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Posted: Dec 3rd 2010 5:00PM Stormwaltz said

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I'll start with the positive.

The barter wallet is an excellent first step. I was fortunate; I had no issues with the transfer. I look forward to seeing the rest of my bound barter items migrate over to this in the future.

The old vault was serviceable. The new vault before this page was a great functional improvement hampered by an cumbersome user interface. The new UI allows the inherent brilliance of the design to shine. I personally consider it the best vault system I've ever used, and an object lesson in how UI can make or break a feature.

Now for the "meh":

My interest level in all the LM store items is pretty much zero. Honestly, I'd completely forgotten about them until I read this article.

I'm so blase about Staff Sweep that I still haven't bothered to unlock it on my 65 LM. I will get it eventually, but I don't feel I needed it in the first place.

Now for the criticism:

The horse I see as neither luxury nor snobbery, but as proof that the user is a lackwit with more money than sense. It's far too expensive for what it is.

As for the greater game implications, Turbine's stance here confuses and vexes me. To summarize:

1) You can't buy a reputation mount appearance with reputation mount stats.
2) But you can buy a reputation mount appearance with different stats.
3) And you can buy reputation mount stats with different appearance.

To me, this is talking out of both sides of the mouth. "Oh, we'll let you keep your special reputation mounts, but we'll sell all the things that makes them special as separate items." The attempt to appease both old "earned it" players and new "bought it" players seemed transparent and cynical to me.

YMMV, of course. I actually didn't care when rep mounts were for sale with full stats. This half-way/both-ways position strikes me as hypocritical.

Posted: Dec 3rd 2010 5:14PM cowboyhugbees said

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The mounts seem like such a cop out on the store. I'm going to try to get a reputation mount the ol' fashioned way.

LOVE the new vault though; the ability to name chests is a big win for me. Also, the Lone Lands expansion for F2Pers is nice (considering I'm about to start running Lone Lands quests anyway).

Posted: Dec 3rd 2010 5:29PM rfrancis said

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As a former subscriber who's now a f2p plebe: I like the Tasks system fine. Why? Because the rhythm of the quests are a little jerkier for f2p players, in my experience; because we don't get XP bonus for our logged-out time, we don't level up as fast. Now, I'm cool with that, but it means that, for example, I found myself starting to run a little shy on my level 19 character who's ready go to to the Barrow-downs; I'd like to be level 20 before heading out. Also, as it happens, I could stand to polish off my journeyman (and, let's face it, some of my apprentice) crafting levels.

Solution: farm me some of the higher level Bree Tasks in the North Bree-fields, collecting hides and hopefully the occasional ash resources while I'm up there. It's quick farming, high enough level critters that I'm making some XP, and then when I get back I turn 'em in for XP _and_ reputation, I note. Do some crafting, log off, start again tomorrow evening. Probably one more evening and I'll hit 20 and hop on the ol' dusky nimblefoot and head for those pesky Barrow-downs...

Anyway, long story short, I think the Tasks have some value for f2p folks to fill in some XP gaps. For subscribers, eh, probably not so much.

Posted: Dec 3rd 2010 6:25PM cowboyhugbees said

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@rfrancis Wow, I was wondering why I stopped getting rested XP bonuses. I feel dumb.

Either way, I've been running low-level reputation quests around Bree to level/farm a bit before I ride to the Lone Lands. Tasks seem a bit too grindy for me as of right now.

Posted: Dec 3rd 2010 7:21PM Caerus said

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The skirmish marks that aren't going to the wallet are those that have no purpose at all except to be exchanged for the base marks. If they automatically were added to the wallet, you'd probably end up with a whole pile of forgotten Guardsmen's Marks. This is totally working as intended. I believe they also said that the barter wallet will "soon" be expanded to cover other currency types; I feel that can't come soon enough.

On an unrelated topic, does anyone else have problems commenting on the mobile site? Clicking "reply" does literally nothing - no screen move, no blink, nothing - and clicking login at the bottom in directs you to the standard site, which after logging in says Thanks for Logging In!, then forgets you're logged in when you go back to the mobile site.

On the whole I'm a little on the fence about the update, there's some good changes for F2P players, but I felt like the game was successfully geared as it was: you wanted people to come in F2P, get hooked, then subscribe or spend money, which benefits everyone in the end. The tasks system bothers me immensely since all of the associated titles, deeds, and items are unavailable to level-capped players since they can't acquire tasks. Most of the class changes seemed positive, so this I'm cautiously optimistic about my future in this game.

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