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Posted: Jan 24th 2011 10:45PM Yukon Sam said

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I expected it to be a train wreck. It's not. It's a fun, playable game and the bugs are not excessive for an MMO launch.

That said, there's an enormous amount of work to be done. Much of it should have been done before launch. The game has half the content it ought to, and the systems are thin on substance.

This disregard for interacting with the community is... well, it's as if they learned all the WRONG lessons from the SWG fiasco. I don't care how "casual" your game is, if you don't build an invested player base, you are toast.

Posted: Jan 26th 2011 12:18PM sandwiches said

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@Yukon Sam


Good to know I'm not the only one who thought this game would be horrible. It's actually extremely polished, plays well, fun, plenty to do as far as I can tell, looks good, etc.

Posted: Jan 26th 2011 4:36PM pixelmonkey said

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First off I really wanted to like this game - I like the DC universe and was looking for another super hero MMO ( I do play Champions) so I can hope between then between content gaps but I have to say:

Nice concept -craptastic execution.

I hit max level in 5 days - and am bored - where is the content after 5 years of development- and being bored after 5 days? Granted I played about 25 hours in those those 5 days.

The PC version really forces you to use a controller (not that big of deal) but the combo system only seems to work half the time - so you are just button mashing

The targeting system is broken and half ass - I end up targeting cars and interactive objects too many times over someone who is shooting at me. In a game that toot's it's own horn for being a fast pace combat game - how can you put in such a bad targeting system?

Chat sucks - they must of bought tech/UI ideas from Square's FFXIV

The character creator compared to Cox or Champions Online is a joke - and all the male avatars look like some sort of 70's porn stand-in

VO is borked - I get old VO for missions I completed like 10 minutes later - and sometimes 2 of them playing over each other (although this only has happened about 6 times)

Sluggish UI designed by some guy who wants to punish gamers - I can picture some crazy old german guy in a cold darkly lit room at Sony - "we must make the players feel the harsh n' painful reality of our game world... and we will do that with our UI"....

Too many reused models - I mean there are like 2 cop models in the game and half the trash I been fighting are cops. That one detective guy from batman is everywhere.

Really basic boss fights - clear instance - find end boss - basic tank and spank for the most part.

The PC version really feels like a second rate console ported game to me and my experiences could be way off if I was on PS3 - so to be fair I haven't played the PS3 version.

Now time to flip the coin -

Good side - Very nice VO on mission briefings when they actually work and the animated motion comics are cool. Hearing Mark Hamill as the Joker is great...

Great city layouts - Gotham is awesome

Nice visual/graphics look (Unreal Game Engine)

Open PVP - I wish Champions would do this in some contested zones

Villain play/Hero play - again something I wish was in Champions - at least in some contested areas. It does feel broken in DC when level 30's were in level 5 areas just ganking people. Yeah it's a PVP server - but there should be a buffer for the first few levels - like what Aion/WoW and many other PVP aspect mmo's have done.

I have much more fun creating characters in Champions and actually like game play better - and it's now free if I can deal with less freedom in my character's build - so yeah... unsub time for DCUO, and maybe check back in 6 months - or better yet give me Champions with DC's writers and darker atmosphere.

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