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Posted: Dec 31st 2010 12:23PM xGilgameshx said

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so as this article says it has grown alot in 1 year and i am happy to be playing it and continue to see it grow :)

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 1:36PM Daedalus1969 said

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With all of the quality improvements (rather than improvements to quality which were not need as LOTRO is already a quality product) I had to rejoin the ranks of subscribers. FTP was great, but once you start playing you just cant stop. I'm so happy to see the great things Turbine is doing with this game, I look forward to playing a lot in the coming year and for years after.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 2:14PM Aardvarkk said

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Well it's been nice having a dedicated LotRO blogger over the last year, keep up the good work!

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 2:41PM kpaq00 said

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January-March - i liked the game
April - kin got bored of BG nonstop
May - really got bored
June - everyone excited about upcoming changes!
July - waiting
August - 70% of kin in beta, see nothing changes, most ragequit, including me
September - i get hacked for the first time in any game i've ever played. turbine takes weeks to give me my account back, then won't give me anything i lost back. (over 100g over all accounts, including all consumables & crafting supplies sold on nearly every toon)
october-november - don't bother logging on out of sadness of having a founder's account basically made useless
december - log on for the first time, remember how fun the game used to be, realize it won't be fun again, and delete account.

My year in lotro.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 11:01PM Leitchy said

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Aren't you a bundle of joy.


And yet, here you are replying to a post on LOTRO, proving that you can't really stay away from the game.

Do yourself a favour; get over the hack attack, reactivate your account, start a new toon on a new server, join a new kinship, and let yourself live a little. :) Come and join us at the walls of Isengard. I'll hold a place for you there...

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 5:37PM turkeyspit said

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I started playing F2P back in September, went VIP 5 days later, and haven't looked back.

It has it's problems like any other MMO, and sure, there are things I'd like changed, and things that don't make sense.

But so far I'm happy, satisfied, feel I'm getting my money and time's worth; I wish I could have said the same about WoW.

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