the better MMO studios out there. They participate and do things WITH the community.

Like spontaneous mass invasions of Malta or Rikti (and not the ones that players trigger.)

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