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Posted: Dec 23rd 2010 4:38PM Higurashi said

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Atlus has their work cut out for them with Pandora Saga. It's not a very good game IMO. I played the MyRosso version for a while. It has ugly character models, broken quests, horrible quest dialogue, no quest indicators over NPCs heads, slow paced combat, and several other things. I had lots of lag when I played it too, and the quest rewards needs to be revamped as well. The quest rewards were an absolute joke. I could barely afford arrows for my archer with the quest rewards that were given, and going out and grinding in games with combat as slow as Pandora Saga's is not much fun.

Posted: Dec 23rd 2010 8:23PM Fakeassname said

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If I had known you were playing I would have partied with you! Beau, IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN!!!!!


(you all now it was only a matter of time before I showed up here)

you've got a pretty assessment of the games low points, questing is monotonous, traveling in game is like being back in middle school when you were old enough to do things independently of your parents yet not old enough to drive so you actually COULD (with horses filling in the roll of getting dropped off by your parents and not having a way to call them to pick you up), and in the beginning leveling up feels un-rewarding.

unfortunately, you were also misinformed on the mount call skill at level 20: it's actually a level 40 skill and only characters who pick a mounted class (one that can fight and use skills on a mount) get it.

*shrug* all the more reason for more people to roll scout classes and sell speed buffs for arrow money.

your attitude towards the NPC's is correct but you didn't take it far enough, ya gotta flip those helpless mooches the bird and go out on your own! What I love about Pandora Saga is that it's actually a really innovative and unique game, I just wish it wasn't so damned sublime in it's innovation. Questing in Pandora Saga is not like questing in other games, it's not designed to walk you through the game until it dumps you at the end game content and walks off. Your on your own in that regard, like how joining a nations isn't a quest and you can do it at any time (just so long as you can survive the trip). In most games the main quest line would force you to jump through every little training hoop there is before letting you off the leash to do what you want to. In PS the main story line will eventually funnel you into where you want to go, but at any time our free to say "screw it!" and walk off to do something else and never come back (if you so choose).

you will miss out on some tasty XP that way but it's entirely possible to play the game without touching a single quest outside of the job changing ones, but your not even required to change jobs to access all of the game's content. How questing really works in PS is that it's just to distract you from the grind with some generic objectives and a tasty carrot at the end, while the true objective behind the quest is actually to get you to go out and train up your skills by using them.

Pandora Sagas mix of class based and class-less based leveling is probably it's greatest feature, and it's least understood! Time and time again I hear people whine about how they will never get enough skill points to for their skills to be useful, but that's not how the game's system works. you don't exclusively level your skills with skill points, skill points are just cream to help you personalize your character. Training your skills by using them is the only way your going to get good, and grinding is the only way your going to use them. Quests are simply there to make what you need to do more enjoyable ...

I do agree that this CBT was handled poorly as a technical test, I can't help but to feel that the primary goal of it was simply to gauge the XP curve. I too was passed up by the race to 30, and feel that pounding on the "gotta get to level X" button as much as AO did made this Close Beta tense and stressful. That last day was awesome though, I get the feeling that you didn't hang around for it (and much to your loss) because the GM's spawned in NPC that game out unlimited money and instantly leveled everyone to 30 so that everyone could partake in the war on a level footing. some players just sat in town all day hammering on there gear to try to get +7 equips simply because they could blow up as many sets of gear as the wanted to and just get more with the limitless cash, others ran amok trying to kill the various bosses they could find, and the rest just hung out with the GM's. the wars were pretty rough (there were 3 on that last day instead of the initially announced 1) with everyone getting disconnected (including the GM's) but in between the second and third wars the GM's released hell on the gates to the main town by spawning a monster invasion of Orges and trolls that more than made up for the technical difficulties with swarms of level 55 monsters clashing with tens of players.

As a free hint for anyone who didn't rage quit after 5 minutes simply because the games resolution options were on the launcher instead of in game (no joke, it happened), and is willing to try out the game in Ob/full release once the race to 30 leveling pressure is off: when you are attacking an enemy, don't stand there and simi-AFK hotkey bash. wait until your target is facing you then run behind them (circle if you must but simply walking straight forwards works best) and hit them in the ass! you will need to hit the "auto attack" button again to get your toon to turn around correctly (as manually walking will break your auto lock) but when done right you will get a bonus to your accuracy and damage for performing a back attack (you get a bonus for a side attack too, but it's not as good). try it and see how much easier your leveling is due to faster kills/less needing to rest between fights, as well as how much more immersive the game is due to actually engaging in your fights.

Pandora Saga isn't for everyone, just like how every mmo isn't for everyone, but unlike most every other mmo: it's not trying to be like that. instead of being a jack of all trades (and sucking as a wow clone) it's just got one target and goes after it with a passion. Pandora Saga is about building your mastery of the classes, testing your mastery against other players, and tweaking your character to your perfection. If this isn't your type of thing, chill out and wait for Atlus to release "The Tower of Druaga" and "Master of Epic" latter on next year. Maybe one of them will be more to your liking, or you can wait around until they can get to Arcadia Saga after this first batch of Rosso Index titles.

Posted: Dec 23rd 2010 11:08PM Beau Hindman said

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@Fakeassname I was told that the event would culminate with some kind of PvP thing, but I had to be level 20. As I got closer on Sunday, I realized that I wasn't going to make it. Then, I got depressed that the first levels of the game were just throwaways. That felt odd.

Still, I can see what you mean about going off and doing your own thing, but again I kinda' just go with the flow in my reviews. I did try more of my own thing in the first beta I played, but I just ended up grinding. Grinding can be fun with people, but as I pointed out most were too busy to group with me. /sadface

Not a bad game, it really needs some tweaks though.


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