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Posted: Dec 31st 2010 10:58AM TheSinisterOne said

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Might as well be the first. 4 extra hours is cool, it's nice that they did this. What it really means is that they didn't quite collect enough data that they wanted, however. Seems like theyre having a hard time balancing the frequency and strength of the rifts, which is really leading to some crazy epic battles.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 11:50AM mxt4347564czjv00q9w9qb1tppfr46hb said

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I love it. Standing in gtAE's to flag other players on PvE servers, using gtAE's on defensive pets to flag other players on PvE servers. Watching players with reactive heals flag themselves without consent on PvE servers.

And then camping the graveyard and repeatedly killing all the players respawning until they logout. On PvE servers.

And then killing all the quest NPC's, so the players can't turn in quests. On PvE servers.

It doesn't get better than this! Let the griefing.... commence!

Oh, you didn't know? Yeah... Trion's keeping those dirty little secrets quiet. Maybe we need a wikileaks for Trion, so we can hear the truth about their abyssmal PvP mechanics on their so-called "PvE" servers.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 11:57AM Valentina said

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I think they've gathered more than enough data considering all the servers have been on high to full population this entire time, and people are never afraid to give their opinions in beta :P It's been a very good beta so far, and the longest. I'm really interested in seeing what they're gonna do with the next phases and how long it will be between them.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 11:59AM Veplerion said

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I've been really enjoying my time in this game. Sure, it's pretty much a mix of a lot of popular features in other MMOs, but I think it mixes them well in a nice looking package. I especially like the rift system. It seems like a much better way to do the whole public quest thing, especially when the huge zone wide invasions get going.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 12:50PM darrenkitlor said

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RIFTs is one of the most polished MMO Betas I've seen in a long time.

There are lots of little things that make it great, subtle changes to make the game easier to understand but not necessarily easy. It feels a lot like what Vanguard could've been: stable, vast zones.

Public quests are handled more smoothly than WAR. The interface is very easy to use and not nearly as bulky as other MMOs. There are quest items for each class and nearly every piece of gear changes your appearance (but not in the cartoon silliness of some games).

Very impressed and I hope we get to test high content soon to see if it is as well-done.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 5:54PM Graill440 said

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Heh, @ the scrambled number person, Ya PVP is bad right now but hey, at least the gm's had an answer to all the folks asking for help at the lifestones and the ones being flagged against their will by AOE, and i quote directly "A player is more than welcome to ask for help from other players to clear an area of enemy players".

I thought this was funny. *chuckle*

Here are some bit of advice for PVE/PVP combo servers. This is meant as a bit of sarcastic humor.

Some tricks to stay alive. Once the enemy player comes around, stop what your doing, move away from your current action and sit on a rock taunting the enemy play as you can communicate with them, they will get bored and move on.

If you see 20 enemy players and there are only three of you the wise thing is not engage and call for backup, if people arent raiding they may come and help you.

If your group is 20 strong and you see 5 enemy Clerics, doesnt matter what side your on, run away, they will kick your @ss. Right now clerics on both sides do huge dps and heal as well as a pure healer besides wearing chain.

If by chance on some longshot your "accidently" killed near a lifestone that is being camped, i mean who camps lifestones?! Then be prepared to die as quickly as you respawn. Dont try to go to another lifestone and respawn because even if you say res me here, the game will res you at the last lifestone you died at, which would be the one being camped.

But gosh, even with hordes of Healers combos roaming the country side you too have the choice to roll the same thing they are and putting up an equal fight, who needs the other classes? *cue maniacal laughter*

And yes the the betas are very.......................polished...........(Grin)

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 6:13PM Graill440 said

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Beside the pvp highlights here are a few things on the pve side. Players that can pull or push mobs will do so to take your kill,this breaks the combat on you and gives them credit and loot rights, even if you only had one hit to go. Not fixed as of B3.

Tagging is rampant, players will aoe or sweep multiple targets and then run around in a bubble or whatever until the mob of other folks kill their mobs and they get loot rights.

Rifts are farming areas for point dps and aoe folks, first the aoe and then the big ranged dps, usually mages or healers take first contribution unless you get lucky and are able to work a rift for a while before the sweep in horde comes by. Otherwise do not expect any of the good stuff.

Only one class is flavor of the month right now, thats the chain wearing juggernaut cleric class. Regardless of what you read unless a person blindly puts points into their cleric tree they cannot be "oneshotted" as some mages claim.

The Rift forum had one person claiming they could one shot a cleric on a thread about this overpowered class, this person would never show up to be tested, so like all things take what you read with some caution.

A last PVP note, (level 20)
Right now there are no interrupts that stop a healing caster from casting (or any caster for that matter), that is to say you will stop one cast but you will not stop anything right after that. Your interrupt skill has a cooldown, their fastcasting and casting after being interrupted does not. They cant be interrupted faster than they can heal to full health while dps'ng you down.

Other than that things run pretty smoothly. (grin)

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 6:36PM mxt4347564czjv00q9w9qb1tppfr46hb said

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TRION GM: "A player is more than welcome to ask for help from other players to clear an area of enemy players".

Oh yah, that'll keep those PvE subs rolling in.


Ha, and yeah, Shaman/Justicar is so ridiculously overpowered, it's comical.

I too enjoyed the graveyard/lifestone camping by the opposing faction. Both sides did it, no question there. Just that it was possible at all... /boggle

As usual, the TRION forums are short on signal and long on noise, with any "important" thread locked for forum moderation reasons, regardless of the issue being discussed. Community management is more than locking threads, btw, lurking TRION employees.

I'm getting so many flashbacks to 1999.... gah! What happened to those 11 years of progress!?

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 6:55PM eLdritchZ said

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@mxt4347564czjv00q9w9qb1tppfr46hb dude... you need to calm the frack down.... just reading your posts gets me worried about your blood pressure ^^

little hint: it's a beta - take it easy

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 7:11PM mxt4347564czjv00q9w9qb1tppfr46hb said

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Remarkably, that excuse ("It's only beta!") has been used to push the most pitiful excuses for trash MMO's that the genre has ever had to endure. I think Allods, for example, is still in Beta (or was for at least 6 months after they started charging players). Trash.

By the time beta comes, it's too late. There aren't going to be any significant changes. There's no time, it wasn't in the design document, it's not in the launch schedule and that's the end of it. Any changes perceived by the players is a 2 minute quick fix done with a single SQL statement between frenetic meetings and insane workload.

The best you can hope for, sometimes, is to warn people away so they don't waste their time. I don't think TRION is there, yet, but given the lack of changes to very_bad_things observed in Beta3 (which would have been trivial to stop), my optimism is waning quickly.

My point? My blood pressure is fine. Honestly, I laugh and smile as I write these things, because of the absurd lack of learning from history. It really is funny, in a sad sort of way.

Posted: Jan 1st 2011 2:02PM Gaugamela said

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Well jackass, can you tell me then what's the announced release date of Rift? Oh, that's right, you can't because there isn't one.

They have plenty of time to fix the bugs that cropped in Beta 2 and 3. Beta 3 wasn't even supposed to exist: it's a bonus for people to enjoy the game in the holidays.

Tell me what was the last p2p MMO that gave you 10 days of a Beta that didn't work as a pre-release. Thought so.

So yeah, take a chill pill and stop acting like a moron.

Posted: Dec 31st 2010 7:24PM Pagan said

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I can't believe I'm saying this but RIFT could be the sleeper hit of 2011. I was tied up in another high profile Beta during the first two Rift tests so I did not play very much and I wasn't impressed with what I saw. When Beta 3 came around I figured I'd give Rift one more shot seeing as how everyone on the forums seems really excited about the game. Well, I played Beta 3 everyday as much as I possibly could, and ended up really loving the game (lvl 19 Cleric). I did not expect to even consider playing RIFT and now I'm trying to figure out how I'll juggle SWTOR and RIFT subs, I liked it that much. PvP was great. World events very fun. The Iron Tomb raid is fantastic! I like the dark fantasy setting. Denizens of the game world look stunning. At first glance Rift is more of the same but it is a mistake to make that judgement. The game really comes into it's own after level 10 and Rift is different enough to succeed. I can't wait until Beta 4!

Posted: Jan 1st 2011 6:58AM Pook said

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I had alot of fun in Beta 3 - combat seems much more fluid now than the first beta.
With the changes to the soul system (more points to send, earlier access to all souls and a preview feature) it's all just getting better.

Posted: Jan 1st 2011 7:02AM Daelen said

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I still can't help but feel I'm playing WAR when I load up Rift. Before the Beta events I didn't understand the hype train behind Rift, now that I've played all three... I really don't get it. To be fair, DCUO is looking just as meh so far. Difference is it looks great and flies. Rift still has performance issues.

Posted: Jan 1st 2011 7:56AM Ekphrasis said

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This was the first beta event for Rift that I have been invited to, so I came in as a complete newbie. I didn't have a lot opportunity to play given the time of the year and lead up to New Year's but the time I did spend gave me faith that Trion is on the right track and it's a compelling addition to what is fast becoming a highly saturated market with many MMO options.

I don't understand how people expect large volumes of beta feedback to be implemented during a test window. The primary purpose of these windows is to identify issues and analyse data to support changes. Assuming I'm an extended an offer, it'll be interesting to see what the next beta will bring.

Posted: Jan 1st 2011 10:20AM Rialle said

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I did not participate in Beta 1 and 2, but got into Beta 3. My thoughts are as such:

1. The 1-20 quest content had no surprises. Nothing really new or innovative, but I appreciate the largeness of the zone and the level of polish on the content.

2. The invasion events were cool but seemed a bit too frequent. Sometimes they would come right after another. While this forces participation, it can be repetitive and annoying if you need to turn a quest in and can't due to the invasion.

Right now this is OK, but I can see it becoming a problem as people move onto hire end content. If the invasions come at the same frequency as current and the lower end zones are less populated, I can see it being very frustrating for low level players.

3. Rifts, Invasions, etc. seem very much like low-strategy zerg rushes. This may have been due to greater participation than expected, but the large event that took place Friday was pretty much a mindless rush.

4. Class design/balance:

I feel that it may take players some time to fully explore the soul trees and figure out the best combinations. I noted that there are a LOT of options available. It felt like some of the abilities I was getting from my multiple souls were redundant at times, however, and perhaps the effects from some of them could be consolidated into single abilities that gained attributes based on your equipped souls.

Clerics seem OP right now, but I expect that it will be difficult to fully balance all the classes / souls until people can actually get to max level.

5. Crafting seems pretty much standard fare for anyone coming from WoW. I tried some mining and armorsmithing, and didn't find anything new or innovative. The ability to add an item into your recipe for a chance at a slightly better item is cool, but I think other games implement this better.

6. I didn't do any PvP, so I'm not sure how that is. There seem to be some complaints from other players though.

7. Game Performance:

It seems that if you want to enjoy the game visually, with a decent frame rate, you will need a fairly up to date system. The game seems very GPU intensive which could cause problems for players on lower end hardware. The game is visually impressive on higher settings.

As far as controls go, as long as you've got the game set up for optimal performance on your system, the game controls very well and character movement and actions are extremely responsive. The clunkiness that is suffered by games such as EQ2, LOTRO, and WAR does not exist here. It feels very much like World of Warcraft, and in this area, this is a very good thing.

OVERALL: This game could easily be a contender and end up being a successful title. It is visually impressive, controls very well, and seems very stable.

There is a huge amount of potential here so long as Trion ensures the following:

1. The rest of the content in the game, up to and including "end game" content is as polished as 1-20.

2. Class balance issues are addressed.

3. Rifts and Invasions are kept interesting and relevant.

Posted: Jan 1st 2011 4:46PM ColRoofles said

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I participated in two beta events so far and I have mixed feelings about the game. Rift feels a lot like WAR: Two factions, RVR (or FVF, or whatever you want to call it), public quests, the combat system, battlegrounds (planned.) I enjoyed WAR, so I wouldn't much like it if Trion decided to follow the same exact path Mythic did and ruin a game that's showing a lot of potential (for a themepark.)

The audiovisual side of the game is incredibly well done which makes for a rather immersive experience. As far as graphics in MMO games go, Rift is sub par to none. The problem is that the game is very poorly optimized and suffers from severe memory leaks. Despite what the rabid fanbois might say, the game performs badly even on high end computers, and desperately needs performance fixes. I'd say it's Vanguard-bad, if not worse, in this aspect. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the game didn't employ "districts" (sub-zones, zone instancing,) the servers remained stable, and didn't lag. I really liked their class-system, because it allows for many fun combinations.

Now, what I really don't understand is why they've decided to treat their rift system as the selling point for the game. I played WAR right after it released on one of the most active open RVR servers and pretty much every public quest (aside from the T1 starting area ones) was completely dead. What's more is that, from what I've seen, the public quests in WAR were incomparably more interesting and fun than any of the ones I've done in Rift. Just because they can pop up anywhere on the map doesn't change the fact that they're dull, boring, and grindy. The invasion events events are fun the first few times they happen; after that they just become tedious and annoying, as they're nothing more than a bunch of generic, AI controlled mobs attacking, killing everything inside, and eventually taking over a quest hub. Depending on whether the mobs in question are elites or non-elites, it may take from 2 up to ~10 people to defeat them, so it's easy to imagine that this sort of situation is less than ideal for someone who's questing alone for whatever reason (low pop server, early morning / late night player.)

I played on a PVP server, but it didn't feel like a PVP server at all. Why is it even called a PVP server when there's PVP flagging (off by default) is beyond me. Finding PVP on this so called PVP server felt like a chore, since people generally ran around in gank squads killing solo targets who thought it was a good idea to flag themselves, and getting someone to flag so that you could "PK" them was almost impossible, unless they felt they had an upper hand in form of a full group of players behind them. I'm guessing the idea behind the flagging system it is so that one can learn the game for the first 20 levels without having to worry about dying to another player, since the rest of the world is supposedly "contested." Well, protecting newbies is all nice and dandy, I guess, but the problem with Rift is that mere 5 levels over another player give a tremendous advantage, so the issue of high levels slaughtering low levels remains, it's just a little postponed. Even though the battlegrounds aren't in the game yet, the NPCs with rewards in the form of PVP armor, weapons etc. are already in the game. The inclusion of instanced PVP in Rift is kind of worrying, considering the fact that instanced PVP is what killed WAR. People are lazy, and so you need to force them / give them enough incentive to go out and PVP; otherwise they'll just sit in camps and type in corny Chuck Norris jokes into the chat window while waiting in queues until the next battleground invite pops up. Mark my words, the servers are going to turn into ghost towns if the problem of instanced PVP isn't resolved in this game. The rewards for participating in crappy instanced skirmishes should not even compare to the rewards one can get for participating in world PVP and normal questing.

Posted: Jan 4th 2011 11:50PM Valdamar said

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I really enjoyed beta3 - I was putting in the kinds of hours I wouldn't normally put into an MMO these days, and that wasn't just because it was a short duration focused test during the holidays.

I was glad for the 4 hour extension because I didn't have a lot of chance to play on the 3rd day otherwise and those extra 4 hours let me explore more of the Freemarch/Defiant side than I otherwise would have (as I mostly spent my time getting to the L20 cap on the Silverwood/Guardian side).

Sure, Rift is not massively innovative, but it is polished, everything just works (rare for an MMO launch in recent times), and the main innovations (rifts and souls) are right at the core of the gameplay experience. I've beta tested dozens of MMOs over the last decade and the only other one that felt this launch-ready was EQ2, which had far more issues with its engine and framerate optimisation than Rift does.

I tried playing Rift on my 5 year old PC, a Pentium D with an nVidia 7800GTX card - a rig it should not even have run on according to my beta email minimum specs - but with all gfx settings at minimum I was getting a steady 19fps - that's not stellar but it was playable and it was incredible that such a good looking engine on newer PCs would run at that rate on an old PC (my friend informs me graphics look pretty bad from screenshots at my minimum settings, but I'm not too fussed about graphics - more about animation and playability - so it was fine for me - besides I'll have a new cutting edge PC soon).

That wasn't just a best case scenario 19fps either - I was getting that in most areas - even when I was in Silverwood during an event with lots of animated trees, multiple rifts, lots of mobs and 30 players taking down a raid boss from a rift I was still getting the same framerate I had in a town while indoors - I think the engine is pretty solid.

Compare it to my experiences in EQ2 beta where I was lucky to get 5-10 fps on a fairly decent gaming rig at that time, because the engine was woefully over-engineered for future gfx cards (and then gimped with utterly terrible avatar art - although the terrain was pretty). In Rift beta3 some of the testers with average to decent gaming rigs were reporting consistent 40-50 FPS framerates on ultra high settings.

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