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Posted: Dec 13th 2010 8:14PM Giltheryn said

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Played WoW a short period a year or two ago. I didn't like it enough to get into it, a big factor being the community. However, having not played it extensively, or tried it recently, I'll not be one to comment about the game, nor even if I had played it more and disliked, I wouldn't go insult people for enjoying it. I don't think it is a game I want to play, but that doesn't mean others don't want to do so.

Posted: Dec 13th 2010 9:19PM Marz said

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I think the reason for WoW's success is, it doesn't just have you go out and kill ten "Rats" (Or creatures De Jour) It also does a very good job explaining why the rats need killing. Where the rats came from and eventually who is secretly behind the rat problem.

For those who are into sandbox MMO's, that isn't really important. In fact you may never even kill a "Rat" but for those who like a good thrill ride, (Or those like me who actually read the quests and enjoy a good back story) I think it is appreciated.

WoW also does a great job with its animations; the way birds fly, the way deer skitter, how characters run, jump and breath or even how you stretch your shoulder while flying adds to the game, WoW gets criticized for its graphics but doesn't really get enough credit for its creature and character animations. On the other hand I really enjoy LoTRo’s Graphics, but their character animations could use some attention to detail.

Posted: Dec 14th 2010 3:00AM Zethe said

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I resubbed and have had more fun leveling my new mage through the 1-60 stuff than i have leveling my Pally through 80-85.

The new quests for the pre BC zones are just plain amazing(Like punching deathwing in the face, or smacking goats off a cliff).

My only hope before Cata for a decent MMO was the new starwars MMO but it seems that blizzard have upped there game with this expansion. Vashj'ir is an amazing zone, best one i've seen in game so far.

Posted: Dec 14th 2010 2:16PM (Unverified) said

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Cata remade the game to new expected standards and believe me any new (noob) person who will visit Azeroth now will be hooked for the next 20 months to it.

The recruitment base just got bigger and for those that were burned out 3 to 4 years ago, the game is a blast again.

The problem for the competition now is ... well ... how in the world are they gonna beat it, because Blzzard is covering every bad ass corner of the universe. Rated Battlegrounds, new "wargames", Tol Barad world ownership,

... In WOW CATA you can level purely on picking flowers and selling them on the market.
It's farmville times 10.000 other things

. You can sit in Dalaran next to a Wrathful Gladiator PvP guy who just got his title out of 200.000 PvP -ers and next to him you get the Kingslayer with the Lich King horsie.

All round up around the market place of Stormwind... How about that.

The (very) small number of warriors against WOW on the web have a very hard time now and ... they simply ran out of arguments.

Play dude instead of hating.

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